IPAG Online

A new IPAG Group entity specialising in Digital Learning, IPAG Online combines the excellence of a renowned Business School with the agility of distance learning.

Relying on the teaching values of IPAG, this new structure, focussed on upskilling and reskilling is part of a major trend linked to changing learning needs:  at home, in the workplace or while travelling. Digital learning or blended learning are solutions that a business school must offer an increasingly wide and diverse student body.

There are many advantages to distance learning, but none more so than flexibility. You no longer need to travel - you can study when you want and go at your own pace. Thanks to the IPAG Digital Learning Framework® we offer a customised online learning experience, giving you the tools for success.

Who is IPAG Online for? IPAG Online is for those who want to gain technical, practical and operational skills, but for whom in-person learning proves problematic.

Those enrolled in our courses essentially comprise two types of learner:

  • working professionals who want to specialise in certain fields, update their skills or re-train (scheduling and/or geographic constraints);
  • international students.

And for all French students, professional athletes, disabled students who face geographic and or scheduling constraints.


What courses are available?

IPAG Online currently only offers MSc programmes (Masters of Science), a Bac+5 (five years post-secondary) degree, taught entirely in English or in French and English. These are courses related to careers that are currently “critical” on the jobs market, which enables us to guarantee a high degree of employability to our graduates.

Over time, IPAG Online will offer versions of Bac+2 (two years post secondary) and Bac+3 (three years post-secondary) courses, including:

  • preparations for vocational training certificates (BTS) in: Communication, International Business, Operational Business Management, Real Estate Professions;
  • four Bachelors of Science: Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing, Digital HR, Accounting Management.

For Bachelor degrees, only the 3rd year will be available on IPAG Online.