How to choose your online training?

06 May 2021


Faced with the sheer size and diversity of online training offers, whether professional or not, it is not always easy to find your way around. Here are a few tips to help you choose a distance learning course that suits you perfectly.

What is e-learning?

This type of training allows learners to follow their education at a distance and sometimes to obtain a diploma, a professional title certified by the RNCP or a professional qualification by freeing themselves, by definition, from the obligation to attend face-to-face training. From one distance learning course to another, the teaching methods may differ and learning may be synchronous, asynchronous or mixed. The main advantage of distance learning remains its flexibility and the possibility for learners to adapt their training pathway, either for convenience or in order to train while also carrying out a professional activity.

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Who is the online training for?

A few years ago, e-learning and distance courses were the preserve of adult education and continuing professional education organisations. But today, the training offer has evolved and many initial courses, particularly from the Grandes Écoles, are offered in online version or specifically designed for distance learning, as is the case at IPAG with the "IPAG Online" courses. Online training will therefore be of interest to employees undergoing professional retraining, job seekers, executives wishing to acquire new skills or students continuing their initial training in higher education.

Which online course to choose? The criteria for choosing...

The content of the e-learning programme

First of all, take the time to think about your professional project and your objectives (to retrain, to improve, to develop your skills, etc.) and check that they coincide with those of the planned course. Beware, you will sometimes find little information on certain online courses, with no details on the training modules, professional integration, learner follow-up or the teaching methods used. Generally, a serious training organisation or a reputable institution such as IPAG clearly indicates all this information about its distance learning courses on its website or online brochures. Whatever your training project, do not hesitate to ask questions by e-mail or to call to obtain as much information as possible.

Diploma or certification training?

Not all types of online training lead to a degree or certification that is valuable to recruiters. Some short courses may well allow you to acquire interesting skills, but they may only give you a very limited competitive advantage on the job market. Therefore, give preference to training courses leading to a certificate or diploma from a Grandes Écoles or recognised organisations. For example, an MSc online from IPAG is a Bac+5 course, a level 7 RNCP title.

Learner follow-up

It is also important to be aware that following a distance learning course, especially when it is of long duration, requires certain qualities in the learner, in particular a great capacity to work independently. When you choose this type of training, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to learn, to feel supported by a dedicated teaching team or tutor. At IPAG, a tailor-made Digital Learning Framework® is provided for all students following an online course.

The cost of the training

Fees vary considerably from one course to another. They depend on the level of the training, the level of the diplomas or certifications obtained, the reputation of the organisation or institution, the quality of the trainers and teachers, the duration of the training or the quality of the follow-up of the students. Beware of overpriced offers, as some platforms are simply libraries of content rather than real organisations. You can have your training financed by your company, your regional council, Pôle Emploi, use your CPF (Personal Training Account) or opt for a sandwich course, as it is possible to do at IPAG.

The 4 MSc IPAG Online

From the beginning of the academic year 2021, the IPAG Online training offer will include 4 MSc :

  • Marketing & Data Analysis
  • Data Management & Business Intelligence
  • UX Design & Digital Business
  • Digital Entrepreneur & Project Management

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