Summer Course


  • NICE


  • 3 weeks

In Short


  • July


  • Full time

Graduation diploma

  • Certificate IPAG Business School

Teaching languages

  • English English



This 3-week program offers the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and develop your skills during the summer on both our Nice and Paris campus.

You will have the choice between 3 different programs;  Luxury industry and lifestyle, Brand and luxury management, or Entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking. Each program is structured around group work, case studies, cultural and corporate visits.



Admission requirements
1 year business studies at undergraduate level or 2 years of non-business related studies.
2024 session dates
Next dates coming soon

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Is there summer school in France?

Yes, in France summer courses are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students during the summer holidays, typically spanning a few weeks. This is done to help higher education to further their studies, to try out learning at a new location or institution, or to add more qualifications to their CV!


Are summer courses worth it?

Yes, summer schools are worth it, this allows you to do a new course to learn about topics and subjects you may not have access to in your existing courses. They can also be a fun, challenging way to learn more skills, meet new people and step into a new industry.