MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analysis



  • February
  • September


  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year degree

Teaching languages

  • English English
  • French French


Digital is transforming purchasing processes and communication with brands: over half of French people buy online, watch videos or TV programmes online, look up product reviews before buying and make use of social media to submit and read reviews*. This trend is certainly going to keep growing.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing techniques that use digital media and resulting data (big data). It essentially covers marketing applications linked to the Internet (webmarketing), but also those linked to mobile telephones, tablets, geo-tracking and other applications.

Even though it is inseparable from and runs alongside offline or “traditional" marketing, digital marketing differs in many aspects that offer a real breakthrough and a new paradigm. A few examples of this include closer and more direct relations with consumers, often in real time, performance marketing, based on economies of scale, and of course, the use of data, tracking and algorithms.

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing & Data Analysis aims to train the marketing professionals of tomorrow, capable of defining a digital strategy using the solid foundations of data analysis and mastery of the ethical issues surrounding the protection and use of personal data.

source: Credoc, la diffusion des TIC dans la société française, 2014


Minimum entry requirements

  • MSc in 1 year: a four-year degree (Bac+4 or 240 ECTS credits) or an International Bachelor’s or RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) qualification level 6/7
  • MSc in 2 years: a three-year degree (Bac+3 or 180 ECTS credits) or RNCP qualification level 5

For managers who are re-training or looking to gain expertise, 10 years of experience is required if the academic conditions cannot be met.
An English-language proficiency certificate is required during the application process (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS 6, etc.)

Contents of your application file
• CV and cover letter
• Identity document
• Copy of degrees and transcripts

The admissions procedure
• Review of the application
• Candidate interview (30 minutes)

Admissions Officer: Fanta Touré
Mail :

  • Description
  • Programme
  • Career
  • Fees and funding

MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analysis

  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Inspired by the traditional English-speaking university model, the Master of Science, more commonly known as MSc, is a 5-year degree, generally obtained in just over a year, and is aimed at holders of a 3-year degree, at least. It is recognised for its international and highly operational dimension, which gives graduates a strong employability.

The Masters of Science (or MSc) awarded by IPAG combines the academic and scientific requirements of this degree with the school's values and objectives based on the promotion of management adapted to a globalised and rapidly changing world. They allow for a high degree of professionalisation and internationalisation. Graduates are therefore immediately operational in a specific profession and/or sector of activity.

This training is offered in partnership with DataScientest, a hybrid training organisation, currently the leader in Data Science training in France.

For more information:

IPAG’ MSc programmes are built around a unique format enabling optimal development of managerial, technical and interpersonal skills. Learning is always structured as follows:

  • Core classes: acquiring the basics for a multi-skilled and responsible manager
  • Professional expertise: robust academic training devoted to the professional field selected
  • Soft Skills and Employability Course: development of behavioural and interpersonal skills, often essential for the role of manager
  • Executive Certificate: gaining business experience, in addition to the main course
  • Master’s thesis: completion of a thesis on an academic or operational subject relevant to the chosen field
  • On-the-job experience: possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

In short


Master of Science Bac+5 level (five years post-secondary)


Review of the application + candidate interview (30 minutes)

Teaching languages

French and English


1 or 2 years

Professional experience

Possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

Tuition fees

1-year course
2-year course


Core classes

  • Project management
  • Business Ethics & CSR
  • Research and dissertation methodology
  • Strategic Management

Professional expertise


  • Digital economy
  • Innovation Strategy in Dynamic Global Markets
  • Design thinking and Innovation
  • e-Entrepreneurship
  • Data strategy
  • Data governance

Data Analyst:

  • Programming
  • Dataviz
  • Machine learning
  • Text data extraction and management
  • Databases – big data
  • Business intelligence

The courses are offered in partnership with DataScienceTest, a specialist in professional data science training.

  • On-the-job experience

    Possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

Soft Skills Course

This course is dedicated to employability and the development of behavioural skills often essential for the role of a manager.

After completing a skills assessment with a professional, you will take part in different workshops, depending on your profile: job hunting, writing your CV, writing cover letters, preparing for a job interview or annual appraisal, negotiating or re-negotiating your salary, etc. These are all designed to help you in your new job and, generally, to develop your career.

Case studies

The MSc course is punctuated with case studies, often in the form of business games, developed by major companies. Thanks to these simulations, you will become more familiar with certain situations that you will face throughout your career.

Executive Certificate

In addition to your main course, you can earn one of our Executive Certificates to broaden your range of expertise.

Diversity Manager: is for those who manage diverse teams and want to make diversity a driving force for the development of their organisation, by understanding the challenges of changing social and societal norms.

Intrapreneur: is for those who want to grasp the key aspects of entrepreneurial leadership to accelerate the launch of innovative initiatives within a company.

Innovation Manager: is for those who want to play a cross-functional role in managing the innovative process or take part in key phases of the innovative process (R&D, Marketing, Production, etc.).


What career awaits you after the MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analysis?

With the digital transformation of companies, career prospects can be grouped into three main categories:

jobs dealing with data, strategy and innovation (marketing of the digital strategy, marketing business analyst, data scientist/data miner)

operational marketing jobs (relationship marketing/CRM, operational/digital marketing, traffic manager)

product/brand marketing jobs (web product manager, brand manager, community manager, social media marketing manager, content manager, revenue management analyst)

  • Digital Project Manager
  • Traffic Manager
  • RTB Media Trader
  • Data analyst & Marketing Data Consultant
  • Key Account Manager
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Market Research Project Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Market Research Analyst (Consumer Insights Manager)
  • Competitive Insights Research Manager
  • User Experience Research Manager
  • Market Intelligence Manager
  • Shopper Marketing Manager
  • Web And Data Analyst
  • Digital Insights Strategist


Tuition fees

1-year format

2-year format


Early Bird

Early Bird Rate -10% for candidates who confirm their registration before 31st May 2021. Study scholarships and the Early Bird Rate cannot be combined.

IPAG Scholarship

Up to 30% off tuition fees
Am I eligible? Contact IPAG Online via the contact form.

Courses eligible for CPF funding

Easily fund your course with the Mon compte formation account.
Several funding schemes are available, feel free to contact us for more information.

Name of the course to access funding: level 6 professional certification entitled “Head of Marketing Strategy and Multi-Channel Business Development” [Responsable de la stratégie marketing et du développement commercial omnicanal], listed on the French Professional Certification Directory (RNCP) under number RNCP 34195.

Fanta Touré - Admission Officer