Short Courses

Partial unemployment employees, train for free!

Reinforced FNE-Training scheme: distance learning 100% free of charge. The government has set up a scheme that makes vocational training free of charge for employees in partial unemployment.

•    All private sector employees placed in partial activity are concerned (regardless of the size of the company, the sector of activity or the socio-professional category) with the exception of apprenticeship contracts and professionalisation contracts.

•    The FNE Formation is opened during the period of inactivity of employees placed in partial activity.

•    The company must agree and apply for funding from the departmental unit of the territorially competent Direccte (where your establishment is located) or your OPCO.

Develop expertise

Develop expertise in the most important areas for your company, your career and the society of tomorrow!

You anticipate the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead when major transformations that our society and our businesses are going through. Choose from our portfolio of impactful courses to be a real actor of change!

Rethink the challenges of tomorrow's organisations, explore best practices, challenge solutions that are being brought forward, imagine new sustainable and ethical business models, immerse yourself in new forms of responsible management, give new meaning to your actions, enrich your expertise and prepare yourself to make your contribution more impactful to your organisation and to a better, responsible and sustainable world.

Tailor-made courses

Would you like to train your employees in-company?

All our short training courses are tailor-made, adjustable and adaptable (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and participants.

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