A new partnership to promote access to higher education

04 Oct 2019


IPAG and Chemins d’avenirs have just signed a partnership to promote access for young people in peripheral France to graduate studies in management.

Because of their geographic location, young people in rural areas and small towns face additional challenges in finding their path. Long forgotten about equal opportunities, they lack information about the opportunities available to them. Deep self-censorship sometimes prevents them from projecting as far as they could.

In order to encourage young people's access to higher education in business, IPAG is committed, humanly and financially, to the Chemins d'avenirs association. IPAG will grant all young people who are part of the association's program a significant discount on their tuition fees.

IPAG will also provide Chemins d’avenir twenty sponsors, alumni and staff, who will accompany for eighteen months young people interested in pursuing studies in business school.

IPAG is finally committed, as it has always done, to help students continue their studies in apprenticeship from the 4th year to reduce the cost.

This partnership is a new concrete manifestation of IPAG's commitment to providing access to quality higher education for all, beyond the specific arrangements already in place for students in the school.