The property manager's job description

16 Nov 2022


Are you interested in property management? The property manager carries out various missions in terms of renting premises, but also their management. Find out from the IPAG business school all the information you need to enter this profession: training, missions, skills, remuneration.

What is the role of the property manager ?

The property administrator, also known as the property manager, is a real estate professional who is mainly involved in the rental management of real estate. This profession involves numerous tasks such as finding tenants, visiting properties and drawing up contracts on behalf of the owners.

This professional is responsible for the day-to-day management of the property, including rent collection, maintenance and any repairs to the property. However, their role is not limited to the day-to-day management of the property; they act as mediators to settle disputes between the landlord and tenant. In the event of non-payment of rent or charges, he or she seeks an amicable resolution and in some situations initiates legal proceedings.

What skills are required to be a property manager?

The property manager has knowledge of property law and town planning, and must be familiar with the building industry. In fact, in their property management role, they must be familiar with the various legal and technical regulations relating to the building they are responsible for.

In addition to mastering real estate legislation, this professional has accounting and administrative skills that are useful in his daily duties. Good interpersonal skills are also required. Being diplomatic, patient and educational is a plus in their job in order to reconcile the interests of owners and tenants. All these skills are necessary in the real estate sector and can be acquired through various training courses. So, what are the studies required to become an estate agent ?

Property manager : a regulated profession

Since the Hoguet law of 2 January 1970, the profession of property administrator can only be exercised with a professional card bearing the mention of property management. To obtain this card issued by the prefecture, the professional is subject to various conditions :

  • Proof of professional aptitude, with a diploma or training in a school;
  • To have a financial guarantee to insure the funds of his principals. It should be noted that the guarantee is a minimum of €110,000 ;
  • Have civil liability insurance to protect yourself in the context of your activity;
  • Not to have a ban on practising the profession against them.

The property manager's fees are also regulated. Determined and fixed in advance, his fees correspond to a percentage of the total amount received by the lessor.

How to become a property manager ?

To become a property administrator, there are many different higher education courses available. Property administrators generally hold a baccalaureate +3 with a legal, accounting or commercial speciality, or a BTS in a real estate speciality.

At the level of Bac +2 training, the student has the possibility of following a BTS in accounting and management or a BTS in real estate professions to acquire all the knowledge relating to administrative and commercial functions. These courses give access to Bachelors and professional licences in real estate professions offering numerous specialisations such as property management and administration, management and development of real estate assets, real estate law and many others. Students wishing to deepen their skills in the real estate sector can also opt for a master's degree in real estate law or real estate management.

IPAG offers a BTS in real estate professions (BTS PI), which allows students to acquire all the technical skills in negotiation and property management for the various real estate professions. Once they have completed the BTS, graduates have the option of continuing their studies with a Bachelor pro in taxation and real estate asset management ; this three-year degree course allows them to deepen their knowledge and specialise in the tax aspects of real estate. Graduates can also consider a Master's degree in Wealth Management. This specialised master's degree from IPAG trains students in the management, creation and transmission of assets and offers employment opportunities in firms, banks or insurance companies.

The salary of a property administrator

At the beginning of their career, property managers earn an average salary of €30,000. After a few years' experience, this professional can expect to earn an average salary of €45,000, and up to €60,000 for a senior profile.

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