Choosing from the Best Business Schools in Europe

16 Dec 2019


Today, almost all business schools want to be "international" and appeal to students considering a career abroad. However, choosing where to study in Europe it is not always the easiest decision to make. Choosing from the best business schools in Europe is more about picking the right business school and course for you. Here is our guide to help you search for the best place for your studies.

What is an International School or University?

While there isn't a perfect definition of what an “International Business School” is, there are a few clues that can point you in the right direction. In general, a large international business school will:

  • Hold accreditations recognised around the world, such as the EPAS accreditation, or appear in international education rankings like the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).
  • Offer several degree courses, including; BTS, Bachelor Program, MBA, Grande École Program and specialisation options related to international business or international management.
  • Have large network of partner universities and businesses around the world.
  • Offer courses taught in a variety of foreign languages.
  • Encourage their students to go abroad for at least one semester or term, whether for a study stay abroad or an immersion in the professional world through an internship.

Why Go To An International Business School?

The best business schools in Europe are international schools. These universities are perfect for students who wish to work abroad and gain experience working in an international environment. In short, the international courses of these business management schools open many doors for you, while allowing you to acquire skills that are highly sought after by recruiters in foreign markets. These types of schools more than earn their inclusion in the best business schools in Europe!

How to apply to an international business school?

The procedure for entering a business school of this type, for an undergraduate or master’s degree depends on the course you wish to enter.

  • In general, the BTS, Bachelors and BBA programs, are accessible after the baccalaureate, and applicants are subject to a three-step procedure with an application file, tests, and an interview.
  • The MBA or MSc programs of a major business school can be applied to with an application file and interview, which takes into account previous work experience and education qualifications.
  • Finally, to join a Grande École Program, Bac + 5 level Master degree at IPAG, you will have to go through a SESAME competition (or for post baccalaureate entry, Ambitions + for entry to Bac + 3 or Degree 4).


Why go to one of the best business schools in Europe?

Most of the time, students who obtain a Bac + 2 level diploma will continue their studies in Bac + 3 to specialise into a niche topic, and acquire professional experience before entering the job market. In the same way, graduates with an international Bachelor can also join the Master cycle such as the Grande École for a more specific knowledge of the subject area. This includes International business, International commercial management, and Marketing international, to name a few.

Degrees from international business schools offer many opportunities, depending on the level of your diploma and your choice of subject topic. Example career paths contain:

  • International Development Officer
  • Commercial import / Commercial export
  • International Affairs Officer
  • Head of international relations
  • International business development consultant.

For more information on the bachelor and master’s degrees we offer at IPAG Business School, browse our available courses and international opportunities across Europe and the world.