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The apprenticeship tax

Apprenticeship tax: what's changing in 2023

The law for the Freedom to Choose one's Professional Future of 5 September 2018 simplifies the collection and distribution circuit of the apprenticeship tax.

To support IPAG efficiently, discover the changes relating to the balance of the 2023 apprenticeship tax, i.e. the 0.09% of your 2022 payroll,

From this year onwards, you will no longer pay the balance of the apprenticeship tax directly to us: URSSAF and MSA will collect it, in one go. They will collect it from you on 5 or 15 May 2023 depending on the data declared in your Déclaration Sociale Nominative (DSN) in April 2023.

IPAG is entitled to receive 0.09% of your wage bill

To support us, connect to SOLTéA via Net Entreprises from 04 May 2023, choose IPAG on SOLTEA, the platform of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC). The sums collected by URSSAF and MSA will then be transferred to us via the CDC.

Practical timetable :

  • April 2023: you declare your TA 2023 balance via the Déclaration Sociale Nominative (DSN)
  • From 25 May to 7 September: you designate the IPAG on SOLTéA via Net Entreprises
  • From 15 July onwards, the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations will transfer the funds to us

IPAG is authorised to collect the 13% of your Taxe d'Apprentissage, without intermediaries

How to pay your 13% directly to the IPAG?

To inform us of your choice, please complete your pledge on Home - List of settlement pledges ( The SOLTéA platform does not allow us to follow the choices of companies in real time.

The apprenticeship tax represents a major stake for our institution. Due by companies each year, it is the only tax for which you are free to choose the beneficiary among the authorised educational institutions!


Home - List of pledges (

We thank you warmly for your contribution to our development.

The reform

The 87% (former quota) is meant to finance apprenticeship training. IPAG relies on VINCI's CFA Sup to train its apprentices:

CFA Sup de Vinci - IPAG
6-12 avenue Léonard de Vinci
92916 La Défense Cedex

What is your apprenticeship tax for?


ambitious and strategic projects aimed at increasing equality of opportunity and enabling everyone to succeed by breaking down social barriers and promoting access to quality education for all. 

  • The CEFAIRE programme - an application against domestic violence
  • Creation of our own CFA allowing us to promote work-linked training without restriction 


alongside and for our students and alumni around innovative and unifying projects


our students towards employability, interpersonal skills and corporate posture by offering courses dedicated to soft skills and personal development

Future of work: a module to enable our generation Z students to understand the evolutions on the job market. What are the key skills for success? How are jobs changing? What will the company of tomorrow look like? Objective: work today on the skills to succeed tomorrow!


For any questions or pledges, you can contact:

Responsable Partenariats et Relations Entreprises
Tel: 06 07 61 84 81




Director of Careers, Alumni, and Corporate Relations

«At IPAG, each student benefits from a solid programme built around the acquisition of 5 key skills that will be essential for a successful career: Business skills, Teamwork, Adaptability, Problem solving, Ethics. »


Director of Resources, Research & Development, Chairs, Talent and CSR

« IPAG, which has been awarded the EESPIG label, promotes agile and inclusive leadership that combines the viability of corporate business models, environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness. IPAG's 'Inclusive Enterprise' chair, supported by a dozen institutions and corporate sponsors, feeds this positive social impact approach on a daily basis, in the fields of research, teaching, partnership relations and social action. »


Director of Student Affairs

« Committed to providing access to quality higher education for all, IPAG has set up specific aid schemes, based on social criteria and which can be combined with the CROUS grants awarded by the State. In 2021, more than €200,000 was allocated to nearly 300 students in the framework of IPAG grants. »


Director of the IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center

« IPAG has an entrepreneurial support system in place since the first year of our programmes. In 2021, 132 students and alumni joined our incubator, as well as 16 women victims of domestic violence as part of their reconversion project. »

Hire our talents

Internships & Apprenticeship

Profiles for all recruiters

All our students are required to complete an internship of 1 to 6 months each year. They can acquire this practical experience, which is essential to their training, in all types of structures (start-ups, SMEs, large groups, public institutions and companies, etc.), both in France and abroad. Throughout the year, and based on the internship calendar established for each program, you can recruit our students and benefit from their expertise in marketing, communication, finance, accounting, human resource, real estate...

Some of our students, ranging from 1st to 5th year studies, can complete an apprenticeship in the company of their choice (start-up, SME, large group, public institution, etc.). This is an opportunity for you to recruit and train them over the long term, at the rate of two to three days a week within your company. At IPAG, you will find work-study students with diverse profiles and skills in all areas: marketing, communication, finance, auditing, international trade, human resource management, real estate.

Our internship calendars

Would you like to hire one or more of our students? Check out our calendars:

How to submit a work-study offer?

We invite you to submit your job offer to our Career Center IPAG by JobTeaser.

Corporate Missions

Tailor-made consulting assignments

Every year, our students carry out around fifty consulting missions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our 2nd and 4th year students are at your disposal to carry out a consulting mission whose purpose is entirely up to you: competitive analysis, audit, development of a sales strategy, fundraising campaign, etc. These projects are all carried out under the supervision of an IPAG professor who is a specialist in the issues addressed.

A few examples of missions

  • Marketing: market research, product launch, customer loyalty and CRM
  • Communication: event organisation, developing communication strategy on social media, improving SEO...
  • Commerce: business development, sourcing and procurement, supply chain analysis...
  • Finance: audit, management control...
  • Entrepreneurship: business feasibility study, fundraising campaign, competitive analysis...
  • HR: CSR analysis, in-house communication, monitoring of social legislation, etc.


Research missions on inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Our students can also conduct research missions on issues related to inclusion, diversity, CSR and sustainable development in companies. Each of these projects is conducted under the direction of one of the researchers of the IPAG Chair on Inclusive Enterprise.

Take part in our Events


Business Games: test our students on real-life cases

All year round in Paris and Nice, many companies challenge our students through Business Games. These challenges allow you to meet high-potential profiles and to evaluate their skills in real-life conditions: analysis and synthesis skills, stress management, creativity, precision, respect of constraints, etc.

The #Negoc'IPAG negotiation competition

Every year, four to six companies present a concrete case of sales negotiation to our best students. Each candidate has two and a half hours to analyse his or her subject and propose their recommendations. This is an opportunity for you to identify promising profiles but also to benefit from their outside perspective on issues that are close to your heart.

They challenge our students :

2018 : Rexel, Caisse d’épargne, FNBM, Uniper, CBRE, Nissan, Ze presenters
2019 : CBRE,, Zepresenters, Les mousquetaires, Rexel, La Martiniquaise-Bardinet
2020 : Altran, Capsule B, Click&Rent, Izi Solutions, CBRE GWS


Meet our students

Interested by our students’ profiles? Come meet them at our recruitment forums – called “IPAG Career Days” – organised throughout the year.

Become involved with IPAG

Teach at IPAG

In order to train truly effective managers, each year we bring together more than 180 working professionals - company directors, managers, bankers, consultants or start-up creators - alongside the 80 teacher-researchers in our school. Whatever your profession, you may have a wealth of experience, practical advice and proven know-how that you can pass on to the managers of tomorrow.

Join our admission juries

Since our students may be your colleagues tomorrow, come and take part in their selection by joining our admission juries. Made up of a member of our teaching team and a company representative, these juries are good way to assess the motivation candidates during individual interviews. Regardless of whether you are an IPAG alumni, an executive or a consultant, your eyes and your professional judgement is essential to us. Being a jury also allows you to make sure that the students who enter our school are a perfect match for the current and future needs of companies.

Take part in the development of our programs

This is one of the golden rules of our school: our programs should be perfectly in line with the reality of the field and the expectations of the recruiters. To achieve this, our Development Committee, made up of business leaders and players from the economic and social spheres, meets twice a year to update our programs, ensure their consistency and strengthen their cross-functionality. Your opinion is therefore crucial in the process of developing our pedagogy for the years to come.

Contribute to our IPAG Endowment Fund

Support top-notch Research

By contributing to our endowment fund, you support in the first place our research policy and our laboratory. Indeed, it is its work that has enabled IPAG to be ranked first French business school in the RePEC international ranking for research in economics and to appear in the prestigious Shanghai ranking since 2016. A achievement to which companies and alumni have directly contributed by supporting IPAG through our endowment fund.

You as a company can also strengthen your R&D by supporting one of our research chairs. They can work on projects tailored to your needs, whether they are strategic or operationally oriented. All this work is led by high-level researchers recognized for their sector expertise.

Lastly, you have the opportunity to reinforce your brand image, in France and internationally, and to increase your visibility by participating in the many symposia and conferences organized each year by the IPAG laboratory. These meetings, which are distinguished by their strong multidisciplinary nature, bring together leading researchers, companies and decision-makers from all over the world.

Encourage equality and meritocracy

Donating to IPAG Endowment Fund also supports our commitment to equal opportunities. Each year, your contributions help finance our scholarship schemes for young people from modest backgrounds with exemplary academic backgrounds.

Support innovative companies

Your contributions also allow us to support IPAG students and graduates who have projects incubated in our Entrepreneurship Center. With your support, they can take their entrepreneurial project through all its stages, from formalizing their business plan to finding their first customers. Nearly 60 companies have been created in part thanks to you since 2009 including successful luxury brands.

Tax benefits

Contributing to the endowment fund entitles you to a tax break:

  • Individuals, you are entitled to an income tax reduction. The amount of this deduction corresponds to 66% of your donation, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.
  • Companies, you can benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate. Its amount corresponds to 60% of the sum paid, up to a limit of 5% of your turnover.


For further information or to make a donation, you can email at