The IPAG Experience

Explore new horizons...

Within the framework of so-called Culture and Discovery path, the IPAG allows you to learn about disciplines other than management and to develop your creativity.


"The Culture and Discovery Pathways are an academic initiation to various fields of the humanities and the arts: history, music, theatre, literature, political science, philosophy, communication, anthropology, geopolitics and visual creation... It is a mainstay of the ipagian education which provides our students with a cultural awareness and enables them to have a critical and analytical view of the challenges in the world today.

A few examples of courses...

  • Cinematic language
  •  Luxury industry
  •  History of Art
  •  The major challenges of artificial intelligence
  •  France's cultural influence
  •  Theatre Musicals
  •  Critical analysis of the media
  •  Architecture, religion and modernity

Explore new horizons...

Student who is cooking

Get out of your confort zone...

The X'treme trails of the Grande École Programme are an invitation to going beyond your limits, through unprecedented real-life situations.


Solidarity and going beyond limits are both fundamental values of management as well as the life of any company. Since we believe that these values, at IPAG, have to be taught to our students, we made sure to include some of these experiences from the very beginning of the Programme Grande École. During a week, you are encouraged to dive into an unknown environment for a survival course in the mountain or a cybersecurity simulation, for instance. Confronted to complex conditions, you have to adapt quickly and take on unexpected responsibilities.


A few examples of X'treme experiences...

  • Adrenalin (skydiving, multi-sport adventure, via ferrata)
  • Survival courses (extreme cold, trapping, sea fishing and diving)
  • Military training (gendarmerie, National Reserve)
  • Humanitarian work (Petits Frères des Pauvres, SOS Chrétiens d'Orient, Association Tandem, Emmaüs Défi...)

Get out of your confort zone...

Student in a tent in the snow
Here are a few examples of the experiments on offer...

Cold weather survival in the Alps


Military training courses (gendarmerie, National Reserve)

Humanitarian commitment

Humanitarian commitment (Petits Frères des Pauvres, SOS Chrétiens d'Orient, etc.)

Join the communauty

A cursus at a Grande École often allows you to forge strong links with other students.

Some examples of the experiments on offer...

The Green Day

Ethics and the Environment Day is dedicated to sustainable development in action and the circular and collaborative economy, with the aim of raising awareness among students and providing them with practical examples of sustainable development in their everyday lives, as well as a host of innovations.

The integration weekend

The integration weekend

A few weeks after the start of the school year, you're off for the not-to-be-missed integration weekend. For three days, you take part in sports and fun activities: pool party, foam party, etc. Organised by the Student Office, each year in a different location (Arcachon Basin, Var, Ardèche, etc.).


The end-of-year gala

The high point of student life, the graduation ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the end of your studies alongside your fellow students, teachers and friends...

F.I.V.E: Go for it and join your school

At the start of the new academic year in September, all 1st year students are welcomed by the Head of Teaching and 2nd year students during the F.I.V.E., to take their first steps at IPAG.


Parce que notre pédagogie repose aussi sur des apprentissages concrets, votre cursus à l’IPAG est jalonné de nombreux Business Games.

Each year, students take part in several Business Games. These are practical cases submitted by IPAG's partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively. The students work together for three, four or five days.

They also present their case to a panel of judges as a group. These Business Games enable students to put their managerial skills into practice and test the know-how and interpersonal skills they will need in their future profession.


Here are some examples of challenges...

Nice Business Challenge

The aim of this Business Game is to organise a trade fair to promote and market a partner company's product. Over the course of a week, this challenge requires you to demonstrate real team spirit, dynamism and creativity, and gives you the chance to put your skills to work on a practical project.


Each year during the #Negoc'IPAG competition, four to six companies submit a commercial negotiation case to our 5th year students. After 2.5 hours of preparation, you will negotiate in front of a panel of experienced professionals.

Agorize Challenge

In addition to the challenges organised at IPAG, our students also take part in Business Games outside the school, such as those organised by Agorize, against teams from other schools. In October 2019, IPAG students won the Sustainable Beauty Challenge, organised by Cosmetic Valley with the LVMH group, after an intense hackathon involving 900 participants.