Why getting a MBA?

16 Sep 2019


The Master Of Business Administration (MBA), a degree recognised for its international reputation, is aimed at students with a bachelor level qualification. But why should you choose an MBA for your master’s course over an MSc?

With an MBA, you’ll have an internationally recognised degree

Graduates of MBA school programs benefit from the professional focus of the course, which better prepares students for the international job market. Moreover, MBA courses are often taught entirely in English in universities all around the world. Even our MBA course, which is based in Paris, is taught in English. The theoretical aspect of the course also prepares students for all the issues that a business manager working internationally may encounter in the modern world. Appreciated by international recruiters, MBA graduates know how to meet the needs of companies while taking into account the cultural and local implications around the world.

Acquire high-level managerial skills

An MBA course allows you to acquire solid managerial skills with a focus on business management and strategy, international management, and project management. Your one or two year MBA school course also allows you to develop a global vision for companies. Graduating from an MBA attests to a very good level of knowledge in a particular field, as well as attaining general professional skills in the fields of management, business management, human resources, project management, accounting, marketing, communication, law, and more.

Employable for management roles

The opportunities, depending on the specialization of your MBA, are diverse and varied. Typically students of an MBA will seek roles such as project manager, international manager, sales director, etc. New graduates in the professional world can aspire to step into strategic management positions after their MBA business school degree. For current business executives, it allows the opportunity to acquire dual skills in their industry, but also the opportunity to boost their career and business knowledge. Ultimately, this baccalaureate level 5 diploma helps you to start your career in management positions.

Develop your international professional network

Whether you’re just finishing your bachelor degree or have been working as an executive, enrolling in an MBA business school allows you to gain new experiences and make the most of getting a higher education. Your teachers, the end-of-study internships, and extracurricular activities all allow you to increase your professional network in various fields and sectors of business. At IPAG Business School, for example, has a network of more than 11,500 alumni, providing you with numerous opportunities and business contacts all over the world. During and after your studies.

Claim a higher salary faster

In general, the higher your level of studies, the higher the salary once graduated. Holders of an MBA international business school degree (baccalaureate level 5) are often highly sought after on the job market, and have a level of education that allows them to access positions of responsibility or to negotiate their first salary. For example, the average salary for MBA graduates is always higher than those with just a bachelor level education. Particularly in the security, commodities and financial industries where MBA holders earn nearly 90% more according to BLS. Although it’s important to note that experience is a significant factor in all job earnings. Graduating with an MBA business school degree is a major asset on your CV. 

Have a wide choice of course specialisations

An MBA school course allows you to specialise in a certain expertise of your choice. For example; International Business, Brand Management, Finance, and Business Development are all specialisations that you can consider. This provides students with additional knowledge in a certain industry or role to further help them gain relevant, employable skills.

Study your MBA at IPAG

At IPAG business school, we offer a range of English MBA courses to choose from, which you can study in Paris: