Why joining a business school?

02 Dec 2019


You are a high school student and wondering about your orientation? Have you thought about entering a business school after high school? Increasingly popular with students, they have many advantages, which most certainly offset their sometimes high tuition fees.


Join a business school to facilitate your employment


By joining a business school, you will have no difficulty finding a job after your graduation. The employment rate of young graduates from business schools is excellent. According to a 2018 survey, 86% of young people leaving business school found a job within 6 months, and it is often a permanent contract!

First of all, business school students have profiles that are sought after because they are known to be flexible and the quality of the courses is recognised. After 5 years at the school, they hold a master's degree or a MBA.

As soon as they are admitted, students are in contact with business school partner companies, present on a daily basis in the school thanks to professional speakers, recruitment forums, educational chairs or business games... A young graduate has already had several months of internship (mandatory) and has been able to do part of his curriculum in apprenticeship. For example, at IPAG, the 4th and 5th years of the Grande École Programme are possible in apprenticeship. This allows the student to already have solid experience, much appreciated by recruiters.

Finally, we must not disregard the importance of the network and relationships with Alumni, which can give a real boost to your career!


Opening up to the world through a business school


The best business schools offer an international dimension to their courses. At IPAG, the 3rd year of the Grande École Programme is mandatory abroad, part of the year on the campus of a partner university, and part of the year on internship abroad. Bachelor students can also study abroad.

Institutions often offer dual degrees in partnership with a foreign school or university. These are all opportunities to immerse yourself in a multicultural environment.

Posting this experience abroad is a real asset in your CV because it shows the candidate's open-mindedness and ability to adapt to a new environment. And of course, this year abroad allows you to develop foreign languages, an essential asset if you are looking for an international career.

The international dimension is also present on the campus itself, when the school welcomes foreign students, speakers and offers courses in english.


A wide choice of opportunities after a business school


Don't worry if you enrol in a business school without a very clear idea of the job you want to do later! The advantage of such training is that it offers many opportunities, and allows you to "touch a little bit of everything" before specialising.

In general, the first years are organised around a general common core then comes the time of specialisation, among human resources, management, finance, marketing, international trade, management, etc.

Even specialised, business school graduates are recognised for their great versatility and general culture, as schools encourage them to follow diversified courses in art, history, human sciences, etc.

This will give you plenty of time to think about your career plan!


The support for business school students


Many young university graduates drop out quickly because they feel drowned into the mass and regret the support they received in high school.

By joining a major school, on the contrary, you will not be "dropped" into the wilderness and you will benefit from support throughout your studies to help you build and refine your professional project.

First of all, you can be supervised by members of the administration. This is the case at IPAG Business School where students are accompanied by a coordinating professor as soon as they are admitted, regardless of their education and year of study. They are valuable advisors at every stage of their studies.

Leading business schools also do their best to help you find internships or apprenticeships, like the IPAG Career Center, which organises numerous workshops to perfect your CV and help you conduct interviews!


Go to a business school to become an entrepreneur


It is a fact: many young people in Generation Y want to become their own boss. To meet this demand, more and more business schools are opening programmes focused on entrepreneurship. In this type of programme, students develop their innovation and management skills in order to create, take over or turn around a business.

Many business schools have a start-up incubator where students can carry out their projects, with the status of student-entrepreneur. They can thus benefit from complete support in many areas (accounting, law, business model development) but also from a stimulating environment, surrounded by other entrepreneurs and professionals.


To ensure a comfortable revenue


An important detail, graduating from a business school allows you to be granted a substantial salary, while very often benefiting from the status of an executive! According to a survey conducted by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, a graduate can start at 34K gross. This figure may rise depending on the sector: for example, in finance and audit, a young person from a high school can claim an average of €35,000.

Of course, students graduating from the most prestigious schools get the highest starting revenues.

Other factors can also be taken into account: the student's career path, mobility (international jobs are obviously better paid), the type of company recruiting...

Convinced? Don’t hesitate any longer and register now for the SESAME exam, which will give you access to the IPAG Grande École Programme, post-high school diploma, without going through the preparatory study box! As an international student the enrolment process differs a little.