MSc Manager of Digital Transformation


  • February 2023
  • September 2022


  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year degree

Teaching languages

  • English English
  • French French


For nearly 20 years, digital technology has revolutionized all sectors of activity and all functions: marketing, HR, real estate, retail, finance, tourism, management, medical, education, design... This is why digital transformation is now at the heart of all corporate interests.  

The job market is keeping pace: according to APEC*, 78% of job opportunities for executives include a dual skill in web and management. 

IPAG Online's MSc Manager of Digital Transformation is a perfect answer to this rising need. It provides managers or future managers the opportunity to specialise and boost their career advancement towards high employability missions. 

The MSc is organised in 5 blocks: 

  • Steering a unit,  
  • Strategic management of digital economies,  
  • Design and management of digital transformation,  
  • Hybrid management and diversity,  
  • Innovation, monitoring and forecasting in the digital era.  

This programme is backed by a level 7 RNCP title, “Operational Business Manager”, making it compatible with all financing schemes—CPF, sandwich courses, continuous education or initial training. Furthermore, its intentionally affordable price, to maximise out-of-pocket spending and democratise access, makes it the most widely accessible MSc programme of a CGE school. 

*Source: APEC, May 2021, Areas of skills most sought after by companies 


Minimum entry requirements

  • MSc in 1 year (12 months): 240 ECTS minimum (diploma at 4-year degree level, international Bachelor's degree, certain RNCP level 6 titles recognised as 4-year degree level)
  • MSc in 2 years (18 months): 180 ECTS minimum (diploma at 3-year level, RNCP level 6 title)

For executives in re-orientation or seeking expertise, 10 years of experience is required if the academic requirements are not being fulfilled.

2 openings date: 
You can enroll and start your courses within:

  • From September 1st, 2022 to November 30th, 2022
  • From February 1st, 2023 to April 30th 2023

An English language certificate is mandatory during the application process (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS 6, etc.)

Contents of your application file

  • CV and letter of motivation 
  • Proof of identification 
  • Copy of diplomas and transcripts of records 

The admissions procedure

  • Study of the file 
  • Motivation interview (30 minutes) 

Admission officer : Joris Loot
Mail : 
Téléphone : 06 70 30 52 16

Advice counsellor : Xinyu (Zoe) Yuan
Mail :
Téléphone : 06 72 06 72 27

IPAG ONLINE Director : Aurélien Buraud
Mail :
Téléphone : 06 77 09 45 14

  • Description

  • Programme

  • Career

  • Tuition and fees

MSc Manager of Digital Transformation

Our online MSc is a degree at Master's level, usually completed in one year and aimed at graduates with at least a 3-year degree. It is recognised for its strong international dimension and its highly operational features, giving graduates a high degree of employability. 

The programme is structured on a unique approach which allows optimising the management, the technical and the relational skills. 

Learning is structured according to the blocks of competencies of the RNCP certification. It is equally supported by the following components: 

  • Common core: acquisition of the fundamental skills for a versatile and responsible manager 
  • Digital expertise: solid academic training dedicated to the chosen professional expertise 
  • Soft Skills & Professional Integration: development of behavioral and relational skills, often crucial in the exercise of management 
  • Corporate experience: Possibility of a work-study programme or a long internship in a company. 


MSc of Science at Master's level


  • Review of the application
  • Motivational interview (30 minutes)

Teaching Languages

French & English


1 to 2 years

Professional experience

  • Open to 3-year degree over 18 months
  • Open to 4-year degree over 12 months

Tuition fees

  • In 1 year, €5 500 (Early birds €4 900)
  • In 2 years, €7 300 (early birds €6 500)


Discover the 5 detailed blocks of the MSc in Digital Transformation Management.

Block 1 Management of a unit

  • Operating management of a unit  
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Lecture series: the digitalised enterprise 

Block 2 Strategic management of digital economies

  • Project Management 
  • Digital Economy
  • Strategic Management 
  • Data Strategy and Governance 

Block 3 Design & Management of the digital transformation

  • Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding 
  • Influencing strategies on the web 
  • PYTHON 101 (in English)
  • Webmarketing & Digital Enterprise 
  • Professional certification GOOGLE analytics 

Block 4 Hybrid Management and Diversity

  • Softskills, AI and Networks  
  • Diversity Manager 

Block 5 Innovation, monitoring and forecasting in the digital era

  • Innovation Manager 
  • Trademark and intellectual property law 
  • Digital Prospects 
  • Certification 

Professional file (Creation of a professional file transverse to the 5 blocks to be written in 5 parts, 20 pages + 1 PowerPoint presentation, 20 minutes defence)

Job opportunities

  • Digital transformation manager 
  • Web Strategy and Communication Director 
  • Director, Deputy Director, Business Unit Manager 
  • Digital entrepreneur, web project manager, digital project manager 
  • Web business developer, digital marketing developer, digital product owner 
  • Consultant in digital strategy and transformation 


Tuition and fees

  • In 1 year, €5 500  (Early birds €4 900)
  • In 2 years, €7 300 (early birds €6 500)