Finding a place to live

IPAG Housing

Regardless of whether you are a student at IPAG, an admitted candidate or awaiting admission, the IPAG Housing service assists you in finding an accomodation near the campus of your choice.

A customised search tool

The exclusive and multilingual IPAG Housing platform gives you free access to housing options carefully selected by our teams (studio, apartment, room in a private home, etc.). Through this platform, you can find hundreds of offers in Paris and Nice, and more than 100,000 offers worldwide, whether from private landlords, real estate agencies or student dorms. This search tool allows you to personalise, including an estimate of the commute between the campus and the selected accomodation.

A place for sharing and support

On IPAG Housing, you can create or join exchange groups and also find or offer a shared apartment to other ipagians. There is also an administrative help section available to help you with your application form.


How do I sign up for IPAG Housing?

If you are:

  • An IPAG student, log in to IPAG Housing with your usual credentials.
  • Accepted or applicant awaiting admission, log in with your personal email or using your Facebook account.

The other IPAG partners

You can also use the services of one of the following IPAG partners:

  • LOKAVIZ: the CROUS website to find student accommodation from a private landlord.
  • Ensemble 2 Générations: an association promoting intergenerational living and mutual aid under the form of a shared-housing arrangement.
  • Jeunes à Paris: the website of the Diocese of Paris to find a place to rent in one of the different student dormitories in the capital.
  • Action logement: the non-profit association helping students to fund their security deposit using the LOCA-PASS advance payment option.
  • The Visale device (which offers itself as a guarantor): as soon as the rental contract is signed.