Why IPAG is one of the Best Business Schools in Europe

31 Aug 2022


At IPAG, our teaching programs are created by PhD researchers as well as entrepreneurs, managers, and CEOs who all share a real passion for business. We have also cultivated a network of 130 education institutions, with campuses around the world, to partner with to provide a range of great international study options for our students. In this article, find out why IPAG is regarded as one of the top business schools in Europe according to national and international rankings.

IPAG Business School’s Rankings

  • IPAG is now ranked 9th in France among the best academic institutions for research in Economics and Finance, according to Research.com.
  • The 2022 Figaro Ranking awarded our Master's degree among the top 5 in France.
  • IPAG has been included in the prestigious Shanghai School Rankings for 6 years in a row and is among the top 300 business schools in research worldwide.
  • The U.S. News website ranked IPAG number 220 this year in Economics and Business among international business schools.

Why is IPAG Business School one of the best?

IPAG was founded in 1965 by Jacques Rueff, a top economic advisor to General De Gaulle (a former national statesman during and after World War 2). To this day, we continue to strive for excellence.

One of the key benefits of studying with IPAG is that our students also have ample opportunity to participate in exchange programs and internships around the world to help them study abroad. Thanks to our large network of partner universities, IPAG offers students the possibility to study at the University of Berkeley (USA) for a summer session, in Kunming University (China) for a semester, or any other one of our 130 partner universities.

We are absolutely convinced that the best way for our students to understand the richness and the diversity of the world is by getting totally immersed in a foreign country during a semester, internship or course. We specialise in helping students achieve international study in Europe and around the world.


Our Teaching Methods

Our approach to academic and professional training

All of our teacher-researchers are PhD holders and their expertise has been recognised thanks to their research work. Because we believe knowledge should go beyond the theoretical, IPAG faculty members include managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Through sharing their experiences and knowledge with our students, they enable them to apply academic concepts to real-world situations. Our curriculums also focus on putting academic knowledge into practice in real world context and situations. This will better prepare our students for a career in their respective field.

Our vision and mission to be a top business school

At IPAG we focus on helping students to apply their knowledge through internships or apprenticeships in top companies so that they can graduate with great work experience and an extensive industry network. This means that IPAG graduates enter the job market as competitive candidates.

Not only that, but we aim to stay forward-thinking within our courses and teachings, to address the modern environment of each subject. Whether that means training on sustainability challenges, new regulations and technology, or ethics on current practices.


We’re based in France

Paris Campuses

Our historical Parisian campus is in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, one of the capital's most important cultural and intellectual centres. A brand new 5,000 square metre campus opened in the 15th borough of Paris in 2021.
The campus is equipped with a media library, co-working rooms, cafeterias and gyms. Rooftop beehives and an organic garden is part of the building. With this new campus just five minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, IPAG aims to give its students access to the best education in the heart of Paris.
Not only that, but Paris is a big attraction in Europe for both business and leisure. Students jump at the opportunity to live in Paris through their studies. Not only can they access the rich culture, attractions and lifestyle, but Paris is also home to many of the top luxury brands across a variety of industries. So it’s a great place to both live, study and work.


Nice Campus

Opened in 1989 and located in the heart of Nice (South of France), this campus welcomes more than 1,000 students of over 40 nationalities. Amenities include two large theatres, a garden, a cafeteria and a terrace to enjoy the sun all-year round.
Nice is a great place to study. Not only is it a great destination to live, but it’s also well-placed to travel across the rest of Europe when the summer term begins. It’s known as an ideal place for academic and professional development opportunities abound in this region due to its large population of students.

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Life as an international student with us

At IPAG, we aim to provide the best experience for our international students, so their experience is as easy and memorable as possible. That’s why we have a wide range of services specifically to assist international students, such as our housing service, which is entirely dedicated to help you find accommodation in France with support. We also have developed funding options to finance your studies, which is also available for international students.

International students have plenty of English-Speaking course options available at IPAG Business school in both our Paris and Nice campus. We also provide international travel opportunities within these courses. For example, our five-year Grande École Programme allows you to graduate with a dual international Master’s degree, both from IPAG and one of our partner universities in the US, the UK or Russia. Alternatively, you can study the Grande École Programme through the American Track programme. On this course, at the end of the first year, students have the opportunity to attend a 6-week summer session at the University of California, Berkeley.

Moreover, you can benefit from a wide network of 13 500 alumni around the world, ready to assist you during your transition into professional working life. Once a graduate of IPAG, you’ll not only have a degree, but travel experience, work experience, and a full network of like-minded individuals in your industry. This is to best help you succeed in your chosen career paths.

Applying at IPAG Business School as an international student

At IPAG, you can study a range of English-speaking courses at our Paris and Nice campuses. Simply follow the steps here to apply as an international student with us.