Introducing IPAG Business School in Europe

A word from the Director

IPAG's mission is to train responsible managers capable of adapting to a globalised world marked by numerous developments such as digital transformation and ecological transition.

Against this backdrop, IPAG's teaching programme is supported by fully committed administrative and teaching teams and a number of areas of expertise:

  • Close ties with companies, which means that our programmes are perfectly aligned with their needs, as well as offering a wide range of internships and work-study placements, enabling students to gradually build up their career plans;
  • Opening up students to cultural diversity, as a result of the large number of international students on our campuses and the many opportunities to study abroad;
  • Raising students' awareness of societal and ethical issues, as well as diversity of knowledge, adopting a multidisciplinary approach;
  • Nationally and internationally recognised faculty and research, as evidenced by the school's regular inclusion in the Shanghai rankings, enable us to continually enrich our teaching methods and offer cutting-edge courses.

This expertise benefits all IPAG programmes. The Grande École Programme (GEP) is accredited by the French government, and its diploma is recognised as a Master's degree. Since 2017, it has also benefited from the prestigious EFMD international accreditation. Its Bachelor's degree is also state-approved.

Founded in 1965, with an alumni network of more than 14,000 graduates, IPAG is an Établissement d’Enseignement Supérieur d’Intérêt Général (EESPIG, i.e., higher education establishment of general interest), the aim of which is to reinvest all its resources in the success of its students.

Joining IPAG means joining a community and tried-and-tested educational project. It also means being sure of finding your place in the world to come. see you soon.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Olivier Maillard, Managing Director of IPAG Group

Our mission

To educate managers for fast-changing worldwide environments and to produce quality research with national and international visibility


To this end, IPAG Business School relies on:

  • Top-level research that enriches the academic principles of its subjects
  • A great network with the business sector
  • An appreciation among students for the diversity of cultures and knowledge
  • Raising our student’s awareness of major contemporary issues and ethics

Our objective is to train multi-skilled, adaptable and responsible managers.


our goal is to prepare managers to be agile, versatile and responsible.

IPAG Business School in Europe, education in all its dimensions

Our Values

  • Excellence

    All our courses are based on an extensive research policy that  places strong emphasis on practical work.

  • Agilité

    We provide our students with the tools to reinvent themselves throughout their lives.

  • Ouverture

    Our cross-disciplinary teachings train you to think globally, beyond boundaries, and encourages an open mind.

  • Engagement

    Corporate social responsibility and ethics constitute major factors in our research policy and resonate with the founding values of the school.


In Paris, to the foot of the Eiffel Tower and in the heart of Saint-Germain des Prés area

In the heart of Paris, our campus located at Beaugrenelle in the 15th arrondissement offers 5,000 sqm², completed with a media library, numerous study rooms and a cafeteria. Our "historic" Parisian campus is ideally located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a high spot for the cultural and intellectual life of the capital.


In Nice, nestled between the sea and the mountains

IPAG Business School has also been rooted in the heart of Nice for more than 30 years, on the site where the former Chambre des Métiers was located. Our campus, which is historically listed, welcomes more than 1,000 students of over 40 nationalities. The studying environment is ideal: two large theatres, a garden, a cafeteria and a sunny terrace.


IPAG Online

A new IPAG Group entity specialising in Digital Learning, IPAG Online combines the excellence of a renowned Business School with the agility of distance learning.

Our Strategic Partners

The IPAG curriculum systematically includes at least six months of study abroad. For this, the school relies on an international network of 130 partner universities on all continents in 37 countries.

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New Zealand

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  • ISAG - Porto, Portugal

Czech Republic

United Kingdom





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United States of America



IPAG Business School is a non-profit organisation and an independent structure. Its unique governance model allows for the representation of the different actors in the life of the school within the Administration Board.

IPAG Parents' Association


Founded in 1993, the IPAG Parents' Association (APE) represents the parents of our students on the Paris and Nice campuses. It takes part in the school's life, decisions and influence of IPAG with a three part goal:
•    sharing information between the school and parents
•    sharing parents' experiences and networks
•    encouraging and rewarding excellence in student projec


How it works

The APE is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of about 20 members, who meet about once a month. All year groups currently studying in Paris and Nice are represented.

The board members of directors are divided into working committees, some of which are specifically in charge of a group.

An ordinary general meeting of the adhering members of the APE is convened at least once a year. On this occasion, school officials are in attendance to give an update on the different year groups and answer any questions.

The APE President is a member of the Board of Directors of the IPAG Business School Group, and also represents the APE.


•    Involvement in student fairs and open days, is on the scholarship award committee, and the collection of the apprenticeship tax
•    Sending a periodical newsletter to parents
•    Sponsorship of student trophies and presentation of the Trophies of Excellence

Business Development Committee

The Business Development Committee is made up of business leaders and corporate executives. It is intended to include the main professions for which IPAG Business School training courses are designed.

Research Development Committee

The ‘Comité de Perfectionnement Recherche’ (CPR) is composed of teacher-researchers working in the best French and foreign academic institutions. It is presided over by Roger Guesnerie, economist, engineer, and polytechnician, who has taught at the Collège de France, Harvard and the London School of Economics.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supports management in its strategic thinking about the school's major directions. Its composition illustrates the close relationship that IPAG maintains with the business world. More information about the Board of Directors