Top 5 reasons to study a Finance Master's degree in France

20 Sep 2022


The finance sector has been increasingly important over the past few decades, as decentralised finance is on the brink of becoming the next big technological outbreak. It's no wonder finance studies are attracting more and more students each year. We’re regularly asked if ‘France is good for Masters in finance?’ So we’ve put together a guide on the top 5 reasons France is the place to study finance.

Respected international education

France is the 3rd best country in the world for undergraduate and postgraduate studies according to Shanghai Ranking. French universities are at the forefront of innovation, especially in mathematics, science and finance.

French business schools are highly esteemed by the international academic sector and offer students a world-class selection of business and finance courses. As students learn and specialise in their chosen field, they acquire the necessary skills to become successful professionals.

A French Master’s in finance provides students access to roles such as Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Investment Banker, or Financial Advisor in the country of their choice.

Low tuition fees  

With our government providing grants to a wide array of finance schools and finance universities in France, studying here can be far more affordable than in the United States or the United Kingdom, respectively number one and two in international rankings.

Taking courses in one of the four biggest French cities, i.e. Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, or Marseille could be more expensive than in second-tier areas. In many cases, however, state-funded education can cover most of the cost of students’ education.

Connect to the rest of the world with a Master’s in finance in France  

The various scholarship opportunities and the affordable tuition fees make France a very attractive destination for young people. With up to 400,000 international students coming from five different continents, France is one of the top academic environments in the world.

Master’s in Finance in France are usually taught in English, but lectures in French are also available to francophone speakers or to those who simply want to improve their language level. Another valuable skill to put on your resume, since French is the world’s fifth most widely spoken language!

Study finance in France and enjoy the European way of life 

The magic of studying abroad not only provides you with the best possible diploma, it will also give you the chance to delve into new cultures.

You could be walking on streets where buildings are several hundred years old, or easily have access to ancient and modern arts in museums and exhibitions. France is a country where famous wines, 500+ sorts of cheese and macarons are almost at your fingertips!

If you want to travel during your studies, wherever you are in France, you will never be too far away from a sunny seaside or beautiful snowy mountains. Being at the crossroad of North, South and East Europe, you will only be a few hours away from a variety of amazing countries to visit.

Easy visa procedure  

Visa conditions and procedures vary according to your citizenship. Procedures are simplified for students from the EU, EEA (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway) or Switzerland who will not need to apply for a student visa. Students of other nationalities have to submit a visa application to study in France. The procedure, nonetheless, is relatively simple. You can find further guidance on the French government website.


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