Our Master of Science Programmes in Paris and Hanoi

On its Paris campus, but also in Hanoi, IPAG offers four specialised Master of Science degrees. For students who are considering an international career, these MSc's are a real springboard. What are MSc’s? Why follow this initial training at IPAG? What to do at the end of your studies? We tell you all about our MSc...

Master of Science: definition and how it works

The MSc are master’s degrees generally awarded by business or engineering schools. This 12-month course at IPAG is mainly aimed at holders of a 4-year diploma (240 ECTS credits) in management, economics, finance or design, depending on the chosen specialities.

The admission process may vary from one institution to another, but most of the time, and this is the case at IPAG, it consists of the study of the application file followed by a 30-minute motivational interview.

Finally, unlike other more generalist courses, these international programmes allow the acquisition or deepening of very specific skills in specific sectors. Sometimes, they allow certain students to acquire a dual competence after 4 or 5 years of study in another field of specialisation (Master in Business Administration, Grande École Programme or other higher education Master's degree).

Why study a MSc at IPAG?

IPAG's specialised MSc courses allow students to obtain a postgraduate diploma in only two semesters of study:

  • The first half of the course is devoted to the learning the fundamentals and specialisation courses. Visits to companies and meetings with professionals are also organised during this first semester;
  • The second half is dedicated to the professionalisation of the students thanks to the 6-month internship in a company. You will also write an academic dissertation to provide you with in-depth expertise on a particular subject.

In addition, MSc students at IPAG benefit from personalised follow-up by the teaching staff of the programme and the school's Career Center. After completing a skills assessment, they can take part in several workshops: job search, CV preparation, motivation letter writing, preparation for an interview, salary negotiation or renegotiation, etc.

The different specialised MSc at IPAG?

The IPAG MSc's allow students to acquire transversal competences applied to specific fields.

  • The MSc "Smart Cities and Urban Innovation" is aimed at students in economics, management or engineering who wish to master new production, research and development or management practices adapted to current social and environmental standards.
  • The MSc "Digital Design and Prospective" is aimed at those who wish to master the new environment of digital interfaces (connected objects, interactive design, virtual or augmented reality...).
  • The MSc "E-Sport, Gamification Événementielle" is aimed at students or professionals wishing to specialise in management, communication or the organisation of E-sports events.
  • The MSc "Business Management" is aimed at students who wish to acquire a multidisciplinary profile in management and administration. Developed in partnership with the Hanoi School of Business and Management (HSB), this programme lasts 18 months and takes place entirely on the HSB campus.

What to do after an MSc?

Now widely recognised by recruiters, these MSc programmes guarantee good professional integration in France and abroad. Their graduates, with an ultra-specialised profile, have no difficulty in finding work in their field of expertise.

At the end of their programme and depending on their career plans, MSc holders can also continue their studies in a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration), provided they have solid professional experience. At IPAG, this doctoral level programme is offered in Paris, Tehran (Iran), Accra (Ghana) and Guangdong (China).