Study abroad grants: how to finance your studies?

06 Mar 2020

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Tuition, rent, deposits… when you’re starting your higher education, it’s important to check what you’re eligible for to help finance your studies. This is especially important when you’re an international student, as you’ll need to plan ahead for your budget and finances. We’ve detailed everything you need to know about study abroad grants, so hopefully planning for your degree won’t feel too overwhelming.

Study Abroad Grants: Erasmus+

Study abroad grants are often done via student exchange programs such as Erasmus+ for the European Union (EU) or the Turing Scheme for the UK. There are also various schemes for US citizens looking for student exchange programs to France. You can also look into regional student grants in France such as AMIE, which is an aid for international student mobility. 

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A Student Bank Loan

Similar to a consumer credit loan, the student loan is a common solution to help finance studies, and widely used by students entering a large school. This type of credit contracted with a bank allows you to borrow from €700 to €50,000 repayable over a period varying from 1 to 10 years. Some conditions are essential to be granted this type of loan:  

  • Be a student
  • Be under the age of 28 when applying for a loan
  • Be of French nationality or a citizen of one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA no longer includes the UK.
  • Have a guarantor

There are sometimes offers dedicated to students for specific banks and business schools thanks to advantageous partnerships forged between them. At IPAG Business School, our students can benefit from a bank loan whose rate varies from 0 to 0.9% to finance their tuition fees, or any other investment necessary for studies (permit, equipment, etc.)  

For more information on this loan and available partnerships, please contact Nina Menesclou, our Business Relations & Careers Manager

Student Grants based on Economic Circumstances

A completely different type of financial support, the CROUS scholarship is based on social criteria. The student grant amounts can vary from €100 to €5,500 euros over 10 months. It is only awarded to students under the age of 28. Your scholarship application must be submitted through the DSE (Student Social File) to the CROUS academy of the establishment in which you will be registered with. Although, students of British Nationality can no longer benefit from such schemes.

Merit Scholarships

At IPAG Business School, we offer our students the “Excellence” scheme for students enrolled in the first year of our Grande École Program who have obtained a Very Good, or Good if the student is a grant holder. This system allows you to benefit from a 50% exemption on your registration fees for the first year.  

For more information on IPAG teaching grants, you can contact the tuition department at

Do a Work-study program to help finance your studies

A work-study program is an excellent solution to finance your studies while at university. It’s also a great way to gain quality experience and practical knowledge alongside your degree. Plus, enriched professional experience is very much appreciated by recruiters. In addition to receiving a monthly salary, the major advantage for the work-study student is that the company will cover all of the tuition fees for the school year performed in work-study. 

To find out more about the many advantages of work-study programs, find our full article on the subject: What is the salary of a work-study student?  

Sponsorship: an alternative to traditional financing

Sponsorship is a very specific means of financing one's studies, and it must be said, quite rare. The principle is that a company can pay all or part of a student's tuition fees in addition to paying them a variable monthly grant. In return, the student will then join the “sponsor” company upon graduation.  

There are many financing solutions available at IPAG as we have our own financial aid which can be combined with the schemes mentioned above

For more information on these student grant services, you can contact the school at