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Clone of Towards an Inclusive Company

Founded in 2016 and since then chaired by Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna, the IPAG Chair 'Towards an Inclusive Company' is an interdisciplinary platform for action-research, expertise, training and scientific dissemination, which is aimed at exploring the cross-cutting issues of agility, inclusion and innovation at work.

  • Maria-Giuseppina_Bruna

    Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

    Dean for Research, Dissemination, and Impact | Full Professor of Management, Accredited to Supervise Research | Founder and Director of the IPAG Chair “Towards an Inclusive Company”


Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

Led by Professor André BOYER, Emeritus professor of the Universities also Dean of the Faculty at IPAG Business School, and Dr Faranak FARZANEH, Associate Professor of Human Resources and Artificial Intelligence, the "Artificial Intelligence & Ethics" Chair aims to study the positive and negative impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on businesses, the environment, ecosystems, employees and human life in general, including the human spirit.

  • André-Boyer

    André Boyer

    Full Professor in Management - Dean for faculty

  • Faranak_Farzaneh

    Faranak Farzaneh

    Assistant Professor of Human Resources


Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation and Performance

We have created the EDIP chair “Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation and Performance”, which aims to set up research focused on issues in the field of entrepreneurship, family business, digital innovation and SME performance. The EDIP chair develops European projects on the entrepreneurship issues of disadvantaged groups, in particular prisoners, senior citizens, people with disabilities etc., and how entrepreneurship can help these groups achieve social and economic inclusion.

  • Andrea Calabrò

    Full Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship | Director of the Chair of Sustainable Family Business & Entrepreneurship