How to successfully find a job?

06 Feb 2020

Interview with a smiling student

Shaping one's career and professional project is a mission in which all students in post-graduate studies are involved. When they choose their training, their professional experiences, their business schools, they have only one objective in the end: to make a place for themselves on the job market. Competitive or non-competitive sectors of activity, here are a few keys to successful professional insertion!


Multiply experiences to be successful in your professional insertion


A graduate unfamiliar with the reality of the professional workplace and who has never put his theoretical knowledge into practice will be less attractive in the eyes of a recruiter than a student who already has at least one professional experience to his credit from his studies. Professionalisation during your course of study, such as internships or the choice to go through vocational training or work-linked training, is a real asset in your career path.

Indeed, these professional experiences justify your ability to put your learned skills into practice, your capacity to adapt, but also your investment in building a clear professional project, all of which significantly improves your employability. One of the other major benefits of entering working life quickly, even as a student, is the learning both professionally and personally that comes with it. This type of experience not only trains you but also helps you understand more clearly your current and future career path.


Contact a job placement advisor


To define one's professional project, to prepare a job interview, to write a cover letter or an application letter, to choose one's orientation, to find out more about the jobs and opportunities in a program or specialisation... are all problems that one can encounter as a student. That's why, if you are in one of these situations, we strongly recommend that you contact a counsellor who will be able to help you.

At the IPAG Business School, our Career Center conducts workshops throughout the year to guide students by providing them with all the keys to smoothly join the professional world and find a job in their field as soon as they graduate. You should know that 99% of our graduates are hired in less than 6 months! 

The IPAG Career Center also provides you with an individual coaching to help you in your internship hunt, in the preparation of your recruitment interview, in the research of a host company for work-based training courses, etc.


Building a professional network


The success of your vocational integration also involves building up a strong professional network. Having a broad network is one of the most recommended techniques to find a job, an internship or a work-study program. To do this, you have several tools at your disposal to fill in your address book:

  • Social networks, and in particular the best known in this field, LinkedIn, will put you in touch with many professionals and potential recruiters.
  • Your school's alumni association, which is made up of your school's graduates, allows you to see the possible careers after graduation but also to get in touch with professionals with whom you share the same values.
  • Your personal and professional network, consisting of your family, your circle of acquaintances, your friends, can also be a source of professional opportunities.


Planning and organising your job search


For a successful professional insertion, you must have a solid professional background, i.e. refine your professional project to know where to go, where to look, how to direct your search and above all how to go about facilitating insertion in the field of your choice.

Of course, your professional life will not be all mapped out in advance and may even be marked by different career paths (sometimes even a back-to-school experience!)... nevertheless, it is essential to have a clear idea of your current career orientation to identify the keys to success in order to orient you towards a position adapted to your profile and find a stable job. This is why we insist on the need to build your professional project, especially during your studies.

Once you have defined your project, you can then target the sectors and companies suitable for it, as well as the positions in line with your professional ambitions. Finally, you will find the necessary tools for selecting your application: spontaneous applications, contact via professional social networks, response to a specific offer, etc. Finally, don't forget to show perseverance and determination: follow up with recruiters to get an answer and feedback on your application.


Carefully preparing applications for a successful entry into the professional world


As a conclusion, our last and indispensable recommendation to facilitate professional integration in the job market is to take care of your applications: customise them by adapting your letters and CVs according to the targeted company. You can also put your personal project and your life plans forward which can justify your skills in the professional world. Whether you are aiming for a large, medium or small company, the attention you will give to the position you are applying for should be reflected in your application.