How to become a data scientist?

06 Oct 2022


Faced with huge amounts of data, companies are increasingly turning to data scientists to analyse them. Data scientists are experts in data analysis and are able to bring out usable information from data to meet the various needs of a company. The job of data scientist requires a high level of technical skills. Find out about the educational pathway to become a data scientist with IPAG Online.

What is a data scientist?

Data scientists, which are also known as Big Data engineers or data miners, specialise in the management and in-depth analysis of data. They process, develop, model and interpret data to put them to effective use and enable decision-making. Their role involves defining indicators that make it possible to meet challenges faced by companies.

Using their expertise in computing and statistics, they develop analysis algorithms and build predictive models based on machine learning (or automatic learning). By identifying trends, these experts are able to detect the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. Data scientists therefore play a key role in corporate strategies. They have the ability to create value from large amounts of data gathered, by making predictions to identify market opportunities.

Why become a data scientist?

While this is a relatively new profession, data scientist profiles are in high demand: According to IBM, there were 2.7 million data scientist positions to be filled around the world between 2018 and 2020 With many companies pursuing digital transformation, data science expertise has been in high demand in recent years, in many sectors of the economy, including industry, finance, insurance, food processing and retail.

Still today, very few people are trained for the profession of data scientist. The expertise and technical skills of a data scientist make their profile attractive to recruiters. Their function plays a crucial role for decision-makers, who must base their strategic decisions on reliable statistical indicators. The accuracy of their data analysis enables improvement of the overall performance of a company.

What are the skills needed to become a data scientist?

Data scientists must hold all the essential technical skills needed for the job, including data analysis, computing languages, statistics, database management and many others.

These computing and maths experts are fluent in the various programming languages (Python, R, Java) needed to process data. When it comes to designing algorithms and predictive models, they are able to use artificial intelligence technologies like machine learning and deep learning. They also have solid knowledge of decision-making database architecture and the various operating systems.

In addition to these professional skills, the job of data scientist requires specific qualities like an ability to communicate and teach, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and a taste for innovation. Data scientists need to have good interpersonal skills to be able to explain their work to colleagues.

How much can a data scientist earn?

According to the French association for executive employment (Apec), the average salary for a data scientist is between €2700 and 3100 per month for a master’s graduate. However, their remuneration will also largely depend on their experience, their ability to design powerful and effective algorithms, and their company’s business sector. For an experienced data scientist, the annual salary can range from €50K to 60K.

Our courses to become a data scientist

A masters-level qualification is required to access data scientist positions. Data scientists are generally graduates of engineering schools, IT or statistics schools and business schools.

To prepare yourself for new digital professions, including that of data scientist, the IPAG Online business school offers a MSc Manager of Digital Transformation, with an entirely online course and a work-study course.


Work-study course to become a data scientist

The MSc Manager of Digital Transformation work-study course provides future managers with strong skills in areas such as project coordination, strategic management, data analysis and digital innovation. Learning is based on core classes to develop the basic skills, as well as specialisation and work experience.


Online course to become a data scientist

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