How does the Personal Training Account (PTA) work?

06 Mar 2023


Introduced on 1 January 2015, the personal training account or CPF is a system for accessing training. Modified over the last few years, this system allows you to contribute a certain amount of money to finance training courses eligible for the CPF. How does it work? What exactly is the CPF? How do you create your account and how do you use your CPF rights? We tell you everything in this practical guide.

What is the personal training account?

The CPF is a system that enables its beneficiaries to finance the costs of the continuing education courses they wish to follow. This public funding scheme is managed by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. It replaces the individual right to training (DIF) since the reform of professional training. For those who had DIF hours at the time of the reform, the acquired hours were transferred to the CPF account. More recently, a second phase of the reform consisted in monetising these rights acquired through professional development and converting them into euros. Finally, the reform of vocational training has sought to link these training rights no longer to the employer, the employment contract or the company employing the employee, but to the individual as such.

The CPF makes it possible to acquire training rights that can be mobilised throughout one's working life. The initiative to spend one's CPF rights and to apply for funding lies with the beneficiary, who can choose from a large number of eligible training courses. This system allows people to train and acquire new skills in order to secure their professional career and maintain their employability.

Who can benefit from the personal training account?

The personal training account is accessible to any person or employee in employment over the age of 16. It is part of the rights to professional training. Employees, jobseekers and the self-employed can all benefit from it. The CPF is available as long as the applicant does not claim his or her pension rights. The CPF account is, however, reactivated for people who are combining employment and retirement.

How do I create a personal training account?

Creating a personal training account is simple. Everyone has a secure personal space on the official website,, where they can consult their training rights. All you have to do is register on the site with your social security number and birth name to access your account. There is also a mobile application to access your personal space.

How can I find out about my personal training account?

It is possible to carry out a number of actions on your personal training account. These include

  • Accessing information about your rights. These are clearly indicated, in the form of a credit in euros;
  • Obtaining the list of training courses eligible for the CPF;
  • Obtaining information on the methods of financing training courses;
  • Accessing digital services related to career guidance;
  • Access frequently asked questions and answers about the CPF;
  • Follow up on your current files; 
  • Benefit from online support.

How is the personal training account funded? 

The CPF is fed automatically every year. Work declarations are automatically sent by employers. Each person's CPF account is directly funded in euros, up to a maximum of €500 per year of work. The rights are accumulated each year, up to a maximum of €5 000. The rights of people with low qualifications, i.e. with greater training needs, are €800 per year. The ceiling is set at €8,000 for this type of profile. Similarly, disabled workers are entitled to an additional €300 per year. Jobseekers are entitled to use their existing rights, but do not contribute to their CPF when they are not working. The self-employed – considered as TNS, i.e. non-employed workers – benefit from €500 per year if they work full time. Entitlements are prorated in the case of partial activity. The data is automatically transmitted by the bodies responsible for collecting the professional training contribution to Caisse des Dépôts.

How to use the personal training account?

Are you wondering how to use your CPF rights to finance your professional training? Using your CPF rights on the official website of the personal training account is very simple. Search for a training course eligible for the CPF and register in a few clicks by creating your training file. The cost of the training will be automatically deducted from your CPF rights. CPF rights can only be used by the holder or the holder's legal representative.

What training can be done with the personal training account? 

Only training courses eligible for the CPF can be financed with your rights. You will find a complete catalogue in your space. All the training courses available there lead to a professional certification registered in the Répertoire national des certifications professionnelles (RNCP). Depending on the course chosen, the courses can be given in person or online. The training organisations listed all have a certification or accreditation registered in the Répertoire spécifique (RS). It is possible to use your CPF rights in the context of a VAE (validation of acquired experience) or to take your driving test (provided that driving is essential to the realisation of your professional project).

You now know all about the CPF. Find out about the many advantages of vocational training before taking the plunge and choosing your course.