The Students Organisations

An associative project for every taste

IPAG has more than 30 different organisations, that carry out more than a hundred projects each year

At IPAG, you can find the student organisation that suits you best, among several cultural, humanitarian, entrepreneurial, charitable or sports clubs. This vibrant associative life is a real catalyst for cohesion and personal fulfilment within the school. Each project is a new experimental ground to develop your sense of commitment and responsibility.

Social & Philanthropic

IPAG Solidarity

IPAG Solidaire 1 aims to help children around the world and increase the spirit of solidarity in general. In close collaboration with UNICEF, we are working to raise funds but also to raise awareness among Ipagians about the plight of the world’s less fortunate children. We organise every year, a training in first aid gestures.

Food Bank

The purpose of the association is to collect food, hygiene products and clothing to help the most disadvantaged, especially the homeless.
This involves several main actions: participation in national collect, the organisation of collects within the school and redistribution during maraudes.
We work with partners: the National Food Bank and Cold Action for the collection and maraudes, and we donate our donations to several associations such as the Red Cross.


IPAG’MOD for Charity

IPAG'Mod For Charity, a historical association of the IPAG Business School, aims to organise a charity fashion show, whose profits are donated to an association of their choice. Recently, IPAG'Mod decided to support "L'ENVOL", an association fighting against the exclusion of seriously ill children and their families, by offering them free stays and activities throughout the year. The objective is to finance a "multi-pathology" stay for 5 children, worth €10,000.
At the same time, the association organises events within the school, such as masterclasses or conferences, to the delight of fashion lovers.



HANDI’PAG is committed to raise awareness among young people, especially students, about the integration of disabled people into the professional sector. 

Les Petits Cuistots

The objective of Les Petits Cuistots is to offer cooking classes and manual activities to children hospitalised in connection with events such as: Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. These cooking classes and playful activities allow sick children to get out of their daily lives, to awaken their senses and curiosity for an afternoon.
Finally, our role is to maintain excellent relationships with hospitals such as: Robert Debré, Fondation Mcdonald de Villejuif, Institut Curie and Hôpital Necker-Enfants malades.


cHeer uP

IPAG Sourit à Cheerup acts as an antenna of the Cheer Up Federation, which brings together 19 schools in France, 500 students and 28 hospitals in the same cause: helping young people with cancer to carry out their projects. This federation was created in 2003 with the sole purpose of being with young adults who feel alone in hospitals by accompanying them in a project that is close to their hearts, whether it is, for example, the creation of a business, or a discovery trip.
To do this, our association organises events throughout the year to raise funds.



Beauty'IPAG organises hairdressing, make-up and wellness workshops in the presence of professionals. The proceeds are entirely donated to a charity that organises care and beauty workshops for women with cancer.
This year Beauty'IPAG has chosen to support the cause of homeless women through the partner association "Feminite Sans Abri".



Papy Boom offers activities and entertainment in retirement homes to maintain the link between generations.
The members of the association, in groups of 2 or 3 students, help in the organisation of activities every week. Our goal is not to achieve a monetary result, but simply to brighten the lives of those people who are often forgotten.



Social IPAG

Social IPAG aims to provide services to the community without any age barriers. The actions carried out revolve around the support of sick children in the realisation of their dreams, cooking classes, visits to elderly people or the organisation of events to raise funds for causes chosen at the beginning of the year (Local or international solidarity action).


Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco

The Guardian Angels of Monaco organise regular actions to help the homeless.
The purpose of this association is to fight poverty. More than 10 years of love and solidarity towards people living in solitude and poverty.


Cuisines du Monde

Our association Cuisine du Monde’s main objective is to help the most deprived people throughout actions carried out directly in the premises of the Fourneau Economique. The objective of the Fourneau Economique is to provide a full meal for the poor for a symbolic euro.

IPAG Animal Care

IPAG Animal Care is an association aimed at raising awareness among ipagiens, regarding the animal condition in France, more specifically, regarding the abandonment of domestic animals that continue to increase over the years. The association works in partnership with the Gennevilliers SPA and one of the main actions is to raise funds and food for them.


MarIPAG is a new association within the IPAG Business School that was born in September 2019. Its main objective is to raise awareness among young people about violence against women and to develop women’s empowerment and advocacy. MarIPAG organises conferences, participates in events and also organises introductory courses in martial arts.


IPAG Wedding & Cocktail

The association IPAG Wedding & Cocktail Dresses organises an annual fairytale parade of wedding and evening outfits (dresses, costumes and accessories) and brings together the sector players such as wedding planners, hairdressers, makeup artists, caterers, florists and others. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for a public utility association. This year for the first edition, IPAG Wedding & Cocktail Dresses is a partner of the Association Le Cancer du sein, Parlons-en! from Estée Lauder and Marie-Claire magazine.

Journée Éthique

The Ethics and Environment Day is about sustainable development, the circular and collaborative economy. Its aims to raise students' awareness and provide them with concrete illustrations of sustainable development in their daily lives and the many innovations related to this sector.
The themes:
Mobility, food, accommodation, equipment, education and media, crowdfunding, innovative start-ups, third places, ESS, Fab Labs, apps, collaborative platforms…

Student Life


Global IPAG was created to help international students to settle in with other students in the school and to adjust smoothly to the Parisian life throughout advice and the organisation of events so that they can get to know each other, meet with French people and know Paris.

Expat’en Toute Tranquillité

Expat’en Toute Tranquillité aims to prepare and support future students for their year abroad. In order to achieve this goal, our association will collect and release information about  universities and countries where students will go! We organise also an evening about expatriation and we have a website that lists all expat reports from previous years!



The association IPAG'CITY is a student association composed of about twenty students passionate about going out, culture and above all, the city of Paris.
The goal we set ourselves is to make all students discover the best of Paris.
Restaurants, Pubs, Cinema, Gym, Museums, Street-Art or Tips, there is something for everyone.
Students have access to IPAG'city through social networks but also on the associaton’s website.


The Greenschool association was founded four years ago. It supports sustainable development and its mission is to raise students' awareness of climate change through events, social networks and actions within the school.
Greenschool participates in national competitions such as the Responsible Campus Trophy organised by the Ministry of Environmental and Ecological Transition. The association organises events around sustainable development within the school such as the “Greentalks”, an inter-start-ups competition aimed at promoting entrepreneurial ideas for a more "green" world. But the association also aims to reach out outside the school by developing partnerships with Ngos and other associations in order to obtain advice and develop its network.


La Fédération des Assos

Its purpose is to help, federate and optimise the actions that will be carried out during the year within the associative network of the IPAG Business School.



Equipag takes part in the famous EDHEC cruise race and the CEC Earth Trophy, one of the biggest sporting events in Europe. This multi-sport raid (mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering, running, shooting and rope events, etc.) allows 150 teams composed of 3 to 5 students to compete in exceptional events.


IPAG 4L Trophy

The 4L TROPHY is a humanitarian rally that brings together more than 1,200 4L or nearly 3,000 participants. It is the biggest event for young people and students, the ultimate event, the biggest sporting and solidarity event in Europe dedicated to 18-28 years, of all nationalities... The objective of the rally is to reach Marrakech in order to give school supplies to the poorest children. For this purpose the association 4L Trophy has partnerships with the association "Les Enfants du Désert" and the French Red Cross. The rally has 4 challenges: a human challenge, a solidarity challenge, a sports challenge and an eco-responsible challenge.

L’IPAG Golf Trophy

IPAG Golf Trophy organise a great golf competition bringing together students and professionals. Its objective is to organise a full day where golf lovers compete in a tournament and several side competitions. A day that will end with an award ceremony (travel, car, golf prizes..) and a cocktail party involving our local and committed sponsors. Part of the event proceeds are donated to a charity that can present its project on the day of the competition.

IPAG Soccer Cup

IPAG Soccer Cup organises a 5 (inter schools and companies) for the benefit of a charity.

Bureau Des Sports

Its aims to develop the sporting life within IPAG by offering various activities in the form of competitions or in friendly meetings. The BDS with the BDE is the largest IPAG associations.


IPAG Motorcycle

IPAG Motorcycle Club is an association created in 2019 with the aim of bringing together students around biking, whether they are passionate, interested or simply curious. The association organises practical and theoretical prevention courses, as well as events such as karting!


IPAG Pétanque

IPAG Pétanque is a new association within the student life of the school.
This association aims to bring together the ipagiens in order to share a moment of conviviality, exchange and team cohesion. Petanque is known to everyone but not very widespread, so we wanted to democratise this activity within the school. Sharing and cohesion are important values for IPAG Pétanque, which can be found at events organised in collaboration with other associations: IPAG Chef, IPAG Sound System, IPAG Photo, Equipag, ...
So you shoot or you point?


Ipa'Gaming is an association that aims to promote e-sport within IPAG Business School. This year we organised a Call of Duty tournament between Ipagiens in partnership with the Playzer company. We also accompanied students to official tournaments such as the Grand League on League of legends. Finally the Ipa'Gaming team participated in the creation of a competition organised by our partner Playzer. We mainly helped to set up the logistics and communication of the Playzercup.

Business & Entrepreneurship

IPAG Junior Conseil

Challenger(s)? Passionate about business and rigorous(s)? Join the IPAG Junior Conseil, an association that aims to offer students missions in startups, Smes or even large companies! Stimulated on a daily basis, the IPAG Junior Conseil will allow you to work with an organisation identical to that of a company! In short, a real added value for your resume!
As now a member of the Confédération des Juniors Entreprises, the IPAG Junior Conseil will allow you to have access to conferences, seminars and integration weekend!

Club Finance

The primary mission of the IPAG Club Finance is to introduce Finance to the largest number of students, from the 1st to the 5th year, regardless of the programme. The aim is to help students choose their specialisation or to confirm it, but also and especially to facilitate the orientation and the career choice. In order to achieve our mission, we organise conferences, business roundtables, challenges and carry out meetings with professionals.
This year, we organised the conference «Invest: How to become a young millionaire?», which brought together 158 students and 2 professionals, around the world of investments and the development of a career in finance.

Afterwork Professionnel

This association organises meetings between students, professionals and graduates, to help develop their network.

IPAG Job Service

The association IPAG Job Service was created in September October 2019, at the request of the IPAG Business School to accompany its French and foreign students in their search for one-off jobs.
The aim is to act as a relay and facilitate contacts between students and companies or organisations offering jobs.
The IPAG Job Service identifies and communicates job offers to student applicants through the association’s social networks.

Think Tank

The Think Tank IPAG association was founded in 2020 by 6 IPAG students on the Nice campus. It aims to become a real extension of the school by offering students many educational and professional activities. It involves organising events (conferences, debates, round tables) within the school, participating in external conferences, but also producing content such as video podcasts, reports that can be published in the press. The idea is to reflect on the issues of society, the major issues of tomorrow and to meet the professionals and experts of each sector.


Nice Matin

The associative mission "Nice-Matin" is based on a partnership between the Business Hub of the Nice-Matin group (local and regional newspaper) and the IPAG Business School Nice. This partnership offers the students of the association the opportunity to be members of a group of companies and professionals, launched at the initiative of the Nice-Morning in 2017, whose objective is to allow an agile and useful relationship aimed at creating economic opportunities between entrepreneurs and territories (local, departmental, regional). The students commitment in the association "Nice-Matin" allows to position themselves as actors of the changes of tomorrow through the generation of new and innovative ideas, while acquiring editorial and relational skills specific to the journalistic world.

Culture, Art & Digital


IPAG CHEF is an association that aims to promote gastronomy to IPAG students.
Throughout the year, it organises gastronomic discovery events such as cooking classes or tasting buffets. It is also in collaboration with other Ipagian associations that need their services (buffets, etc.) for their own events.

IPAG Wine not

IPAG Wine not is the wine association of the IPAG Business School. It aims to introduce students to oenology but also to develop the relationships between students and IPAG Business School alumni as well as companies. Our concept is simple: organising tastings as well as oenology courses for a group of students; and all this presented by a professional. All followed by an friendly and convivial afterwork open to all.

IPAG Photo Club

IPAG PHOTO & VIDEO aim is to make IPAG students aware of audiovisual.
The association supports othe associations by contributing to the development of other associations. Its first mission is to ensure regular coverage of events and to produce quality content that will be used for the communication of other associations, especially on social networks. IPAG PHOTO & VIDEO also organises workshops on audiovisual issues to IPAG students and those outside the school who wish to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Lou Pais Nissart

The aim of the association is to bring together IPAG students around events related to the discovery of the Nice region, hence the name «Lou Pais Nissart» coming from the patois of the region of Nice. These may be sport or cultural events.
For example, we organised various activities: hiking (Littoral, Mercantour, etc.); kayaking. For this we have established partnerships with the various associations of the IPAG Business School (Global'IPAG, IPAG Audiovisual, ...), but also with the tourist office and the nautical center (Cap, Nice).

IPAG Cinéma

IPAG Cinéma creates animations centered around cinema: cinema debate evening, preview invitations...

IPAG Théâtre

IPAG Théâtre gather passionates around building relationships with theatres, putting on a play and participating to student festivals. Each year, the society takes part in the Student Theatre Festival in Grasse.

Journal de l'IPAG

The IPAG newspaper aims to present the life of the school and the events organised by the associations. The newspaper is a way to promote events that take place at IPAG or that are organised by IPAG' associations. The collaboration with several associations (Club Finance, IPAG Audiovisual, Lou Pais Nissart, Cuisine du monde, etc.) allows to deepen with meetings the activities led by the associations, experiences that offer students and create a network to have the best student experience.

Bureau des Arts (BDA)

The Bureau des Arts (BDA) promotes art, whether to ipagien or outside of IPAG' students, in all its forms. Offer, through various partnerships (from the Maison de la Radio to Fée Croquer), multiple events and organise them (openings, evenings, workshops and many others) with the aim of supporting the artists of our school by offering them a space of expression and visibility.



Musipag organises concerts, meetings with industry professionnals and aims to reveal new talents thanks to the end-of-year contest organised each year.

IPAG Audiovisuel

The association IPAG Audiovisual is attached to the Bureau Des Arts (BDA) and consists of 10 students of the Nice IPAG Business School. Our motto is “Sharing students' moments” and our mission as a “group of students” attached to the BDA, is to produce photos, videos and bring in pictures a sample of the school’s general life. We are the visual support of the various associations of the IPAG Business School of Nice campus.