The Students Societies

Societies and initiatives to satisfy everybody's tastes

IPAG has close to 30 associations which carry out more than a hundred projects each year

From sports, culture, humanitarian, entrepreneurial or charitable organisations, you can find the association and society that can suit you best. This vibrant associative life is a real catalyst for cohesion and personal fulfilment within the school. Each project is a new experimental ground to develop your sense of commitment and responsibility.

Social & supportive

IPAG Solidarity

IPAG Solidarity aims to educate all students around the same theme: solidarity. Not only does it involve students but also contributes to the institutions financially. (Red Cross, Telethon, Unicef...)  

Food Bank

In partnership with the Food Bank, the association volunteers to collect food from stores in the 6th district for the homeless in the neighborhood.

IPAG’MOD for Charity

IPAG’MOD for Charity challenges themselves to organise a fashion show in the heart of Paris in order to promote new designers. All proceeds are donated to charities.


HANDI’PAG is committed to raise awareness among young people, especially students, about the integration of disabled people into the professional sector. 

Les Petits Cuistots

The association Les Petits Cuistots provides cooking classes for hospitalised children. These actions are conducted in collaboration with top chefs and in partnership with supermarket chains.

cHeer uP

cHeer uP  is a coalition of 14 associations aiming to support adolescents and young adults with cancer on their most important projects. Each year, they organise a lots of events to raise fundings.  


Beaut’IPAG Arranges hairdressing, make-up and wellness workshops with professionals. All profits are entirely donated to a charity that organizes care and beauty workshops for women with cancer.


Papyboom promotes activities and entertainment in retirement homes in order to maintain the link between generations.


Social IPAG

Social IPAG  aims to provide services to the community without any age barrier. The actions carried out revolve mainly around accompanying sick children in the realisation of their dreams, cooking classes, visits to the elderly or the organisation of events to raise funds for charities.

Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco

The association Les Anges gardiens de Monaco regularly carries out actions to help homeless people locally. 

Cuisines du Monde

Cuisines du Monde works with the Nice's Le Fourneau Economique oeuvre in order to offer a complete meal to the most needy for a symbolic €1. 

IPAG Animal Care

IPAG Animal Care aime to help stray pets. The goal of the association is find a home for needy animals, collect money to support them, and raise awareness in society.

Student Life


GLOBAL’IPAG was founded to help international students to become part of the school through a sponsorship system and the organisation of numerous events.

Expat’en Toute Tranquillité

Expat’en Toute Tranquillité prepares and supports future 3rd year students regarding their expatriation.


IPAGuide is a guide to the capital's every corner of the city for foreign students, with good addresses and useful tips.


GreenSchool aims to promote ecology and sustainable development within the school through thematic events, collections, conferences or exhibitions.

La Fédération des Assos

Its purpose is to help, federate and optimise the actions that will be carried out during the year within the associative network of the IPAG Business School.



Equipag takes part in the famous EDHEC cruise race and the CCE Trophée Terre, one of the biggest sports events in Europe. This multi-sport race (mountain biking, kayaking, orienteering, running, shooting and roping events...) allows 150 teams of 3 to 5 students to compete in extraordinary events.

IPAG 4L Trophy

IPAG 4L Trophy is a car rally-raid exclusively for students and run by nearly 3,000 participants. This race is based on three main aspects: completing the stages, helping Moroccan children and respecting the environment, all of which is done on board a 4L Renault.

L’IPAG Golf Trophy

IPAG Golf Trophy hosts an entire golf tournament involving students and professionals from the business sphere.

IPAG Soccer Cup

IPAG Soccer Cup organises a 5-a-side football tournament (inter-schools and companies) to benefit a charity.

Bureau Des Sports

Its aim is to develop sporting life in the IPAG by offering you various activities through competitions or friendly encounters.

IPAG Motorcycle

Its aim is to gather motorcycle lovers, but also people who are interested or simply curious.

IPAG Pétanque

IPAG Pétanque is working with the different associations of the school while sharing our values of friendliness, integration, sharing and team cohesion.


Ipa’Gaming gathers around the same project, a group of Ipagian video game enthusiasts. Ipa'Gaming organises events inside and outside IPAG.

Business & Entrepreneurship

IPAG Junior Conseil

The skills acquired by the students are at the disposal of the companies. The missions assigned include various fields: marketing, finance, sales.

Club Finance

Financial events: conferences, challenges, discovery of the Monegasque financial centre, etc.

Afterwork Professionnel

Meetings with students, professionals and graduates in several themes.

Culture, Art & Digital


IPAG Chef tends to promote gastronomy through tastings and culinary workshops within the IPAG.

IPAG Wine not

IPAG Wine Not offers cultural and convivial moments around oenology. It also offers its contribution to projects implemented by other associations.  

IPAG Photo Club

IPAG Photo Club initiates actions and organizes a photo competition to promote photography at school. The association also ensures the visual coverage of the events set up by the students.

Lou Pais Nissart

Lou Pais Nissart arranges activities in nature to discover the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

IPAG Cinéma

IPAG Cinéma creates animations centered around cinema: cinema debate evening, preview invitations...

IPAG Théâtre

IPAG Théâtre gather passionates around building relationships with theatres, putting on a play and participating in student festivals. Each year, the society participates at the Student Theatre Festival in Grasse.

Journal de l'IPAG

The IPAG Journal writes a digital journal about the life of the school: testimonies of expat students, work-study programs, student life events, current events etc.

Bureau des Arts (BDA)

The BDA's mission is to disseminate a certain form of artistic sensitivity within the school and introduce art, in all its forms, to as many people as possible.


Mispag organises concerts, meetings with industry professionnals and aims to reveal new talents thanks to the end-of-year contest organised each year.