You are currently employed: Unfold all Fold all

In this case, you have three options.

  • Use your CPF (Personal Training Account): each employee in France has a personal training account (CPF), in which contributions are made for each year worked. This is the main public lifelong training system and the simplest means to access funding as you simply have to access your account on the Mon Compte Formation website, or the application of the same name.
  • Request financing from your company’s OPCO: each employer also has funding for training and is supported by an OPCO (training organisation) for the use of the latter. You can ask that your training be funded by your company’s OPCO.
  • Make use of your company’s skills development plan: some companies have training funding available for their employees, often as part of a skills development plan. If this is the case in your company, you can request that your training be funded through this plan.
You are a freelancer/entrepreneur: Unfold all Fold all

In this case, you have two options. 

  • Use your CPF (Personal Training Account): as with any in-house employee, you can use your personal training account (CPF) that you can access on the Mon Compte Formation website or via the application of the same name.
  • Make use of a Training Benefit Fund (FAF): all freelancers have a FAF, which may cover all or part of your training, under certain conditions. The reference FAF depends on your status: the FAF-PL covers self-employed professionals, AGEFICE covers traders and self-employed business, industry and service directors and the FAFCEA covers artisans.
You are a corporate executive: Unfold all Fold all

As a corporate executive, you have access to the same funding as all other employees.

You are a job seeker: Unfold all Fold all
  • Use your CPF via Pôle Emploi: you can request that Pôle Emploi (French unemployment agency) accesses your CPF in writing or on the KAIROS platform.
  • Individual training assistance (AIF): there is a specific allowance for job seekers who want to retrain or start a business - the AIF. To make use of this, you must present your project to your advisor, who after validation, will submit a request for funding via KAIROS.
  • Remuneration during training (RFPE): for job seekers who are not eligible for unemployment benefits, and who are taking part in an approved training programme, Pôle Emploi may, under certain circumstances, pay you a salary, subject to conditions, after examining the applicant’s personal situation. The request must be submitted to your advisor.
You are a student: Unfold all Fold all
  • Work-study programmes are another solution to ease the cost of the programme. All our courses offer this option and IPAG has a dedicated service.