Master in BtoC Marketing

Why take a Masters in BtoC Marketing?

The aim of this fifth year in the Grande École Programme is to produce specialists in marketing who are able to devise, oversee and implement product or service strategies that are exclusively oriented towards consumers. With this in mind, you will learn how to master the ins and outs of strategic marketing and use the various forms of leverage offered by operational marketing to conduct effective campaigns.

What classes are included in the Masters in BtoC Marketing?

You will take core classes as well as specialised classes in Business to Consumer marketing. These will enable you to build a global vision of BtoC marketing and master the marketing tools you will be using in your future jobs.

Core modules
• Business Ethics & CSR
• Digital transformation & innovation
• Business challenge
• Major contemporary issues

Specialisation modules
• Strategy, branding and product management
• Digital Marketing
• Marketing intelligence
• Distribution
• Owned & earned Media
• Communication tools
• Communication, marketing and media
• Optional professional certification: Google Analytics

Advantages of the Masters in BtoC Marketing at IPAG

Complete your masters by combining work and study

In order to gain as much work experience as possible, you can take this course on a work-study basis by signing either an apprenticeship contract or a "professionalisation" contract. Those who do not decide to take up the work-study option will be required to complete a four to six-month internship during the second semester.

Obtain an international dual degree

In the last year of the course, you will also have the opportunity to earn one of the five double degrees in the Grande École Programme offered by IPAG, three of which are specialised in marketing:

  • MSc International Marketing, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Moscow
  • MSc International Marketing, Napier University in Edinburgh
  • MSc International Marketing with Tourism & Events, with the same university in Edinburgh.

Put your knowledge into practice by taking part in business games

Our business games, which generally simulate the marketing of a product or service, are an opportunity to put your BtoC marketing skills into practice. Your knowledge of consumer behaviour and your mastery of marketing techniques will be your main assets as you attempt to help your team win.

Further develop your knowledge by writing a dissertation

At IPAG, you will be required to write and defend a final dissertation in the last year of the Grande École Programme. This singular exercise will enable you to become an expert in a subject area related to your future career.

What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in BtoC Marketing?

This course will prepare you to work for a distributor, directly for a retail product manufacturer, for an advertising firm, for a non-specialised consultancy firm or a firm specialised in the area of BtoC marketing:

  • Marketing studies officer
  • Client portfolio manager
  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • e-Commerce project manager
  • Communication officer
  • Web project manager
  • Marketing project manager

As you approach your entry to the job market, the support provided by IPAG is stepped up to ensure that you begin your career in the direction you want to be going.

How to enrol for the Masters in BtoC Marketing at IPAG Business School?

This fifth year of the Grande École Programme is open to students who have taken the major in Marketing and Business Strategy in their fourth year. Following a year spent studying marketing as a whole, you will specialise in BtoC marketing.

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