What training is required to become a content manager?

16 Jan 2023


Are you interested in the fields of writing, communication and marketing? The job of content manager may be of interest to you. A strategic position in digital marketing, the content manager manages the creation and distribution of high value-added content. Role, missions, skills, training, salary... Take a look at the job of content manager with IPAG Business School.



What is a content manager?

The content manager, also called content manager, is in charge of the production and management of content specific to a company, while respecting the client's marketing strategy. His role is halfway between the community manager and the editorial manager. This expert wears several hats and is capable of working on both editorial and digital missions.

What are the tasks of a content manager?

The content manager's job offers a fairly broad field of action. One of the main tasks of this web professional is to design a content strategy that best meets the company's marketing objectives. He or she must know how to identify the target audience in order to adapt the content to the user's preferences and make it effective.

They also supervise a team dedicated to writing by organising and planning the tasks related to the creation of content in-house. He/she checks the editorial quality of the content before publication and ensures that the company's editorial line is used correctly. After the publication of the various contents, the content manager measures the performance with the help of monitoring tools in order to adjust the content strategy.

Throughout his or her tasks, the content manager works with various intermediaries such as the marketing manager, the webmaster, and the web editor in order to optimally manage the web content.

What are the key skills in content management?

In order to carry out their missions successfully, content managers must demonstrate professional skills and multiple aptitudes.

On the technical side, the content manager has a good knowledge of marketing research techniques, SEO tools, data analysis, traffic acquisition levers, web code (HTML/CSS) and writing methods. They must be able to combine their writing skills with the requirements of the web by mastering natural referencing. Indeed, this expert has the basics of SEO in order to conduct effective keyword research to optimise content.

The conent manager is required to work in many areas of the web and on various communication media, which is why a good general knowledge, mastery of social networks and rigour in project management are necessary qualities for success in this position.

In terms of personal qualities, good interpersonal skills, listening skills and the ability to work as part of a team are essential for interacting with all the staff involved in these projects. Rigour and organisation are essential to be able to manage several projects, and to steer various editorial strategies and content calendars. The content manager must be creative, curious and versatile in order to take initiatives and develop new ideas. A good command of English is also a plus in an international context.



What training is required to become a content manager?

To become a content manager, it is preferable to have a degree in marketing, communication, digital or journalism. This job is accessible to all graduates of university and business school courses, preferably with a digital option. But it is also possible to become a content manager with another university degree. For this type of position, recruiters pay more attention to the content already produced and references than to the degree itself.

IPAG offers the Digital Marketing Master's degree for students wishing to become content managers. This course allows students to acquire the skills, tools and techniques essential to the exercise of the new digital professions. It is also possible to follow this type of training online with the MSc Digital Marketing. This diploma provides training in the latest developments in e-reputation, e-commerce, customer loyalty, web marketing and web trends so that you can be operational as soon as you enter the job market.

What are the possible career paths for a content manager?

After a few years of experience, the content manager can move up to a position with high responsibility such as digital marketing manager, brand manager, social media manager, editorial director or digital communication manager.

What is the salary of a content manager?

After graduating, a junior content manager earns a salary of between €30k and €34k per year. With up to 5 years of experience, a senior content manager earns a salary of around €40k. For a senior profile, the salary can reach up to 50 k€ or even 60 k€ per year.

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