How to finance your studies?

06 Mar 2020

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Tuition, rent, deposit... you start your higher education studies and all these fees are new to you? Are you looking for solutions (loan, scholarship, financial help...) to finance your studies? Here you will find various ways that will help you with your finance throughout your schooling.


The French state: guarantor to finance your studies


If you are French, a European student domiciled in France for at least 5 years, enrolled in higher education and you are under 28, you are eligible for a loan for students, guaranteed by the French State with one of the partner banks: Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Société Générale, Banque Populaire and Caisse d'Epargne. This type of loan allows you to borrow up to 15,000 euros repayable over 10 years. The major advantage of this loan is that it allows the student to start repaying his monthly payments two years after the end of his studies: this is the chance for you to find a job on the job market!


The student loan to finance your studies


Working like a personal loan, the student loan is a widespread solution among students studying at a business school. This type of loan contracted from a bank allows you to borrow from 700 to 50,000€ repayable over a period ranging from 1 to 10 years. However, some conditions are required in order to benefit this type of loan:

  • Being a student
  • Being under 28 years old when you apply for a loan
  • Being French or citizen of one of the European Economic Area countries
  • Have a guarantor

There are sometimes specific offers for students through advantageous partnerships between business schools and some banks. At IPAG Business School, our students can benefit from a loan whose rate varies from 0 to 0.9% to finance their tuition fees or any other investment required for studies (driving licence, equipment...).

For more information about this loan and this partnership, you can contact Nina MENESCLOU, Corporate Relations Manager at


Scholarships based on social criteria


An entirely different type of financial support: social criteria scholarships. The CROUS scholarship for students is granted with certain conditions of resources, the amounts can vary from 100 to 5550 euros over 10 months. It is only awarded to students under 28 years old. Your scholarship application must be submitted through the DSE (Student Social File) to the Crous of the academy of the institution in which you will be studying.


Merit support for the best graduates


Have you graduated with honours? Please note that the CROUS rewards students who are scholarship recipients or beneficiaries of the “allocation spécifique annuelle” who wish to graduate by granting them a merit aid. This financial aid can grant you up to 900 € over 9 months, it is renewable twice.

At IPAG Business School, we offer our students the "Excellence" programme for students enrolled in the first year of our Grande École Programme who have obtained a “Very Good”, or "Good" grade if the student is a scholarship recipient. This scheme allows you to benefit from a 50% exemption on your registration fees the first year.

For more information about our financial aid at IPAG, you can contact us at


Apprenticeship: an excellent solution to finance your studies


The apprenticeship is an excellent solution to finance your studies, combined with a second advantage: benefiting from enriched professional experience highly appreciated by recruiters. In addition to receiving a monthly salary, the major advantage for the apprentice is that the company covers the full tuition fees for the school year. To find out more about the many benefits of apprenticeship, find our article about it: What are the advantages of an apprenticeship for a student?


Sponsoring: an alternative to conventional financing


Sponsoring is a specific way of financing studies and quite rare. The principle of the sponsoring: a company can pay all or part of a student's tuition fees in addition to paying him a variable monthly scholarship. In return, the student will have to integrate the "sponsor" company once graduated.


There are several and diverse financing solutions (scholarships and university aids, bank loans...). At IPAG, we have our own financial aids, combined with the allocations mentioned above, to accompany you throughout your school curriculum and your student life: IPAG scholarship, "Family", "Promotional Majors" or "Alumni" ...

For more information on these schemes, you can contact us at


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