What is a Business Administration Degree (BBA)

02 Dec 2020

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Across France and Europe, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course has well established its place in the course offerings of the top business schools. But what is it and why are so many students opting for it for their Bachelors degree?.

Defining a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

In France and the USA, a BBA is a Bachelor’s degree that typically takes 4 years. However, to compete with European universities such as in the UK, some higher education schools such as IPAG Business School stand out by offering a 3-year BBA study option.

A BBA aims to prepare students in a range of topics and subjects around business and international management. This often includes modules on Economics, Human Resources, Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Intercultural Management and Logistics. However, at IPAG, in the third year of our BBA course, we allow students to select a specialisation to further their knowledge in a particular area of their choosing. This includes Advanced International Business Law, International HR Management, Marketing Tourism, and Treasury & International Risk Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Why get a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree?

As a Bachelor course option, a BBA is a great choice as it will fully prepare you for a variety of practical career paths. Getting a degree is a great choice for anyone looking to progress in their career, learn new skills and meet new people. But doing a business focused Bachelors will make your time studying that much more relevant for the majority of business related jobs when you enter the workforce.

This is even more true for graduates with a BBA, as it’s a highly recognised qualification which covers a broad range of topics. Many students that opt for a BBA strive to become managers in a range of industries and roles. Many of IPAG’s students go on to start their own businesses after graduating, so it’s ideal for students interested in entrepreneurship.


What do you learn with a BBA course?

At IPAG, BBA students not only obtain a globally respected degree from a leading French business school, but they also have the possibility of obtaining a Bachelor of Honours from the University of South Wales or the Nottingham Business School as part of our joint degree programme option.

BBA students will acquire professional experience alongside their academic studies, since internships are generally provided each year. At IPAG, our BBA students can spend up to 18 months on an internship throughout the course to learn on the job and strengthen their employability for the professional world.


What are the opportunities after a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree?

After graduation, students have two options; to continue their education to masters level qualifications or to enter the workforce. For those who wish to obtain a Master's level diploma, a BBA gives students the opportunity to either continue with the MBA programme, to apply for a place on the Grande École Programme, or to choose a specialised MSc (Master of Science). Graduates of a BBA are also well-equipped to find work abroad after graduating.

In terms of popular career pathways, a Business Administration degree offers many opportunities including:

  • International Development Officer
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing project manager
  • Product manager
  • Web project manager
  • Entrepreneur

Learn more about the BBA at IPAG Business School, and the benefits of studying at our Nice campus and Paris campus in France.

Finding the Right BBA Course for You

Who is a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree for?

The BBA (business administration degree) is a great option for international students looking to begin an international career, or start their own business as entrepreneurs. Additionally, at IPAG all BBA courses are taught in English, so this is quite a popular choice for fluent English speakers from around the world.

How do you know if a BBA course is right for you?

The right BBA course for you will consider a range of factors included the school hosting the programme, the travel and work opportunities, if it’s English speaking for international students, where the course is based, how long it is and any specialisations offered.

Ideally a 3-year course in a respected institution are the most popular criteria. But you should consider your prospects and lifestyle during, and after you’ve obtained the degree to make the best decision for you.


Where can I do a BBA?

You can do your BBA in most top level universities across the world. However, it’s typical for students to seek out 3 year course options in Europe. France is a great location to gain your BBA degree due to its range of highly regarded business schools offering competitive BBA courses.

Learn more about the BBA at IPAG Business School, and the benefits of studying at our Nice campus and Paris campus in France.