IPAG Pedagogy


The faculty of IPAG is made up of recognised teacher-researchers and expert professionals.


The teacher-researchers offer students a heigh of view and a critical eye, which allows them to better understand their future professional career.

All of them hold a PhD and are recognised in their field of expertise, thanks to their research work. These are the subject of academic articles published in international journals and presentations at international conferences.

Expert professionals and VIPs

The professionals who teach at IPAG are managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and company directors. By passing on to students their experience and know-how, they enable them to make the link between theoretical teaching and its application to the reality of a company.

In addition, every year writers, essayists and politicians speak on our campuses and debate major contemporary issues with students: Pascal Bruckner, Arnaud Montebourg, Mathieu Bock-Côté and Aquilino Morelle, for example.

Le Learning Lab

IPAG is constantly reflecting on the consequences of the major changes in our world and on how to teach management. With this in mind, the school has been equipped since September 2018 with a Learning Lab, dedicated to innovation, with multiple missions:

  • workshops about how to use new tools for teaching,
  • continuous monitoring through participation in different influence groups related to educational innovation at the national level,
  • strategic support of the institution in the valorisation of expertise in innovation.


IPAG benefits from a large network of partner companies which makes it possible to offer programmes that include lot of practical projects.

Practical cases: train yourself with Business Games!

Because tomorrow starts today, IPAG invites you to put yourself in the shoes of a manager without delay. During a business game, you are faced with real business cases submitted by our partners. In a practical and fun way, you put into practice the knowledge, skills and know-how acquired during the year. It was also an opportunity to meet companies looking for talent, and to glean valuable advice from professionals.

Some examples:
•  Concours de négociation #Negoc’IPAG
•  Innovation IPAG Challenge
•  Hackathon
•  IPAG Weekend Challenge

The incubator: transform your idea into an innovative business!

IPAG gives you the means to concretise your entrepreneurial project thanks to a strong support: legal advice, accounting expertise, personalised coaching, development of your business model... You have all the cards in hand to innovate, from the conception of your project to its final realisation. These services are offered to you over a period ranging from 6 to 18 months.

Internships and work-study programmes: play a role within a business!

IPAG students are required to complete an internship each year. Lasting from 2 to 6 months, these field experiences can take place in all types of structure: start-ups, SMEs, large groups, public establishments, in France and abroad. IPAG also offers you the opportunity to follow the Masters cycle on a work-study basis.


Immerse yourself in a multicultural environment and increase your experiences abroad

A multicultural environment

International is a daily experience at IPAG. Our Paris and Nice campuses welcome students and teachers of more than 80 nationalities. A stimulating cultural mix, ideal to prepare yourself to evolve in a globalised professional environment.

For the Grande École Programme, this internationalisation can go even further, thanks to :
•   the American Track programme, where courses are taught entirely in English from the first year,
•   Tracks (China, Brazil, Germany, Hispanic) which include specific courses on the economy, civilisation and language of the concerned areas,
•   to the dual degree MIT in partnership with the Politecnico di Torino

Learn to manage internationally

Spending time abroad during their studies is compulsory at IPAG, it allows students to discover the world, otherness, but also, and above all, to learn how to manage internationally.

Thanks to its large network of partner universities, IPAG offers to students the possibility to study semesters abroad throughout their studies:
•    summer session at the University of Berkley (USA),
•    semester in Kunming (China), Riverside (USA) or one of the 135 other partner universities,
•    dual degrees (The Politecnico di Torino, Nottingham Business School, City University of New York, The University of Greenwich, Edinburgh Napier University, The University of Economics at Plekhanov).


Because management is not limited to technical expertise, IPAG offers paths to develop soft-skills, just as important...

IPAG Xtrem: push your limits!

Une semaine pour vivre des expériences inédites, des moments uniques de dépassement, d’adaptation et de sens du collectif :  
•    Sports nautiques (Aventure itinérante en canoë, Eaux vives, Voile, Radeau)
•    Adrénaline (Saut en parachute, Randonnée équestre, Aventure multisport, Via ferrata)
•    Stages de Survie (Grand froid, Trappeur, Pêche en mer et plongée)
•    Stages Militaires (Gendarmerie, Réserve nationale)
•    Retour dans le passé (A la ferme du bout du monde, Agriculture et traditions, Artisanat d’Art domestique, Observation faune et flore)
•    Engagement humanitaire (Petits Frères des Pauvres, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient, l’association Tandem, Emmaüs Défi…)

A week to live new experiences, unique moments of pushing yourself to the limit, adaptation and sense of the collective:  
• adrenaline (parachute jump, multisport adventure, via ferrata)
• survival training (extreme cold, trapper, sea fishing and diving)
• military training (gendarmerie, National Reserve)
• humanitarian commitment (Little Brothers of the Poor, SOS Orient Christians, Tandem Association, Emmaüs Défi…)

Culture and Discovery Route: explore new worlds!

No creativity without culture! Throughout the curriculum, we offer many Culture and Discovery paths. History of art, geography, fashion, music, gastronomy ... These extra-curriculum develop your general culture and your analytical skills. An undeniable asset for understanding new problems, taking a step back and daring different points of view.

Associative project: develop your managerial talents!

IPAG offers students the opportunity to set up an associative project that is close to their heart. You will practice in order to be able to defend an idea, to motivate a team, to federate different people around a common objective, to juggle between innovative proposals and budgetary constraints ... Know-how and soft-skills that will bring a fruitful breath to your professional project.