IPAG X LinkedIn Learning: training that meets students’ needs as closely as possible

03 Mar 2022


A few months ago, IPAG entered into a partnership with LinkedIn that will allow all of its students to access the platform’s catalogue of 15,000 original training modules, in seven languages.

This initiative, led by the school’s Digital Learning Centre, is in line with several of IPAG’s teaching aims:

  • Enable students to personalize their training, to meet their individual needs as closely as possible;
  • Allow students to follow courses remotely and independently, based on an ATAWAD (Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device) approach;
  • Encourage students to achieve recognised professional qualifications right from the start of their course;
  • Help students stand out from the competition when applying for their first internships or work-study placements.

Six months following the beginning of the partnership, an initial assessment with figures has just been released. For Thomas Hervouet-Kasmi, Digital Learning Centre Manager, “the results are very encouraging, as more than 2000 students have activated their account and nearly half of them have followed a LinkedIn Learning course since September last year.” Communication, Marketing Strategy, Interpersonal Communication, Project Management and Digital Marketing are currently the most popular topics among students.

According to feedback gathered by the school, these additional online training modules can be useful at different levels and at all stages of a student’s learning path. A few examples:

  • Inès, a student in the third year of the Grande École Programme, followed a 6-hour BtoB Commerce course in German to prepare for her end-of-year internship at a company in Bavaria;
  • Antonin, a student in the second year of a Communication and Digital Marketing Bachelor’s, earned a qualification in SEO and Natural Referencing with the aim of improving his CV and joining a major Parisian communication firm after graduating;
  • Sarah, a student in the fifth year of the Grande École Programme, is following an 8-hour module entitled ‘Developing Leadership as a Manager’ in order to prepare to move into a managerial role following her work-study placement.

In the coming weeks, this initiative will be bolstered by individual assistance to help students choose their training courses, provided by the school’s Careers Centre. The aim is to help their CVs stand out right from the beginning of their studies.