Charlotte Wang

Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication



Campus: Paris



2009: Doctorate in Information Sciences & Communication. University of Paris II, France

2004: Master in Communication, specialization “Media & globalization”, French Institute of Press, France

2000: Bachelor in Lettres. Shanghai International Studies University, China (PRC)

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Charlotte Wang is a Researcher-Professor of Organizational Communication, Negotiation and Intercultural Management as well as the Asian Relationship Manager for IPAG Business School. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and Communication from the University of Panthéon-Assas Paris II. Prior to teaching at IPAG Business School, Charlotte Wang worked as a journalist for television channels (TV5 Monde, France 24) in France and newspapers in China. Her research is currently focused on organization management and business issues affecting the Chinese market.

Bovet, J., Raiber, E., Ren, W., Wang, C., & Seabright, P. (2018). Parent–offspring conflict over mate choice: An experimental study in China. British Journal of Psychology, 109(4), 674-693.

Mantilla, C., Zhou, L., Wang, C. Seabright, P. Shen, S. (2017), Favoring your in-group can harm both them and you: Ethnicity and public goods provision in China, IRMBAM

Schlacther, D. Teulon, F., Wang, C. (2017). BREXIT, un people ne devrait pas dire ça…, Parlements et Politiques Internationales, 2, 45-48, 2017

Seabright, P., Wang, C. (2015). Economic Influences on the Development of Religious Organizations in China, IRMBAM

Wang, C. (2014). Communication of the Circular Economy concept and its new definition: France-China comparative approach (No. 2014-375).

Wang, C. (2011). The actors of the economic boom of Chinese television: cable and advertising, Geostrategic, 33(4), 179-204

Wang, C. (2011). Geopolitical approach of the Internet in China”, Geostrategic, 33 (4), 205-220

Barrat, J., Lambert, N., Wang, C. (2011), Geopolitics of Côte d'Ivoire, SPM

Barrat, J., Ferro, C., Wang, C. (2010), Geopolitics of Uzbekistan, SPM

Since 2014: Assistant Professor at IPAG Business School

2012 – 2014: Lecturer, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France Since

2011: Teacher Researcher, IPAG Business School, France

Since 2011: IPAG Business School, International Service, Manager of Asian Relations, Paris

2009 – 2010: Department of the New Evangelization of Young People - Conference of the Bishops of France,

Paris 2009: France 24, Department of Strategy and International Development, Issy-les-Moulineaux

2009: Artlines Films - Post-production "Tigres et Pandas", broadcast in 2009 on ARTE, Paris

2008: TV5 Monde - Writing of the JT, Paris.

2000 – 2002: CCIFC, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Communication Service-Publications & Events, Beijing.

Research Areas

Organizational Management, Corporate Communication Strategies, Intercultural Communication, Chinese Culture & Geopolitics, Media studies

Teaching Areas

Corporate Communication Strategies, Intercultural Management, Interpersonal Communication, International Negotiation, Chinese Civilization


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