Master in International Management

Why take a Masters in International Management?

A truly international course, this specialism in the Grande École Programme produces managers who are able to take on positions of responsibility in a global environment. Following completion of this masters, all of the classes of which are given in English, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the various functions of a company and be able to lead an internationalisation project, head up a department or coordinate the actions of multicultural teams.

What courses are included in the Masters in International Management?

Core classes enable you to develop essential managerial skills and your leadership, with a focus on ethics, inclusion and CSR. Specialisation classes, on the other hand, cover the areas of international marketing, the circular economy and international commerce, and you will also learn to master the art of negotiating in an international environment.

Core modules

•Business Ethics & CSR
•Digital transformation & innovation
•Business challenge
•Major contemporary issues

Specialisation modules
•Global marketing
•International trade practices
•Innovation strategy in dynamic global markets
•International business trends
•International negotiation
•Circular economy

Advantages of the Masters in International Management at IPAG

All classes are conducted in English and in a multicultural environment

Classes in this specialism of the Grande École Programme are conducted in English by bilingual teachers. The diversity of origins of foreign students enrolled in this masters will give you an opportunity to experience first hand collective working through an intercultural approach.

Complete your course by combining work and study

In the Grande École Programme at IPAG, you can take all or part of your masters on a work-study basis by signing either a sandwich placement or "professionalisation" contract. If you do not choose to take this course on a work-study basis, you will still gain work experience through a compulsory six-month internship.

Obtain a double degree

The double degrees available in the fifth year offer an opportunity to develop two areas of expertise and bring an added international dimension to your profile. You can earn an international degree from a partner university overseas, in addition to your degree from IPAG: an MSc Business Management (City University of New York), an MSc International Marketing (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), an MSc Finance & Investment (University of Greenwich), an MSc International Marketing or International Marketing with Tourism & Events (Napier University).

Put your knowledge into practice with business games

As is the case each year in the Grande École Programme, you will take part in a business game to put your knowledge into practice. Beyond the fun side and educational benefits of this type of event, the business games are an opportunity to get noticed by one or more partner companies who come to IPAG's campus to present students with problems to be solved.

Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

At IPAG, the writing and defence of a masters dissertation is compulsory for all fifth-year students. Produced under the supervision of a teacher-researcher, this unique exercise involves in-depth research and a scientific approach.

What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in International Management?

Upon completion of your studies, you will be fully operational and leave with a masters-level degree awarded by our business school, enabling you to work in an international environment, in Europe or elsewhere in the world. Various jobs will be open to you, such as:

• Operational manager
• Business creator or buyer
• Intrapreneur
• Project manager
• Business creation consultant
• Business development consultant
• Change manager
• Etc.

How to enrol for the Masters in International Management?

This second year in the masters programme is a natural extension of the fourth-year International Management specialism. It is therefore intended first and foremost for students who have developed fundamental skills in international management during their first year of the masters.

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