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IPAG's Alumni Network

Run by a dedicated department within the school, IPAG's alumni network now brings together almost 14,000 people around the world.

The IPAG Alumni network is run by a dedicated department, ready to listen to you at every stage of your professional life.

It offers you personal development webinars, workshops and coaching sessions designed to boost your career, and organises numerous events throughout the year designed to enrich and increase your network: Cercles métiers meetings, Entrepreneurship Trophies, graduation anniversaries and regional and international afterworks.

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Keep in touch with IPAG through networking

The IPAG Alumni social network brings together the entire community: alumni, students, teachers, staff, etc. You can find the latest news from the school and its graduates - appointments, promotions, company start-ups, etc. - as well as the events calendar and the invaluable directory of the school's almost 14,000 graduates. - as well as a calendar of events and the invaluable directory of the school's nearly 14,000 graduates.

Discover the Alumni network

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  • Follow our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn dedicated pages

Join IPAG Alumni Premium Club

Become a member of the IPAG Alumni Premium Club* and benefit from additional advantages:

  • V.I.P invitations

Monthly invitations to the evenings of the Cercle WBC (formerly Wine & Business Club), Europe's leading network of wine-loving business and professional leaders, created by Alain Marty (class of 1989).

  • Unlimited access to 16,000 courses

LinkedIn Learning in 7 languages Develop your skills in creativity, technology and business to achieve your professional or personal goals.

  • Additional free career services

Personalised follow-up and career coaching sessions with a professional (45-minute session, face-to-face, telephone or video)

  • Promotional rates and discounts

Up to 30% discount on continuing education programmes (contact us) 10% discount on tuition fees for children of graduates

  • + an offer to keep fit

Pacha Forme Forest Hill annual pass with unlimited access to all clubs and the Aquaboulevard de Paris water park

Annual fee: 80€*

Former "life members" of the Alumni Association (formerly AE IPAG) are automatically "life members" of the Premium Club.

Sponsor a class

It is of tradition to IPAG that each promotion is followed by a sponsor or godmother, leader(e) company. His or her role is to intervene at key moments in the students' studies and, if he or she has the opportunity, to accompany, guide and advise them.

Discover IPAG's sponsors

Some examples of IPAG class sponsors:

- Philippe Kunter, CSR Director, BPI France
- Isabelle Chambon, Deputy Finance Director, L'Étudiant
- Christophe Billet, Executive Director, Southern Europe, Naos - Bioderma
- Philippe Lucas, Chairman of Cercle IPAG
- Laetitia Caron, Managing Director, Pap.fr
-Laure Andrieu Zecca: Managing Director Europe, KENZO MODE

Career coaching

Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced manager, the Alumni Department is there to support you throughout your career.

IPAG ALUMNI offers career services to meet the needs of IPAG graduates

The objective: to accompany graduates throughout their career, to highlight new appointments, to help jobseekers and people in professional reconversion, to contribute to the development of new projects, to promote the creation of companies by IPAG entrepreneurs and to communicate data on the professional integration of our young graduates.

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Grow your professional network

IPAG regularly brings its alumni together at events. These are great opportunities for IPAG graduates to get together.

Les clubs métiers Unfold all Fold all

Made up of graduates working in the same field.

The IPAG Women's Circle Unfold all Fold all

Its main objectives are to promote gender parity, encourage exchanges and sharing of experience, promote female entrepreneurship...

The Entrepreneurship Awards Unfold all Fold all

Each year, these awards recognise the best projects by our students and graduates.

Events throughout the year Unfold all Fold all

Promotional anniversaries, afterworks and other fun events are organised several times a year, all over the world!