Julia Vincent-Ponroy

Assistant Professor of Management


Email: j.vincent@ipag.fr

Campus: PARIS



2010 – 2016: Ph.D. in Management Science with highest honors. HEC Paris

2006 – 2010: Master’s degree in Management Science. HEC Paris

2005 – 2010: Master’s degree in French literature with highest honors. Paris IV – Sorbonne University, Paris

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Julia Vincent Ponroy is Assistant Professor of Management at IPAG Business School. She obtained both her Master’s degree (2010) and her PhD in Management Science (2016) from HEC Paris. The French association for research in human resources management (AGRH) awarded Julia’s dissertation with the FNEGE-AGRH Prize for the best dissertation defended in France in 2016 in the field of human resources management. Julia is a specialist of family businesses. For instance, her dissertation tackles organizational identity issues in growing family firms. Specifically, it explores non-family members’ relationships to the family firm in which they work: using both qualitative and inductive research methods Julia’s work investigates the way non-family members contribute to building a family firm identity while they are not part of the owning family and explores the factors leading them to such behavior. Her work has been published in international journals such as Organization studies (2019).

Welsh, D.H.B., Vincent Ponroy, J., & Niemand, T., Forthcoming. Advancing small family business studies: Beginning evidence of Psychological Capital for approaching creativity. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Vincent Ponroy, J., & Welsh, D.H.B., Forthcoming. Advancing research on creativity in family firms. In Calabro, A. (Ed), A Research Agenda for Family Business. A way ahead for the Field, Edward Elgar

Vincent Ponroy, J., Le, P.L., & Pradies, C. (2019). In a Family Way? A model of family firm identity maintenance by non-family members. Organization Studies, 40(6), p. 859-886

Vincent Ponroy, J., & Chevalier, F. (2019). Life narratives. In Chevalier, F., Cloutier, M., & Mitev, N. (Eds), Research Methods for DBA, EMS Éditions, Collection Business Science Institute.

Vincent Ponroy, J., & Besseyre des Horts, C.H. (2019). The role of family owners in non-family members’ psychological security: toward a better understanding of organizational learning in family firms. Work in progress presented at IRMBAM, Nice, July 2019.

Chevalier, F., & Vincent Ponroy, J. (2018). Introduction. In Des PME aux ETI: Les entreprises en croissance, Questions de dirigeants et réponses pratiques, Chevalier, F. (Ed), De Boeck, Bruxelles, p. 11-16.

Vincent Ponroy, J., & Chevalier, F. (2018). Le récit de vie. In Chevalier, F., Cloutier, M., & Mitev, N. (Eds), Les Méthodes de recherche du DBA, EMS Éditions, Collection Business Science Institute.

Vincent Ponroy, J., Le, P.L., & Pradies, C. (2018). Advancing family business research through organizational identity: a multilevel model of Family Firm Identity construction by non-family members”. Work in progress presented at EURAM, Reykjavik, Island, June 2018. Family Firm Institute Best Qualitative Paper Award.

Since 2016: Lecturer. IPAG Business School, Paris

2013 – 2014: Human Resource Consultant. Panpharma, France and Germany

2011 – 2016: Lecturer. ESCP Europe Business School, Paris

2010 – 2016: Research Assistant. HEC Paris

2008 – 2013: Lecturer. University of Versailles / Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

2008 – 2009: Assistant to the CEO - Founder. Fantastikdesign, New York

2006 – 2008: HEC Junior Consultant. HEC Paris

Research Areas

Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Organizational Identity, Small and Medium-size Organizations. Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Organizational Change, Qualitative Methods

Teaching Areas

Professional Communication, Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, Management, Human Resource Management, Humanities, Research Method