Master in Finance & Markets

Why take a Masters in Finance and Markets?

This fifth-year specialism in the Grande École Programme produces professionals with a comprehensive vision of financial markets and activities related to securities issues and transactions, as well as the assessment of financial risks. After completing the course, you will be able to identify investment opportunities, complete transactions, advise, and formulate or implement a financial strategy while identifying and managing risks of all kinds.

What classes are included in the Masters in Finance & Markets?

You will take teaching modules that are common to the 10 fifth-year specialisms in our Grande École Programme, in order to become a manager who is innovative, responsible and aware of ethical concerns in all decisions. As for our specialisation classes, they are given by teacher-researchers or industry professionals and will enable you to develop the skills you need to enter various jobs in finance. These classes cover areas such as financial analysis as a whole, risk management, portfolio management, financial markets and alternative investments, quantitative finance and applied mathematics.

    Core modules

    • Business Ethics & CSR
    • Digital transformation & innovation
    • Business challenge
    • Major contemporary issues


    Specialisation modules

    • Advanced corporate finance
    • Advances in financial asset pricing
    • Alternative investments
    • Portfolio management
    • Financial markets & institutions
    • Quantitative finance


    Advantages of the Masters in Finance & Markets at IPAG

    All classes are conducted in English

    This specialism will enable you to take all classes in English, which is the language used in finance around the world. This will provide ideal conditions for you to prepare for work in an international environment following graduation.

    Complete your course by combining work and study

    For all students in the fifth year of the Grande École Programme, there is a compulsory six-month final internship. For those who wish to gain more work experience, you can take this course on a work-study basis by spending two days of the week at IPAG and three days with a company, following the signing of a "professionalisation" or apprenticeship contract.

    Obtain a double degree

    The end of your course is also an opportunity to become a "double graduate", by graduating from both IPAG Business School and one of our partner establishments. You can, for example, specialise in international finance by going to London for a semester at the University of Greenwich campus (double degree in Finance & Investment) or develop two areas of expertise by choosing to study Business Management in New York (City University of New York), International Marketing in Moscow (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), International Marketing or International Marketing with Tourism & Events in Edinburgh (Napier University).

    Put your knowledge into practice with business games

    Business games are an integral part of teaching at IPAG. With a fun and collective approach, you will address a problem presented by a company: an ideal opportunity to learn through practice and use your specialist knowledge to help your team formed of students from various specialisms in the Grande École Programme. For companies, these business games are a great way to get a fresh view of the challenges they face and identify potential future employees.

    Develop in-depth expertise through a dissertation

    The writing and defence of a dissertation is compulsory for all fifth-year students. Putting this achievement on your CV will demonstrate that you are able to carry out in-depth research on a specific financial subject while adopting a scientific approach.

    What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in Finance & Markets?

    After completing this course specialised in financial markets, you will be able to work for financial institutions or operators, consultancy firms, banks and asset management companies, join the finance department of a large company, or work as a freelance consultant. Students who hold this type of degree, particularly from a major business school, will be able to work in various positions, such as:

    • Financial analyst
    • ISR Analyst
    • Trader
    • Client portfolio manager
    • Broker
    • Management controller
    • Merger-acquisition consultant
    • Back-office operator
    • Credit manager
    • Financial engineer
    • Risk manager
    • Portfolio manager
    • Work in finance
    • Etc.

    How to enrol for the Masters in Finance & Markets?

    This specialism is intended first and foremost for students who have devoted their fourth year to studying financial auditing, management control, accounting and corporate finance (major in Finance, Auditing and Control).

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