How do distance learning courses work and how can we adapt to them?

24 Aug 2022


How can you learn and acquire new skills when you cannot travel? Distance learning (or e-learning) is the ideal solution for anyone who has a day job, who is not geographically located or when health conditions require it. Today, a variety of distance learning courses in all fields are offered by many institutions, such as IPAG Online.

What is a distance learning course?

A distance learning course is a way of learning and developing knowledge in a relatively autonomous way, without constraints of time and travel. It consists of taking courses without having to go to a school to attend face-to-face classes. With remote support from people and resources (digital or paper), e-learning is a means of training, accessing professional training and validating a degree at a distance.

What are the advantages of distance learning courses?

E-learning has many advantages, such as flexibility and adaptability. Indeed, e-learning allows you to manage your schedule according to your availability. It is an interesting solution, particularly for those who want to take courses in addition to their professional activity, but also for those who are abroad or who cannot travel. Unlike face-to-face teaching, there are no physical, time or geographical constraints. Thanks to the individual or group training modules, everyone learns and works at their own pace.

With the various 100% online Masters of Science offered by IPAG, you no longer need to adapt to schedules. This method of learning also becomes a richness, because it allows collaborations and meetings, otherwise impossible, in France, but also abroad. Before embarking on a distance learning course, note that it involves a great deal of adaptation in the way you learn and that you must be particularly motivated to succeed.

How does a distance learning course work?

The distance learner receives the courses in paper or digital form. To facilitate learning, students log on to the digital workspace to follow the courses at a distance. Several digital tools are available such as platform courses, animated modules (MOOC), videos, tutoring sessions by videoconference, in order to offer learners the possibility to communicate and interact with teachers. This new pedagogy makes it possible to learn anywhere and at any time.

Even if the future graduate is in complete autonomy during the distance learning courses, he or she is not left behind. During distance learning courses, the learner must complete exercises and exams, which are then corrected by the teaching staff. At the same time, it is necessary to organise oneself between everyday life and the distance learning class. Distance learning courses require a certain amount of investment over time. Defining a work schedule is the best way to obtain your distance learning diploma.

What courses are covered by distance learning?

A large number of courses and specialities can be taught at a distance, at any level (CAP, bachelor, and up to bac+5). It is important to note that some online courses lead to a degree, while others enable you to obtain a professional qualification or recognised skills. Not all of these studies take place over the same period of time. Depending on the type of course or speciality, they may last a few hours, days, months or even a year.

To follow a distance learning course, you have the possibility of applying to all sorts of establishments: private or public training bodies, universities, engineering schools, business schools, etc... Depending on your choice of training and your future career plans, a wide range of options is available to you to choose a school specialising in the desired sector. Discover all the 100% online Bachelors of Science courses offered by IPAG, a school focused on digital.

Distance learning courses with IPAG Online

Dedicated to digital learning, IPAG Online represents the agility of distance learning, the excellence and the pedagogical values of a major business school. We propose training offers based on upskilling and reskilling.

This trend adapts to the evolution of learning needs by offering distance learning courses that can be accessed from home, from the workplace or even while travelling. This training, digital learning and blended learning offer ensures that future graduates have a flexible and tailored learning experience to help them succeed.

Distance learning courses provide skills to a wide and heterogeneous audience in a context where face-to-face training can be an obstacle. Whether you are an active person wishing to specialise, an international student or a student changing careers, IPAG Online provides training for various professions in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, management and many others. Finally, we help you choose your online training.