Geopolitics Track



  • September


  • Full time

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year Master's degree

Teaching languages

  • French French


The Geopolitics, Communication, and Political Sciences Track, is an option of the Grande Ecole Program, which, given its specificities, is the subject of a specific access path.

It, therefore, includes all the courses of the “classical” curriculum, plus dedicated complementary modules, which represent 48 hours per year during the first two years of the first cycle.

Political economy, introduction to political institutions and constitutional law, history of political ideas and political sociology, geopolitics and geostrategy, political communication, political philosophy, economic intelligence, and geo-economics… All these disciplines, in addition to your management training, will allow you to move towards lobbying, economic intelligence, institutional communication, or the management of a public institution.

The programs are set up for the development of soft skills, such as the Culture and Discovery Program or IPAG X'trem are adapted to the specificities of this option. The same applied to the internships to be carried out in the 1st and 2nd year.



In 1st-year only :
- Parcoursup + SESAME exam and subject to obtaining the baccalaureate degree
- Application file + Interview, for holders of a foreign diploma equivalent to the baccalaureate

• Deputy director of Admissions: Christophe Pivaut
Mail :
• Admissions officer - Paris campus: Marion Facello
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• Admissions officer - Nice campus: Jimmy Huynh
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Geopolitics Track

Undergraduate: year 1 to year 3

  • Full time

1st year:
acquiring the basics

The First part of the course is devoted to the basics of the subjects you will be taught throughout your studies at IPAG. You will also learn how to develop your communication skills and self-confidence.

These courses are combined with specific modules for the Geopolitics Track, which represent 48 hours during the first year (see Programme section)

2nd year:
working in project mode

The following year is the year of deepening and broadening the lessons learned. You also begin to work on your first practical projects. Finally, you strengthen your sense of listening and dialogue as well as your organizational skills.

In the same time, you continue to follow the additional modules specific to the Geopolitics Track, on the basis of 48 hours during the year (see Programme section)

3rd year:
moving to another country

The Third year takes place partly or entirely abroad, depending on your course of study. The aim of this unique year is to discover other cultures, adapt to other professional uses, and immerse yourself in a new cultural and linguistic context. A stay in a partner university, an international internship, a volunteering mission abroad… several possibilities are available to you to structure your year.

Postgraduate: year 4 & year 5

  • Full time
  • Work-Study

4th year:
start specialising

This 1st year of the Master's cycle is the main orientation given to your curriculum. You can choose from 5 main areas of study and you will also follow core courses.

A specific specialisation in the Geopolitics Track will be introduced this year.

5th year:
specialise and get a dual international degree

The last year is the year of your actual specialisation in one of the 10 majors offered. There is also the possibility of obtaining a dual international degree by spending a semester with one of our partners in the United Kingdom, Russia, or the United States.

In Short


Grande Ecole Program (5-year Master's degree)


1st-year only: Parcoursup + SESAME exam (on file for foreign diploma holders)

Teaching language



5 years


  • Paris
  • Nice

Work Experience

Up to 34 months of accumulated experience over the course of 5 years


  • 3rd year entirely dedicated to expatriation
  • 25 dual degrees possible

Tuition fees

1st year entry:

  • €10 500 per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 700 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

Entry to 2nd :

  • €9 900  per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 100 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

1 st Year

Acquiring the basics

Semester 1

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Sales techniques
  • Financial accounting
  • Written & Oral communication
  • English theater

Semester 2

  • Marketing & Communication mix
  • Introduction & Business law
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Economic context
  • Historical milestones
  • Semester 1

    Management fundamentals course

  • Semester 2

    Courses + 8 to 12-week internship in sales, in sales consulting like students in other options or in an association, union or political party.


Business Game

Cases studies submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

X’Trem trails

Unprecedented experiences based on surpassing oneself and a sense of community: survival courses, military internships, humanitarian commitments, etc. Some courses are specifically designed for students in this Political Science option: immersion in Parliament or in a local authority.

Culture and discovery trails

Open courses to develop your general culture and your analytical skills: art history, geography, fashion, music, gastronomy... Some of them will be specifically designed for the students of this Political Science option.

The Geopolitics Track modules

Specific modules

  • Introduction to political economy (12h)
  • Introduction to constitutional law and political institutions (12h)
  • Introduction to geopolitics and geostrategy (12h)
  • Introduction to the history of political ideas and political sociology (12h)

Other courses

  • General culture, in connection with political science.
  • Major historical landmarks
  • "Classics Saturdays": during the first year, students in this course must read two reference works on political science, which they are then tested on in the form of a "collage".

2nd Year

Working in project mode

Semestre 1

  • Financial analysis
  • Corporate law & taxation
  • Market research
  • Human resource management

Semester 2

  • International trade
  • Digital marketing & innovation
  • Logistics & Purchasing
  • Management of organisations
  • Semester 1

    Courses + working in project mode

  • Semester 2

    Courses + An 8 to 12-week internship in a start-up, in a start-up or in the field of political communication or lobbying.


Business Game

As in the 1st year, real business cases submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

Cultural and discovery trails

These allow you to develop your general culture, open-mindedness and analytical skills. The 2nd year is an opportunity to discover a new universe, completely different from the one explored during the 1st year.

The Geopolitics Track modules

The specific modules

  • Political communication, lobbying and influence strategy (12h)
  • Political philosophy (12h)
  • Economic intelligence and geo-economics (12h)
  • Political sociology (12h)

Other courses

Major geography and geopolitics benchmarks

3rd year

the expatriation

Study in a partner university

The 3rd-year necessarily includes a semester of study at one of our 135 partner universities, on 5 continents. You can choose one of our two associated campuses - Kunming and Riverside - where you can take courses from IPAG faculty.

Internship or volunteer mission

The second half of the 3rd year also necessarily takes place abroad, either on an internship or in the form of a volunteer mission, in line with IPAG's values of commitment to serving the public interest.

  • Semester 1

    Study abroad or internship
    Possibility of certificate or bachelor degree

  • Semester 2

    6-month of international internship or study abroad or international volunteering programme
    Possibility of certificate or bachelor degree

4th year

Start specialising

Core modules

  • Strategic management
  • Project management
  • Software for business

The 6 majors of the 4th year

  • Marketing & Sales Strategy Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Finance, Audit & Control Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Purchasing and Supply chain management Specialisation (4) - Paris/Nice
  • International Management Major (4) - Paris/Nice
  • Human Resources Management & CSR Major (4) - Paris
  • Semester 1

    Common core and specialisation courses

  • Semester 2

    Specialisation internship from 4 to 6-month

5th year

Specialise and get a dual international degree

Modules du tronc commun

  • Business Ethics & CSR
  • Digital transformation & innovation
  • Corporate Challenge

The 10 majors of the 5th year

  • Marketing & Digital Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Marketing BtoC Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Sales Strategy Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Corporate Finance & Audit Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Finance & Markets Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Wealth Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • International Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Purchasing and Supply chain management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Human Resources Management & CSR Specialisation (5) - Paris
  • Entrepreneurship & Project Management Specialisation (5) - Paris/Nice
  • Semester 1

    Specialization courses

  • Semester 2

    End-of-study internship of 4 to 6-month
    Work-study possible

The dual degrees

  • Dual degree MSc in Business Management (United States)
  • Dual Degree with MSc Finance and Investment (London, UK)
  • Dual Degree with MSc International Marketing (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)
  • Dual Degree MSc in International Marketing with Tourism & Events (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)
  • Dual Degree Msc in International Marketing (Moscow, Russia)
  • Dual Degree PGD (United-States)

Business Game

The 5th year Business Game, #Negoc'IPAG, consists of a commercial negotiation based on cases submitted by 4 to 6 partner companies.

Students have 2.5 hours to prepare their arguments, which they then present to a jury of seasoned professionals.

Recent editions have brought together companies such as CBRE, Altran, and IZI by EDF, which have had the opportunity to get a fresh look at their problems and to identify future high-potential graduates. 

Master Thesis

The Thesis is a connection between the academic and professional dimensions since it shares a theme related to the student's future professional life.

Students choose their subject in the first semester, from a list drawn up by their thesis advisor, who then guides them through each stage of the writing process : the constitution of the corpus, the definition of the plan, development of the empirical study, etc.

A pre-defense, in May, allows them to adjust the final work to be handed in (between 60 and 80 pages), before the defense before a jury, which takes place in June or September.

the world

IPAG places international experiences at the heart of its pedagogy.

A third year entirely spent abroad

The third year of your course is entirely, or mostly, spent abroad. You can choose to stay on the campus of one of our 135 partner universities, do an internship abroad or volunteer work... You choose to live the international experiences that suit you.

Study up to three languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese... To operate in a cross-cultural and international environment, an advanced level of language skills is essential. The Grande École Programme allows you to study up to three modern languages during your studies. Particular emphasis is placed on English: nearly 30% of our management courses are taught by native English speakers.

An international intermediate degree at the end of the first cycle

Some expatriations allow students to obtain an intermediate degree at the Bachelor's level or a certificate at the end of the 6-month study period.

Obtain an international double degree

In the 5th year, you have the opportunity to obtain a double-diploma, i.e. to graduate from a foreign university and from IPAG's Grande Ecole Program. For this, and whatever your major, you spend a semester on the campus of one of our partner universities during your last year.

and work-study

The Grande École Program is also a professionalizing program that allows students to acquire up to 3 year of work experience.

Internships every year

 In the 1st Year
8 to 12-week of sales consulting internship or community service internship
In the 2nd Year
8 to 12-week of internship in a start-up or in the field of political and influence communication
In the 3rd Year
6-month internship, necessarily abroad
In the 4th Year
4 to 6-month of specialization internship
In the 5th Year
4 to 6-month internship at the end of studies

Career Center

Whether you are looking for an internship, a work-study program, a job, or simply advice, our Career Center is there to help you. Throughout your studies, you will benefit from its many services: interview preparation, CV proofreading, recruitment forums, speaking workshops, image management, management of professional social networks...etc

The possibility of doing the master’s cycle in apprenticeship

A remunerated work contract, tuition fees paid by the host company, longer professional experience before the end of your studies: work-study programs have many advantages. It is a choice you can make for the master's cycle, regardless of your major and your campus.

Career opportunities

by specialisation


  • Product Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Head of e-marketing/e-business
  • Director of direct marketing/trade marketing/merchandising
  • Research Fellow
  • Sales Engineer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Administrator

Finance, Audit & Control

  • Financial analyst
  • Property manager
  • Financial controller
  • Internal / external auditor
  • Financial asset manager
  • Risk manager
  • Mergers & acquisitions advisor
  • Wealth management consultant...

International Business & Supply Chain

  • Account manager
  • Crédit manager
  • Responsable des approvisionnements, responsable logistique
  • Responsable transports
  • Gestionnaire du système d’information

International Management

  • International account manager
  • Responsable de zone import-export
  • Acheteur international
  • Responsable d’implantation à l’étranger

Human Resources Management

  • HR Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Training Coordinator
  • Head of Internal Communications
  • Recruitment manager in a firm or company
  • Head of Mobility...


  • Operations Manager
  • Business founder or buyer
  • Intrapreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant in business creation
  • Business developer
  • Growth Manager

Fees and

Tuition fees

1st year entry :

  • €10 500 per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 700 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

Entry to 2nd year :

  • €9 900  per year, if paid in full (excluding double degree fees)
  • €10 100 per year, if paid in instalments (excluding double degree fees)

Work-study programmes to fund your studies

In the Master's program, you have the option of following your program in a sandwich course. This option allows you to finance part of your studies while receiving a salary and employee status. Depending on your situation, two types of contracts can be offered: the apprenticeship contract or the professionalization contract.

IPAG Scholarships

Excellence Scholarship

50% off tuition fees for the first year is granted:

  • to all students who have passed the baccalaureate with the highest honors
  • to students on state scholarships who have passed the baccalaureate with honors

Merit Scholarship

In the form of lower tuition fees, the three best PGE students in each super promotion are rewarded each year for their excellent results to the tune of:

  • €1500 for the Valedictorian (1st best)
  • €1000 for the Salutatorian (2nd best)
  • €500 for the 3rd best of their class

Family Scholarship

A 25% discount on annual tuition fees is granted to students who have a sibling enrolled at IPAG in the Grande École program or any other program.

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% discount on tuition fees is given to all children of our graduates, regardless of the program.

CROUS Scholarships

If you are younger than 28 years old, you can benefit from a state scholarship under certain conditions. The scholarship amount is based on family income, according to a scale established each year by the Ministry of Education. These grants can be cumulated with those from IPAG.