Manel Guechtouli

Assistant Professor of Information Systems



Phone: +33 4 9313 39 00

Campus : Nice



2008 & 2012 : CNU Qualification

2007 :Aix-Marseille University, Ph. D in Management Science, summa cum laude.

2003 : Aix-Marseille University Msc. in Information Systems Management. Ranked 1 ex-aequo.

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Manel Guechtouli is a Professor of information systems management and strategy at IPAG Business School. She is also a Research Fellow at the CERGAM (Aix-Marseille University). She holds a Ph.D. in Management science from the University of Aix-Marseille (2007). She has published many peer-reviewed journal articles on Business and Competitive Intelligence, Human Resource Information Systems, strategic information systems, and open innovation. She has also presented her work at several international leading conferences such as AIM, EURAM, and ICEIS. She is currently an active member of the IPAG Inclusive Enterprise Research Chair.


McDonald, J. & Guechtouli, M. (2019). What are the factors influencing youth’s perception of ethical tourism? The major role of internet and social media. Question(s) de management, 24(2), 151-167.

M. Guechtouli (2018), Competitive Intelligence Systems in practice: investigating main issues and challenges at postacceptance stage. European Scientific Journal, 14 (31), 15-28.

Aliouche, E., Bonet Fernandez D., Guechtouli M., Guechtouli, W. (2018). Letting Go of the Oil Addiction: Oil, Entrepreneurship and Franchising in Algeria. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 19(4), 28-34.

M. Guechtouli (2014), Management des activités de veille stratégique : entre une organisation formelle et informelle. Revue Sciences de Gestion, 266 (2), Management des RH, 23-31.

Guechtouli, M. (2013), Veille stratégique et motivation. Editions Universitaires Européennes.

Guechtouli, M. (2012). E-HRM’s Impact on an Environmental Scanning Process: How Can Technology Support the Selection of Information?. In Mesquita, A. (Eds.), Human Interaction with Technology for Working, Communicating, and Learning: Advancements .120-133. IGI Global.

Guechtouli M., Boudrandi S., (2012) . Comment se “fabrique” la décision stratégique: le cas d’une cellule de veille stratégique. Revue Recherche en sciences de gestion, 88(1), 35-53.

Guechtouli, M. (2010). E-HRM’s Impact on an Environmental Scanning Process: How Can Technology Support the Selection of Information?. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI), 6(3), 53-66.

Guechtouli M., Amabile, S., (2008). Veille et sélection de l’information: intégrer les acteurs dans le développement de filtres informationnels intelligents. Le cas d’une grande entreprise d’un secteur industriel. Finance-Contrôle-Stratégie,11(3), 189-215.

Since 2010: Lecturer at IPAG Business School, Paris

2008-2009 Assistant Professor at ESCEM Business school (Tours-Poitiers, France)

2008-2009: Strategy consulting (companies: Noveol, Bilong, Futuroscope, …)

2007-2008 Assistant Professor at Avignon University (ATER)

2007-2008: Business Analyst (Gemalto)

2003-2007 Assistant Professor at Aix Marseille University (Aix-en-Provence- France)

Research Areas

IT and Information System Management, Human Resource Information Systems, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics, Corporate Strategy and Competitive Intelligence

Teaching Areas

Information System Management, Digital HR, Research Methods, CSR and Ethics, Strategic Management