Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR

Why take a Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR

The aim of this specialism is to produce experts in the management of human resources. Upon completion of your course, you will master all aspects of the HR function, be aware of the importance of respect for personal values and diversity in a company or organisation, and know how to reconcile individual and collective interests, manage organisational change, and design or oversee an innovative HR policy.

What classes are included in the Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR?

The core classes enable you primarily to develop skills in change management, as well as intercultural, ethical and responsible management. As for the "specialist dimension" of this course, the aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of HR management, and enable you to learn how to conduct a social or CSR audit, grasp the impact of digital on HR departments and keep up to speed with labour law in areas such as staff management and workplace health.

    Core modules
    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Digital transformation & innovation
    • Business challenge
    • Major contemporary issues

    Specialisation modules
    • Future management prospects
    • HR management and diversity
    • Business valuations
    • Legal HR practices
    • Digital and HR management
    • Social audit

    Advantages of the Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR at IPAG

    Complete your course by combining work and study

    You can take this course on a work-study basis by signing either an apprenticeship or "professionalisation" contract. You will then spend two days a week at IPAG and three days at the host company. If you do not take up this option, there is a compulsory six-month final internship.

    Obtain a double degree

    The fifth year of the Grande École Programme is also the opportunity to obtain one of the five double degrees offered through our partnerships with overseas universities: MSc Business Management (City University of New York), MSc International Marketing (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), MSc Finance & Investment (University of Greenwich), MSc International Marketing or International Marketing with Tourism & Events (Napier University). Beyond the international dimension that such a degree brings to your CV, it enables you to develop two areas of expertise.


    Put your knowledge into practice with business games

    As is the case each year of the Grande École Programme, you will put your knowledge into practice with a fun and collective approach by taking part in a business game. During this challenge, your skills in human resources management could be particularly useful for your team made up of students from various specialisms.

    Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

    At the end of the course, you must also write and defend a masters dissertation under the supervision of a teacher-researcher at IPAG. The content of your work and inclusion of this exercise on your CV will demonstrate your expertise in an HR-related field, as well as your ability to carry out in-depth research while adopting a scientific approach.

    What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR?

    Upon graduation, you will be able to work in all types of companies, from a startup to a major group, as well as in a consultancy firm or as a freelancer. The following is a non-exhaustive list of human resources jobs that will be open to you:

    • Human resources assistant (HRA)
    • Human resources manager (HRM)
    • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
    • Payroll manager
    • Training manager
    • Human resources consultant
    • Internal communication officer
    • Recruitment manager
    • Change management officer
    • International mobility manager
    • Etc.

    How to enrol for the Masters in Human Resources Management & CSR?

    This second year of the masters is a natural extension of the content taught in the fourth-year major Human Resources Management & CSR. It is therefore open first and foremost to students who already have a firm grounding in areas such as management sciences, law, HR communication and operational management.