Maria-Giuseppina Bruna

Professor of Management



Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris



2022 : Accreditation to Supervise Research in Management [Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches ; HDR] ; University Paris-Dauphine-PSL.

2013: Ph. D in Sociology of Organizations, University Paris-Dauphine

2009: M.A in Management and Social Sciences, Université Paris-Dauphine

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Full Professor in Management Accredited to Supervise Research, she is the specialist of CSR, organizational forecasting and inclusive management. Maria Giuseppina, a member of the IPAG Business School’s Executive Committee, serves as Dean for Strategic Resources, Research & Development, Endowed Chairs, Talent Management & CSR.

She manages the School's Research & Development (R&D / Research Tax Credit) and Social Research (empowerment chairs, projects with positive impact) strategy as well as cross-functional programs, particularly in the fields of HR/CSR expertise, COVID crisis management as well as institutional relationships. She leads the School's CSR, Inclusion and Diversity policy, awarded by the achievement of the « PRME Advanced Signatory » status (since 2019) and the BSIS [Business School Impact System] label (since 2020) and the inclusion of the IPAG in the Change Now ranking of the Best Business Schools for Impact in 2021. In addition, she is involved in the School’s accreditation procedures (EPAS, AACSB, EQUIS, EESPIG, Grade Master.

Maria Giuseppina has founded in 2016 and leads since the IPAG Chair “Towards an Inclusive Company”, an international and interdisciplinary platform for action-research, change management, executive training and academic production, addressing the challenges of inclusion, agility and innovation at work. In this framework, she serves as Executive and Scientific Director of a dozen of action-research programs, carried out with the sponsorship of institutions [as UNDP and UN Road Safety Fund] and large companies [including Foundation Egality & Gender Diversity and its partners (AXA, ENGIE, ORANGE, MICHELIN), VYV Group, CBRE Group, TOTALEnergies Group, CAMFIL Group, MICHELIN Foundation, AGEFIPH…].

Moreover, Prof. Bruna serves as Scientific Direct of the IPAG Chair “French Savoir-Faire" (supported by KLESIA), of the IPAG Executive Master “Management & CSR”, of the IPAG Certificate on Operational Management and of the Executive Program “Leading in a VUCA world” [Les Echos Formation/IPAG].

Expert for the United Nations Platform on Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility [United Nations Road Safety Fund/UN Economic Commission for Europe], she sits on the UN Commitment Committees on “Education & Road Safety” and “Gender & Road Safety”.

An “Anti-discrimination, Diversity & Inclusion” expert for the French Ministries, she is a member of the Executive Committee of the ENGIE’s Foundation Acting for Employment.

Editor of 15 special issues of journals (Finance Research Letters, Environmental Economics and policy studies, RIPCO, Management International, Management & Avenir, Question(s) de Management, Gestion 2000, RIMHE, Management & Sciences Sociales, Revue française de gouvernance d’entreprise …), Maria-Giuseppina serves as Associate Editor of Finance Research Letters (ELSEVIER), Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Management & Sciences Sociales (Humanisme & Gestion) and member of the Editorial Board of Gestion 2000 (ICHEC, Belgium).

Prof. Bruna, a reviewer for thirty journals, authored 110 congress papers and 65 academic articles, published in international reviews (European Management Review, Small Business Economics, Finance Research Letters, Management International, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, Journal of Management and Governance, Management & Avenir, RIMHE, Management & Sciences Sociales, Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, RIPCO, Question(s) de Management, Gestion 2000…) and scientific books (Edward Elgar, Emerald, PUL…).

As a very committed fellow in institutional, social and business fields, Maria Giuseppina, who contributes to social-change-by-science, either wrote or directed more than 100 Institutional Reports and Professional Deliverables, delivered more than 110 Corporate Conferences and Advisory missions in 50 International Organizations and National Administrations, Companies, Unions, Professional Associations and Foundations.

Distinguished with several awards, cited in 2016 among the 100 Leaders in Human Capital Management by the Magazine Décideurs, Prof. Bruna holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Organizations (2013) from University Paris-Dauphine-PSL where she obtained in February 2022 her Accreditation to Supervise Research in Management.

Rouine, I., Ammari, A., Bruna, M. G. (2022). Nonlinear impacts of CSR performance on firm risk: New evidence using a panel smooth threshold regression. Finance Research Letters, 102721.

Louzir, A., Bruna, M. G. Bruna, Rivault, M., Lassaad, L. (2022). Les côtés obscurs de la diversité culturelle nationale dans les équipes de travail. Management & Avenir, sous presse.

Ben Lahouel, B., Ben Zaied, Y., Yang, G., Bruna, M. G., Song, Y. (2021). A non-parametric decomposition of the environmental performance-income relationship: Evidence from a non-linear model. Annals of Operations Research, DOI:

Bruna, M. G., Đặng, R., Ammari, A., & Houanti, L. H. (2020). The effect of board gender diversity on corporate social performance: An instrumental variable quantile regression approach. Finance Research Letters, 101734.

Bruna, M. G., & Bazin, Y. (2018). Answering Levinas' call in organization studies. European Management Review, 15(4), 577-588.

Bruna, M. G., & Nicolò, D. (2020). Corporate Reputation and Social Sustainability in the early stages of start-ups: a theoretical model to match stakeholders' expectations through Corporate Social Commitment. Finance Research Letters, 101508.

Bruna, M. G., & Lahouel, B. B. (2020). Optimiser la doctrine de don d’une Fondation par une mesure de socio-efficience: le cas de la FAPE ENGIE. Question (s) de management, (27), 55-77.

Lahouel, B. B., Bruna, M. G., & Zaied, Y. B. (2020). The Curvilinear Relationship Between Environmental Performance and Financial Performance: An Investigation of Listed French Firms Using Panel Smooth Transition Model. Finance Research Letters, 101455.

Lahouel, B. B., Bruna, M. G., Vo, T., & Peretti, J. M. (2020). Évaluation, « benchmarking », et mesure du changement de l’éco-efficience: une approche non-paramétrique. Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, (136), 341-380.

Biga-Diambeidou, M., Bruna, M. G., Dang, R., & Houanti, L. H. (2019). Does gender diversity among new venture team matter for R&D intensity in technology-based new ventures? Evidence from a field experiment. Small Business Economics, 1-16.

Professional functions in the academia

  • Since November 2021 : Dean for Strategic Resources, Research & Development, Endowed Chairs, Talent Management & CSR of the IPAG Business School and member of the Executive Committee.

  • Since 2020 : Director of the BSIS [Business School Impact System] Project at the IPAG Business School.

  • Since 2020 : Scientific Director, IPAG Chair “French Savoir Faire”.

  • Since 2017: Scientific Director of IPAG Executive Masters “Management & CSR” and since 2022 : Scientific Director of IPAG Executive Masters “Management & Ecology and Energy Transition” (IPAG /E5T Foundation).

  • Since 2016: Founder and Director of the IPAG Chair “Towards an Inclusive Company” [a dozen of action-research programs, supported by the Foundation Equality-Gender Diversity (AXA, ENGIE, ORANGE, MICHELIN), the VYV Group, the CBRE France Group, the TOTALEnergies Group, the MICHELIN Foundation, the CAMFIL Group, the AGEFIPH, the French Institute Chartered Accountants and Auditors (IFEC), the Federation of Senior Managers and Energy Directors (FNCS)…].

  • Since 2016: Full Professor in Management at the IPAG Business School [Accredited to Supervise Research in Management since February 2022].

  • Since 2013: Fellow, University Paris-Dauphine’s Chair “Management, Diversity & Social Cohesion”.

  • 2018-2021 : Director for Ethics, CSR and Social Research and member of the Executive Committee, IPAG Business School.

  • 2017-2018: Director of Ethics & CSR, IPAG Business School.

  • 2014-2020 : Scientific Leader of the Diversity Program, IMT Mines Albi. Program distinguished by the Victory of Human Capital Leaders 2015 (“Public Company” Category) and by the 2017 CSR Challenge Trophy (“Citizen Initiative” Category).

  • 2014-2015 : Professor-researcher, ISTEC Paris.

  • 2011-2018 : Lecturer, Ecole Nationale d’Administration

Scientific and editorial responsibilities

  • Since 2020 : Associate Editor, Finance Research Letters (ELSEVIER).

  • Since 2022 : Member of the Editorial Commitee, Gestion 2000 (Institut catholique des hautes études commerciales, Bruxelles).

  • Since 2020 : Member of the Board, International Institute for Social Audit.

  • Since 2015 : Deputy Editor-in-chief, Management & Sciences Sociales (Humanisme & Gestion)

Other Institutional & Professional Responsibilities

  • Since 2022: Expert for the United Nations Platform on Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility [United Nations Road Safety Fund / UN Economic Commission for Europe].

  • Since 2022: Member of the United Nations “Road Safety and Education” and “Gender and Road Safety” Commitment Committees.

  • Since 2020 : Member of the International Scientific Committee, Collana di studi sull’imprenditorialità e l’innovazione sociale, Centro di Ricerca MEDAlics dell'Università Dante Alighieri (Italie) & Casa editrice FrancoAngeli.

  • Since 2016 : Member of the Scientific Committee of the French Association of Diversity Managers [AFMD].

  • Since 2013: Member of the Board (Executive Committee) of the Foundation ENGIE Acting for Employment.

  • Since 2013: Senior Consultant in Diversity Management, CSR, Change Management fields [senior advisory and scientific advisory for top-executives of 50 world-wide companies].

  • 2018-2021 : Member of the Steering Committee, French Governmental Taskforce on “Anti-discrimination testing”, French Ministry of Territorial Cohesion.

  • 2014-2020 : Member of the Governmental Group of Experts on the Struggle against Discriminations at Work [French Ministries of Labor and Social Cohesion].

  • 2018-2019 : Member, Taskforce "Struggling against Discriminations" appointed by the French Ministry for Territorial Cohesion and the CGET Agency.

  • 2017-2019 : Member of the Commission Army and Youth [under the aegis of the French Ministry of Armed Forces, appointed by the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research].

  • 2017-2018 : President of Study-Group ‘Education & Armies’, Commission Army and Youth [French Ministry of Armed Forces].

Research Areas

Organizational Forecasting and renewal of enterprises in the COVID-19, Inclusive Networks challenges, design, regulation and practices, CSR and Diversity Assessment of Organizations, Policies and Practices, CSR issues and Diversity management, Working-caregivers and challenges of inclusion, Agility and Transformation of the Organizations, Diversity Management & Inclusion at Work, CSR maturity and Socio-efficiency of organizations, CSP-CFP relationships, Social Network Analysis, Theories of Regulation & Learning

Teaching Areas

Organizational Forecasting, renewal of enterprises and leadership for tomorrow, Inclusive Networks challenges, design, regulation and practices, CSR and Diversity Assessment of Organizations, Policies and Practices, CSR and Innovation Management, Ethics and Business Ethics, Diversity Management, Management of Human Resource, Change Management / Agile Processes, Theories of Organizations, Sociology of Networks, History of Enterprises