A quick and qualitative
occupational integration

A first job in less than 6 months

The majority of our young graduates land their first job in less than 6 months, mainly in large firms but also in start-ups, SMEs or public companies, both in France and abroad. A large share of them are in fact hired even before they have completed their final internship or their last year of work-study.

    A permanent support

    Everything is done at IPAG to ensure that you can enter the workforce quickly and efficiently, thanks to:

    • Organisation of individual and group career coaching
    • Organisation of IPAG career and corporate events
    • Provision of innovative career tools

    Top 20 IPAG graduate recruiters

    - Accenture                   - Deloitte 
    - Allianz Group             - HSBC
    - Axa                              - KPMG
    - BNP Paribas                - LCL
    - Bouygues                    - Natixis
    - Capgemini                   - Orange
    - Carrefour                     - SNCF Group
    - Crédit Agricole            - Société Générale
    - Crédit du Nord            - Thales
    - Danone                        - Valeo

    A Career Center at your service

    Personalised support

    Whether you are looking for an internship, an apprenticeship, a job or simply for advice, you will benefit from all the facilities of our Career Center and personalised career support throughout your studies. The 1st and 2nd cycle career seminars, which are organised on a regular basis, offer you the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops: preparation for interviews, CV proofreading, speaking, image management, professional social network management, salary negotiations, etc.

    JOB FAIRS to help you find your path

    During the JOB FAIRS organised at the IPAG, you will be able to meet company professionals through talks around a variety of themes. Whether they are managers, consultants or entrepreneurs, they are there to share their experience with you. These JOB FAIRS help you to project yourself into the future and get a grasp of the professional opportunities that exist in each sector of activity. In short, they are intended to facilitate your choice of orientation.

    Regular meetings with recruiters

    All year round, you have the opportunity to meet many recruiters during IPAG Career Days held by the Career Center teams. These are all opportunities for you to meet companies seeking talented people. An internship in a start-up, a work-study program in a large group or your first job in a dynamic SME... Each year, many students are recruited after an initial contact established during this type of event.

    A strong alumni community

    Our network now brings together nearly 14 000 alumni around the world. It is animated by a dedicated Alumni Department within  the school and can play a decisive role in your career. As soon as you join the school, you become part of the IPAG Alumni social network and access the precious directory of ipagians. Once you graduate, IPAG supports you throughout your career and regularly offers the opportunity to participate in workshops or sessions with professional coaches.

    Internships and apprenticeship

    Work-study: the high road to employment

    Some of IPAG's curriculum can be completed on a rotating basis, at the pace of 2 to 3 days a week "on the ground". Sharing your time between IPAG and your host company has many advantages:

    • You accumulate more professional experience
    • You have more time to develop your skills
    • You acquire a solid corporate culture
    • You put into practice the theoretical lessons learned at IPAG
    • A part of your tuition costs is borne by the host company
    • The salary is higher than if you were an intern
    • You benefit from the status of employee
    • Work-study often leads to a job

    Internships every year

    To help you develop your professional plans and acquire real experience in a company, IPAG allows you to complete an internship every year, in France and abroad. These multiple experiences, each lasting from one to six months, are a real bonus on your resume and a guarantee that you will be operational and fully employable at the end of your course.

    Our apprenticeship programmes:

    • Bachelor Pro BTS's degree course

    On the Nice campus, the first two years of our Bachelor degree, dedicated to the preparation for the BTS exam, can be taught as a work-study programme (all specialisations included).

    • Grande Ecole Programme

    Both in Paris and in Nice, the entire master's cycle can be completed as an apprentice.

    There are two types of contracts:

    • A contract called "professionalisation", with remuneration up to 80% of the minimum wage (taxable).
    • A contract called "apprentissage", along with compensation of 53 or 61% of the SMIC (non-taxable).

    Internships and apprenticeship

    students listening to employers in class

    An incubator to turn your business project into reality

    Turn your idea into an innovative business

    Do you have a business project? IPAG's Engaged Incubator will help you make it come true. Legal advice, feasibility study, putting you in touch, development of the business model... You benefit from all the support you need to make your project a success. Located in Paris, in a coworking area in the heart of the Marais, our incubator is open to all our students but also to alumni of the school.

    A few success stories of companies that have been incubated

    ATTRACTIVE WORLD & SHAPR: Ludovic Huraux (promotion 2004) : dating and professional networking websites
    AXIONARIA: Philippe Cincambre (promotion 2006): crowdfunding platform
    C-WAY: Jeanne Chaumais (promotion 2002): creator of connected/smart objects
    LARUZE: Audrey Paul (promotion 2009): watch designer
    HIRCUS: Jean-Nicolas Payart (promotion 2013): accessories and cashmere sweaters
    VICOMTE A: Arthur de Soultrait (promotion 2005): high-end designer clothes
    SUNGY: Myriam Fournier Kacimi (promotion 2006): solar project developer

    Participate to the Entrepreneurship Trophies

    Each year, we reward the best successes of our students and alumni at the Entrepreneurship Awards by IPAG, in different categories:

    - Best Student Entrepreneur Award
    - Best Graduate Entrepreneur Award
    - Jacques Rueff Award, for a company involved in sustainable development and CSR
    - The "Coup de Coeur" award, selected by a vote of the public present during the ceremony.

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