Why and how to study abroad in Paris?

09 Jan 2020


Whether you want to pursue an international career or not, going to study abroad  can be a springboard to make your professional career aspirations a reality. It’s also a low risk way to try living abroad as a student, and where would you rather be than Paris? Study abroad in Paris is a great opportunity for students in terms of career development and cultural development.

Why go to study abroad?

Students from all around the world will study abroad in Paris for their bachelors or master’s degree. International study in a world renowned European city can provide many advantages to interested students: 

  • Open up to culture, there’s always something to learn and discover when you move to a new country, students that study abroad in Paris can enjoy an immersive experience to French life.
  • Get out of your comfort zone, going on an adventure can be beneficial both for your career and your personal life. Indeed, the courage and independence of moving abroad will be greatly appreciated by your future recruiters.
  • Learn a language, whether it is a study trip or during one or more  internships abroad, this experience can also serve as a  language  trip by helping you improve your language level. While Paris is a multicultural city, it’s best to learn how to communicate at least at a basic level in French.
  • Develop your international professional network, studying abroad in Paris allows you to build up a large professional network that can facilitate your search for internships and employment in the future, especially if you wish to pursue an international career.

How to study abroad in France?

There are many reasons to study abroad, and the advantages are well established. However, moving to a new country takes planning.  You’ll need to consider the Erasmus exchange program, the Turing scheme, partner universities, financial aid, study grants, student visas, and student housing. To study as an international student at IPAG Business School, simply choose a course, register your email address, and complete the application file as instructed. See below for our English-Speaking courses based in Paris:

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