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5-year Master's degree


  • NICE


  • 5 years

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  • January in 1st year
  • September


  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year Master's degree
  • Dual degree

Teaching languages

  • French French

Tuition fees

From 9 900€/year to 12 200€/year, depending on the year of entry


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The Grande École programme is a five-year, state-approved programme leading to a Master's degree. It consists of two cycles: the first, lasting 3 years, is devoted to learning the fundamentals of management, economics and administration; the second, lasting 2 years, is devoted to specialisation and the possibility of obtaining a double international degree with a partner university.

Students are given the opportunity to tailor their course to suit their personal interests and plans. This individualisation is based on the creation of a student passport specific to each student, an introduction to a discipline 'outside management' (Culture and Discovery Programme) and the choice of a thematic option from among the five offered: Accountancy, Start-up & Innovation, Contemporary Geopolitics, Focus on Asia and Focus on Hispanic countries.



1st-year entry

Holder of a French diploma

  • ParcourSup + SESAME competition and subject to obtaining the baccalauréat

Holder of a foreign diploma

  • Application + interview (French and English)

You have registered for the SESAME exam, you can now go to practice!


2nd-year entry

Subject to obtaining 60 ECTS credits or international equivalent
Holders of a French diploma and holders of a foreign diploma

  • Application + interview (French and English)

3rd-year entry

Subject to 120 ECTS credits or international equivalent
Holders of a French diploma and holders of a foreign diploma

  • Application + interview (French and English)

4th-year entry

Subject to 180 ECTS credits or international equivalent
Holders of a French diploma and holders of a foreign diploma

  • Application + interview (French and English)

Our 5-year Grande École programme in Paris and Nice To find out more

The Programme Grande École (PGE) is a programme offered by the best French business and management schools. IPAG Business School's programme lasts 5 years and allows students to obtain a degree approved by the State, at Bac+5 level and recognised as a Master's degree.

Grande École Programme: Definition and Principles

At IPAG, as in all post-baccalaureate schools, this training consists of two cycles:

  • A first 3-year “common core” cycle, dedicated to learning the fundamentals of management, economics, marketing, etc.
  • A second 2-year cycle dedicated to the specialisation of students in a particular field: corporate or market finance, digital marketing, human resources management, entrepreneurship, etc.


Attributes of the Grande École Programme


The Grande École program is a management training program that provides teaching on the different areas of business management. The fundamentals are taught during the first years of study thanks to a common core leading to specialties allowing students to choose a specific sector in which they can become experts.

The international dimension is also appreciated thanks to the professional experience offered and sometimes compulsory abroad. For most business and management schools, this degree requires students to complete an internship of several months in a foreign country, which gives this degree a significant advantage to be considered, in addition to the others allowing it to justify its excellent rate of professional insertion.


How do I join the Grande École programme?


The Grande École programme is a programme available directly after the high school diploma, but also after completion of an undergraduate degree at the baccalaureate or graduate level. Admission to this programme depends on your academic level: the competitive exams or entry procedures will be different.

At IPAG Business School, our programs are accessible as soon as you have passed your high school diploma, but also to students who have completed two years of higher education (Licence, BTS or DUT) or three years of higher education. Admissions are subject to a competitive examination:

  • Parcoursup + SESAME exam to join our program after high school graduation

The last two years of the PGE, once you have made your choice from one of our specialisations, are possible in work-study sessions. This form of training has many advantages, such as the opportunity to acquire significant professional experience that is acknowledged by recruiters, but it is also a way of funding your tuition fees.

Why should you choose our Grande Ecole programme at IPAG Paris and Nice?

As a business school, our Grande École Program, held on our campuses in Paris and Nice, allows you to follow a complete curriculum and to learn about management and business management.

Depending on your professional project (international trade, entrepreneurship, international business, etc.), from manager to executive, you can become an expert in your profession thanks to our 8 different specialisations. The business world will no longer hold any secrets for you and you will be prepared to join the workforce with a solid and complete background!

In fact, it is comprehensive because our program also includes a practical part which is added to the theoretical lessons attended. Regardless of the chosen specialisation, our training allows you to benefit from up to 34 months of professional experience.

Renowned for its professionalisation, our Grande École Programme also stands out for its international orientation and the guidance students receive throughout their studies thanks to our Career Center.


What are the specialisations for the 4th year in the Grande École Programme?

From the 4th year onwards, PGE students specialise by choosing the specialisation that corresponds to their professional project.

At IPAG, 6 specialisations are offered in the 4th year and 10 specialisations in the 5th year. In a few words, here are the specialisation paths that our students can choose:

  • Marketing and Digital Specialisation: On the lookout for the latest technological developments, are you fascinated by digital? This specialisation allows you to become an expert in decoding and anticipating tomorrow's marketing trends.
  • Finance and Markets: From business management to finance, this specialisation offer you all the keys to succeed in the international finance sector.
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy: Learning how to grow sales and develop effective sales strategies are key skills taught in this specialisation.
  • Corporate Finance and Audit: As an inherent part of a company's overall strategy, the financial framework is an indispensable pillar for the proper management of a company.
  • Entrepreneurship: Do you have an entrepreneurial idea? Intrapreneurial? Learn how to master all the stages in the life cycle of a project: takeover or business creation, this complete specialisation will give you all the answers!
  • Human Resources Management: New stakes and permanent challenges, this specialisation prepares you for the increasingly complex problems faced by human resources.
  • International Business & Supply Chain: Find out how to respond to logistical and commercial challenges through this business program with an international focus.
  • International Management: This specialisation, taught entirely in English, prepares managers to tackle the managerial issues faced by international companies.

1st Year

The basics of management
The first part of the course is devoted to the basics of the subjects you will be taught throughout your time at IPAG, as well as developing your communication skills and self-confidence.

Undergraduate: year 1 to year 3
  • Semester 1

    Fundamental courses on the basics of management

  • Semester 2

    8 to 9-week internship in sales

Semester 1

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Sales techniques
  • General accounting
  • Financial mathematics
  • Written and oral communication
  • Theatre in English
  • Ethics courses

Semester 2

  • Marketing & Communication mix
  • Introduction & Business law
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Economic context


Business Game

Cases studies submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

X’Trem trails

New experiences based on surpassing oneself with the sense of teamwork: survival missions, military training, humanitarian commitment...

Culture and discovery trails

These allow you to develop your general culture, open-mindness and analytical skills: art history, geography, fashion, music, gastronomy...

The individualisation of career paths

Accounting expertise

This option is designed for students intending to become chartered accountants and/or statutory auditors, who can take specific modules in accounting, finance and management control throughout their undergraduate studies.

Above all, it enables students to benefit from an exemption from the UE in finance and management control for the DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion).

This course comprises 100 hours of specialised modules, broken down as follows:
- Management Control - 48 hours
- Corporate Finance - 16 hours
- General accounting and auditing | 16h

Start-up and Innovation

The Start Up & Innovation Track, dedicated to entrepreneurship, is aimed at all those in whom an entrepreneurial sensitivity already exists, even if no concrete project is yet in the making. It allows you to familiarise yourself with the ideation process, the main stages of starting a company, support and financing structures, thanks to dedicated modules that represent 100 hours during the first cycle.

This course is based on the global ecosystem dedicated to entrepreneurship set up within IPAG:
- 1 physical incubator: 1To9Factory
- 12 coaches
- 1 coordinator
- 1 center specialized in supporting disadvantaged people in entrepreneurship

Contemporary Geopolitics

This option, offered in partnership with IEGA (Institut d'études de géopolitique appliquée), adds a component dedicated to political science, geopolitics and influence communication to the PGE Main Track and American Track courses, for those who plan to work in the public sector or in the world of lobbying and economic intelligence. It includes 96 hours of classes on these subjects in the first two years.

Focus on Asia or Hispanic countries

These two options, each representing 100 hours of tuition, give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the language, history, culture and economic issues of your chosen region during the first two years of your course. In the 3rd year, you can choose a university in that region for your expatriation, to learn more about it, and possibly stay there for your work placement.

2nd Year

The Consolidation of skills
The second year is one of deepening and broadening your knowledge. You will also begin to work on your first practical projects. Finally, you strengthen your listening and dialogue skills, as well as your organisational abilities.

Undergraduate: year 1 to year 3
  • Semester 1


  • Semester 2

     8 to 12-week internship in a start-up

    Semester of preparation for the ielts

Semester 1

  • Financial analysis
  • Company law
  •  Market research
  •  Management of organisations
  •  Microeconomics

Semester 2

  • International trade
  • Innovation & digital marketing
  • Business operations & Processes
  • Human resources management
  • Management control
  • Statistics & forecasting techniques


Business Game

As in the 1st year, real business cases submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

Cultural and discovery trails

These allow you to develop your general culture, open-mindedness and analytical skills. The 2nd year is an opportunity to discover a new universe, completely different from the one explored during the 1st year.

3rd year

An international outlook
Part or all of the third year is spent abroad, depending on your course of study, so that you can discover other cultures and adapt to other professional practices. A stay at a partner university, an international work placement, a voluntary mission abroad... there are several options open to you.

Undergraduate: year 1 to year 3
  • Semester 1

    100 % English language (parallel admission)
    International internship or study abroad

  • Semester 2

    4 to 6-month of international internship or study abroad or international volunteering programme

Were you a second-year IPAG student?

The two semesters of your 3rd year are devoted to expatriation,  with a study period at a partner university followed by an internship or volunteer assignment abroad.

You have the possibility to choose some partner universities, in our top 5 destinations you will find:

  • Asia:  SolBridge Business School ST Korea
  • North America: Boston University Met college
  • South America: Instituto Technologico de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Oceania: Curtin University, Australia
  • Europe: Nottingham trent university, UK

Pour en savoir plus cliquez sur => l'international

Have you just joined IPAG in parallel admission?

●    1st semester: you will start a semester of courses 100% in English and management, in Paris or Nice.
●    2nd semester: you fly to the destination of your choice.
●    Possibility of certificate or bachelor degree

Dual degrees

  • Australian Catholic University, Bachelor of Business, Australia
  • Griffith University , 5 Bachelors, Australia
  • Sunshine Coast University, Bachelor of Business, Australia
  • Technologic University, 4 Bachelors, Australia
  • McGill School of Continuing Studies, Certificate, Canada
  • NY University, 4 European Bachelor of Business, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Dublin Business School University, BA (Hons) in Business, Irland
  • Wollongong Dubaï University, Bachelor of Business, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Nottingham University, Bachelor (Hons) of Business, United Kingdom
  • Richmond American University, Bachelor, Royaume-Uni
  • Millikin University, 2 Bachelors, United States
  • James Cook University, Bachelor, Singapour

4th year

Leadership and management
The 1st year of the Master's programme is the year in which your course takes its main direction. In addition to the core curriculum, there are six main areas of study.

Postgraduate: year 4 & year 5
  • Semester 1

    Common core and specialisation courses

  • Semester 2

    Specialisation internship from 4 to 6 months

Core modules

  • Strategic management
  • Project management
  • Software for business

The 6 specialisations of the 4th year

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Finance, Audit & Control Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain management Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • International Management Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Human Resources Management Specialisation (4) - Paris
  • Specialisation Entrepreneurship & Project Management (4) - Paris/Nice

5th year

Specialise and get a dual international degree
The final year of the Master's programme is the year of specialisation itself, in one of the 10 specialisations offered by IPAG. It is also the opportunity to obtain a double international degree, by spending a semester studying with one of our partners in the United Kingdom, Russia or the United States.

Postgraduate: year 4 & year 5
  • Semester 1


  • Semester 2

    End-of-study internship of 4 to 6-month
    Work-study possible

Core modules

  • Corporate social responsibility & ethics
  • Corporate challenge
  • Major contemporary issues
  • Dissertation methodology

The duration of the internship depends on the specialisation, therefore the 6-month internship does not apply to all specialisations.

The 10 specialisations of the 5th year

  • Digital Marketing Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Sales Strategy Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Marketing BtoC Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Corporate Finance & Audit Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Finance & Markets Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Ingineering & Wealth Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Purchasing and Supply chain management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • International Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Human Resources Management Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Entrepreneurship & Project Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice

Dual degrees

  • IQS Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelone, Spain - 4 MSc
  • Barcelona Technology School, Barcelone, Spain - 4 MSc
  • SolBridge International School of Business, Daejon, South Korea - 3 MSc
  • University of Wollongong in Dubai, Dubaï, United Arab Emirates - 6 MSc
  • Millikin University, Decatur, USA, MBA
  • Boston University Metropolitan College, Boston, USA, 7 MSc
  • UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, USA, PGD
  • Richmond University, London, United Kingdom, MBA
  • Dual degree MSc in Business Management (United States)
  • Dual Degree with MSc Finance and Investment (London, UK)
  • Dual Degree with MSc International Marketing (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)
  • Dual Degree MSc in International Marketing with Tourism & Events (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)
  • Dual Degree PGD (United-States)

Business Game

The 5th year Business Game, #Negoc'IPAG, consists of a commercial negotiation based on cases submitted by 4 to 6 partner companies.

Students have 2.5 hours to prepare their arguments, which they then present to a jury of seasoned professionals.

Recent editions have brought together companies such as CBRE, Altran, and IZI by EDF, which have had the opportunity to get a fresh look at their problems and to identify future high-potential graduates. 

Master Thesis

The Thesis is a connection between the academic and professional dimensions since it shares a theme related to the student's future professional life.

Students choose their subject in the first semester, from a list drawn up by their thesis advisor, who then guides them through each stage of the writing process : the constitution of the corpus, the definition of the plan, development of the empirical study, etc.

A pre-defense, in May, allows them to adjust the final work to be handed in (between 60 and 80 pages), before the defense before a jury, which takes place in June or September.


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Accounting Track

Start-up & Innovation Track

Asian Track

Hispanic Country Track

the world

IPAG places international experiences at the heart of its pedagogy

A third year entirely spent abroad

The third year of your course is entirely, or mostly, spent abroad. You can choose to stay on the campus of one of our 130 partner universities, do an internship abroad or volunteer work... You choose to live the international experiences that suit you.

Study up to three languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese... To operate in a cross-cultural and international environment, an advanced level of language skills is essential. The Grande École Programme allows you to study up to three modern languages during your studies. Particular emphasis is placed on English: nearly 30% of our management courses are taught by native English speakers.

Focus on Asia and Hispanic countries

Other options; the international option, that you can join in the 1st year, enable to develop your expertise geographically or culturally: China, Brazil, Hispanic or Germany. These options offer the opportunity to learn the language of the country while familiarising yourself with its history, culture and the economic challenges it faces.  

This option is built on a basis of 100 hours in the first cycle and 48 hours in the second cycle in order to be able to claim a real expertise. We share with you the list of all our partners who are available for mobility students. The list includes exchanges, diplomas, and certificates.

Find the number of partner universities by continent below

Obtain a dual degree

In the 5th year, you have the opportunity to get a double degree, i.e. to graduate from a foreign university at the same time as the IPAG Grande École Programme. To do this, and whatever your specialisation, you will spend one semester on the campus of one of our partner universities during your final year:
Msc in Business Management - City University of New-York, Msc in International Marketing - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Msc in Finance & Investment - University of Greenwich, Msc in International Business & Enterprise - University of South Wales, Msc in International Marketing - Edinburgh Napier University, Msc in International Marketing with Tourism & Events - Edinburgh Napier University - University of California Riverside


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Track Expertise-Comptable

Track Start-up et Innovation

Track Asie

Track Hispanique

and work-study

The Grande École Programme is also a professional programme that allows students to acquire up to 34-month of work experience.

Internships every year

In the 1st year
8 to 9-week of internship in sales
In the 2nd year
8 to 12-week internship in a start-up
In the 3rd year
16 to 24-week of internship abroad
In the 4th year
4 to 6-month of specialisation internship
In the 5th year
4 to 6-month of internship at the end of studies

Career Center

No matter whether you are looking for an internship, a work-study programme, a job or simply for advice, our Career Center is there to help you. Throughout your studies, you will benefit from its many services: interview preparation, resume proofreading, recruitment forums, speaking workshops, image coaching, management of professional social networks, etc.

The possibility of doing the master’s cycle in apprenticeship

A remunerated work contract, tuition fees paid by the host company, longer professional experience before the end of your studies: work-study programmes have many advantages. It is a choice you can make for the master's cycle, regardless of your major and your campus.

Career opportunities

by specialisation

Marketing Unfold all Fold all
  • Product manager
  • Advertising manager
  • Sales representative in a communication agency
  • E-marketing/e-business manager
  • Direct marketing/trade marketing
  • Merchandising manager
  • Consultant/studies
  • Sales engineer
  • Key account manager
  • Sales team leader
  • Sales administrator
  • Point of sale manager
  • Category manager
Finance, Audit & Control Unfold all Fold all
  • Financial Analyst
  • Property administrator
  • Auditor
  • Management controller
  • Internal and external auditor
  • Reporting manager
  • Financial asset manager
  • Risk manager
  • Mergers and acquisitions advisor
  • Compliance manager
  • Chartered accountant
  • Wealth management consultant
Purchasing and Supply Chain management Unfold all Fold all
  • Account manager
  • International credit manager
  • International network manager
  • Procurement manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Transport manager
  • Inventory manager
  • Information system manager
International Management Unfold all Fold all
  • International account manager
  • Import-export area manager
  • International negotiator
  • International buyer
  • International network manager
  • Manager of a foreign establishment
  • International business developer...
Human Resources Management Unfold all Fold all
  • HR Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Training Coordinator
  • Head of Internal Communications
  • Recruitment manager in a firm or company
  • Headhunter
  • Head of Mobility...
Entrepreneurship & project management Unfold all Fold all
  • Operations Manager
  • Business founder or buyer
  • Intrapreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant in business creation
  • Business developer
  • Growth Manager

Professional insertion of Grande École Programme students

2022 Labour Force Survey

Results Unfold all Fold all

●    Industry: 19,6%
●    Finance, accounting, audit: 12,6%
●    Information service and communication: 14%
●    Studies, consulting, expertise, research: 11%
●    Trade: 12,6%
●    Human health and social work: 5%
●   Legal activities, mobility and management: 2.5%
●   Publishing, audiovisual & broadcasting: 2.5%
●   Accommodation and catering: 3.4%
●   Computer activities and information services: 10%
●    Others: 20,8%


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Track Expertise-Comptable

Track Start-up et Innovation

Track Asie

Track Hispanique

Fees and

Tuition fees

1st-year entry:

  • €10 500 per year, in case of payment in full
  • €10 700 per year, in case of instalments
  • €600 per year extra cost in 1st & 2nd year (for international and expert tracks)

2nd, 3rd and 4th year entry:

  • €9 900 per year, in case of payment in full
  • €10 100 per year, in case of instalments

4th-year entry:

  • €10 120 per year in case of work and study

5th-year entry:

  • €9 900 for a double degree in 5th year, except for the City University of New York, which costs €15 800, the University of Greenwich, which costs €11 800 for EU students and €13 800 for non-EU students, and the University of Riverside, which costs €15 800.
  • If you opt for the MIT double degree course, the €2 600 Politecnico de Torino tuition fee is added to the IPAG 5th year tuition fee.

Work-study programmes to fund your studies

During the master's cycle, postgraduate, you have the opportunity to do an apprenticeship. With this option, you can finance part of your studies while benefiting from a salary and employee status.

IPAG Scholarships

Excellence Scholarship

50% off tuition fees for the first year is granted:

  • to all students who have passed the baccalaureate with highest honors
  • to students on state scholarships who have passed the baccalaureate with honors

Merit Scholarship

In the form of lower tuition fees, the three best PGE students in each super promotion are rewarded each year for their excellent results to the tune of:

  • €1500 for the Valedictorian (1st best)
  • €1000 for the Salutatorian (2nd best)
  • €500 for the 3rd best of their class


Family Scholarship

A 25% discount on annual tuition fees is granted to students who have a sibling enrolled at IPAG in the Grande École programme or any other programme.

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% discount on tuition fees is given to all children of our graduates, regardless of the programme.

CROUS Scholarships

If you are younger than 28 years old, you can benefit from a state scholarship under certain conditions. The scholarship amount is based on family income, according to a scale established each year by the Ministry of Education. These grants can be cumulated with those from IPAG.


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Track Expertise-Comptable

Track Start-up et Innovation

Track Asie

Track Hispanique