Brahim Gaies

Assistant Professor of Economics



Phone: +33 1 5363 3600

Campus: Paris



2019: Qualified University Lecturer in Economics (Maître de conférences), the French University Council

2018: PhD in Economics, University of Paris Nanterre, France

2013: M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship, IHEC Carthage, Tunisia

2011: M.Sc. in Economics, University of Tunis, Tunisia

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Brahim Gaies is an Assistant Professor of Economics at IPAG Business School Paris, France. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Paris Nanterre and is qualified as University Lecturer in Economics (Maître de conférences) by the French University Council. He taught at universities and business schools in France and abroad, such as IÉSEG School of Management (Paris), the University of Paris Nanterre, the University of Paris 8 or the University of Tunis, among others. As a university lecturer, he gave numerous modules in Micro- and Macroeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, as well as Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. His research interests revolve around globalization and development economics, financial instability and crises, and also comprise financial econometrics as well as applied entrepreneurship in macroeconomics. His research is mainly conducted with quantitative methods and favors interdisciplinary approaches (economics, finance, entrepreneurship, as well as history of economic thought).

Gaies, B., Guesmi, K., Porcher, T., & Boroumand, R. (2020). Financial instability and oil price fluctuations: evidence from oil exporting developing countries. The European Journal of Comparative Economics, 17(1), 55-71.

Jahmane, A., & Gaies, B. (2020). Corporate social responsibility, financial instability and corporate financial performance: linear, non-linear and spillover effects–The case of the CAC 40 companies. Finance Research Letters, 101483.

Gaies, B., Goutte, S., & Guesmi, K. (2020). Does financial globalization still spur growth in emerging and developing countries? Considering exchange rates. Research in International Business and Finance, 52, 101113.

Gaies, B., Kaabia, O., Ayadi, R., Guesmi, K., & Abid, I. (2019). Financial development and energy consumption: Is the MENA region different?. Energy Policy, 135, 111000.

Lahouel, B. B., Gaies, B., Zaied, Y. B., & Jahmane, A. (2019). Accounting for endogeneity and the dynamics of corporate social–corporate financial performance relationship. Journal of cleaner production, 230, 352-364.

Gaies, B., Goutte, S., & Guesmi, K. (2019). What interactions between financial globalization and instability?—growth in developing countries. Journal of International Development, 31(1), 39-79.

Gaies, B., & Nabi, M. S. (2019). Financial Openness and Growth in Developing Countries. Journal of Economic Integration, 34(3), 426-464.

Gaies, B., Goutte, S., & Guesmi, K. (2019). Are We Sentenced to Financial Globalization?. The Journal of European Economic History, 48(1), 49-72.

Since 2017: Assistant Professor – IPAG Business School, Paris

2017: Lecturer – University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis

2015-17: Lecturer & Research/Teaching Assistant – University of Paris Nanterre

2014-15: Lecturer – IÉSEG School of Management, Paris

2014-15 : Lecturer – ESSCA-Boulogne, Boulogne-Billancourt

2012-14 : Lecturer – University of Tunis

Research Areas

Globalization and development economics , Financial instability and crises, Financial econometrics, Applied entrepreneurship in macroeconomics

Teaching Areas

Socio-economic Issues and Sustainable Development, Economic and Business Cycle, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Econometrics, Micro- and macroeconomics, Financial Theory, Entrepreneurship Culture