Master in Corporate Finance & Auditing

Why take a Masters in Corporate Finance & Auditing?

This fifth-year specialism in the Grande École Programme will enable you to master the ins and outs of financial management and prepare you for the professions of auditing, management control and corporate finance consultancy. You learn how to produce a financial diagnosis, check the legal compliance and efficiency of processes related to a company's economic activities and give recommendations for financial strategy, for example.

What classes are included in Corporate Finance & Auditing?

This course is made up of core and specialised classes and, upon graduation, you will have all the skills required for your future job in the world of corporate finance, whether you are working for a company or a firm.


    Core Modules

    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Digital transformation & innovation
    • Business challenge
    • Major contemporary issues


    Specialisation modules

    • Advanced accounting
    • Management control
    • IFRS accounting standards
    • External financial auditing
    • Competition law
    • Legal and fiscal management

    Advantages of the Masters in Corporate Finance & Auditing at IPAG

    Complete your course by combining work and study

    You can complete this course on a work-study basis, by signing either a sandwich placement or "professionalisation" contract with a company. This option, which is available for all specialisms in the masters programme, will enable you to gain as much work experience as possible by spending two days a week at the school and three days at the company, throughout the year. If you take the course without this option, a compulsory final internship must be completed during the second semester.

    Obtain a dual degree

    Your fifth year is also an opportunity to obtain a double degree, which means graduating from a university abroad at the same time as the Grande École Programme at IPAG Business School. While the MSc Finance and Investment at Greenwich University is the most sought after among students of corporate finance, four other double degrees are available, in Scotland, the United States and Russia. Whichever one you choose, you will find a different economic environment and business approaches.

    Put your knowledge into practice with business games

    With role-playing games where several student teams compete with each other as they work on a practical case, you can contribute all of your knowledge in areas such as chartered accounting, cash flow management and financial management to your team. By creating synergies between the knowledge of students in the various specialisms of the Grande École Programme, you can make your team shine in the eyes of the jury.

    Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

    Requiring extensive financial research, the final dissertation is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in a specific subject area related to your career plan. Your dissertation supervisor will help you choose the subject you will be researching for several months, whether it is taxation, financial risk management or mergers and acquisitions.

    What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in Corporate Finance & Auditing?

    This specialism will prepare you for jobs in finance, whether they are in the finance department of a company or a consultancy firm:

    • Management controller
    • Financial Analyst / Credit Analyst
    • Internal or external auditor
    • Chief financial officer
    • Financial engineer
    • Merger-acquisition consultant
    • Client portfolio manager

    How to enrol for the Masters in Corporate Finance & Auditing at IPAG?

    The vast majority of students who take this masters have completed the Finance, Auditing and Control degree in the fourth year of the Grande École Programme. It is an opportunity to specialise in Corporate Finance and Auditing.

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