Geopolitics Track



  • September


  • Full time

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year Master's degree

Teaching languages

  • French French


The Contemporary Geopolitics, is an option of the Grande École Program, which, given its specificities, is the subject of a specific access path.

It, therefore, includes all the courses of the “classical” curriculum, plus dedicated complementary modules, which represent 100 hours per year during the first two years of the first cycle.

Sectoral approach to contemporary geopolitical issues,International Relations and Multilateralism, Introduction to public and Economic international law, Economic intelligence, Geo-economics, economic diplomacy, New areas of conflict… All these disciplines, in addition to your management training, will allow you to move towards lobbying, economic intelligence, institutional communication, or the management of a public institution.

The programs are set up for the development of soft skills, such as the Culture and Discovery Program or IPAG X'trem are adapted to the specificities of this option. The same applied to the internships to be carried out in the 1st and 2nd year.


In 1st-year only:
Holder of a French Baccalaureate
• Parcoursup + SESAME Exam

Holder of a diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate
• Interview + Application file (French and English)

Composition of the application file:
ID / 3 last report cards / diploma(s) or exam transcript(s) (if obtained) / CV / cover letter / French proficiency test: DELF / DALF / TCF / TEF. (French-speaking students or those who have completed two years of studies taught 100% in French are exempt).

• Deputy director of Admissions: Christophe Pivaut
Mail :
• Admissions officer - Paris campus: Marion Facello
Mail :
• Admissions officer - Nice campus: Théo Montuso
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  • Description

  • Programme

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  • Career

  • Fees and funding

Contempory Geopolitics Track

In Short


Grande École Program (5-year Master's degree)


1st-year entry :
1st year :
Holder of a French baccalaureate

  • Parcoursup + SESAME competition

Holder of a diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate

  • Application + Interview (French and English)

Teaching language



5 years


  • Paris
  • Nice

Work Experience

Up to 34 months of accumulated experience over the course of 5 years


  • 3rd year entirely dedicated to expatriation
  • 25 dual degrees possible

Tuition fees

1st year entry:

  • €10 500 per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 700 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

2nd year entry :

  • €9 900  per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 100 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

1 st Year

Acquiring the basics
  • Semester 1

    Management fundamentals course

  • Semester 2

    Courses + 8 to 12-week internship in sales, in sales consulting like students in other options or in an association, union or political party.


The Contemporary Geopolitics Track modules

2nd Year

Working in project mode
  • Semester 1

    Courses + working in project mode

  • Semester 2

    Courses + An 8 to 12-week internship in a start-up, in a start-up or in the field of political communication or lobbying.


The Contemporary Geopolitics Track modules

3rd year

the expatriation
  • Semester 1

    Study abroad or internship
    Possibility of certificate or bachelor degree

  • Semester 2

    6-month of international internship or study abroad or international volunteering programme
    Possibility of certificate or bachelor degree

4th year

Start specialising
  • Semester 1

    Common core and specialisation courses

  • Semester 2

    Specialisation internship from 4 to 6-month

5th year

Specialise and get a dual international degree
  • Semester 1

    Specialisation courses

  • Semester 2

    End-of-study internship of 4 to 6-month
    Work-study possible

the world

IPAG places international experiences at the heart of its pedagogy.

and work-study

The Grande École Program is also a professionalizing program that allows students to acquire up to 3 year of work experience.

Career opportunities

by specialisation


  • Product Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Head of e-marketing/e-business
  • Director of direct marketing/trade marketing/merchandising
  • Research Fellow
  • Sales Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Administrator

Finance, Audit & Control

  • Financial analyst
  • Property manager
  • Financial controller
  • Internal / external auditor
  • Financial asset manager
  • Risk manager
  • Mergers & acquisitions advisor
  • Wealth management consultant...

International Business & Supply Chain

  • Account manager
  • Crédit manager
  • Responsable des approvisionnements, responsable logistique
  • Responsable transports
  • Gestionnaire du système d’information

International Management

  • International account manager
  • Responsable de zone import-export
  • Acheteur international
  • Responsable d’implantation à l’étranger

Human Resources Management

  • HR Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Training Coordinator
  • Head of Internal Communications
  • Recruitment manager in a firm or company
  • Head of Mobility...


  • Operations Manager
  • Business founder or buyer
  • Intrapreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant in business creation
  • Business developer
  • Growth Manager

Fees and

IPAG Scholarships

CROUS Scholarships

If you are younger than 28 years old, you can benefit from a state scholarship under certain conditions. The scholarship amount is based on family income, according to a scale established each year by the Ministry of Education. These grants can be cumulated with those from IPAG.