What are the different business school exams after the high school diploma?

21 Jul 2020

students passing an exam

Although some management schools still prefer to select their students independently, today most of the major post-high school diploma business schools are coming together in joint exams. Why go through this type of exam? How do they work? Who are they aimed at? Here are some answers...

Why enter a business school through a bank of exams?

These admission exams to several post-high school schools save a lot of time for candidates who can concentrate on preparing a single set of common tests. By registering for a bank of exams, especially when there are more than a dozen schools, you multiply your chances of getting into a major business school. In short, with a single application file for a single entrance examination, a single preparation for the competition, you may have the opportunity to choose between two, three or four renowned schools to continue your studies.

How do post-high school business school exams work?

Most exams are based on a two-stage admission process:

  • The first stage is of being admitted. This involves passing the written tests of the exam in order to become "eligible". These tests (essay, MCQ, general knowledge, file study, etc.) are identical for all schools.
  • The second stage is the oral eligibility tests. Depending on your results, you may be invited for an individual interview in one or more schools. At the end of these oral tests and after final admission, you will be able to join the school of your choice.

Please note, however, that each school applies its own coefficients to these exams.

To whom those post-high school business school exams are for?

This type of bank of exams to enter a post-high school business school is open to all high school diploma holders (students with a general baccalaureate or technological baccalaureate in France). It is particularly aimed at students who wish to join a business school without going through a preparatory class of at least two years.

The different types of post-high school business school exams

The main business school exams are:

  • The PASS exam, common to two schools
  • The ACCES exam, common to three schools
  • The TEAM exam, common to two schools
  • The SESAME exam, common to thirteen schools including IPAG Business School

In addition to these different exams at high school diploma level, it is always possible to enter the curriculum of a grande école through a parallel admission, i.e. directly into 3rd or 4th year without having spent the first years of the curriculum in the establishment. These admissions can also be the subject of a bank of exams, as is the case at IPAG with the AMBITIONS+ exams.

How to prepare to the exams?

Like all higher education exams, they require serious preparation if you want to get the maximum chance of success on your side. Before taking the exam, you can take part in exam preparation days. Organised on school campuses such as at IPAG, these sessions will help you train to the exam in order to be operational on the day. They are also opportunities to get to know your future school, to meet students and teachers, to ask them questions, to discuss your professional project, etc.