A look back at the Environment Day at IPAG

06 May 2021


On 23 April, the first Environment Day was organised at the IPAG for all 2nd year PGE students. It was an opportunity for them to exchange, debate and reflect, in a collective manner, on the issues of sustainable development and respect for the environment.

The day began with a discussion session with Diarra Kane, President of the French Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCEF), and Thomas Guest, National Administrator of this association whose objective is to train future actors of change in everyday life.

A screening/debate of the documentary entitled Demain, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, gave rise to fascinating discussions on the climate challenges and the solutions provided in different countries and in fields as diverse as education, agriculture and fashion.

The afternoon was devoted to the presentation of the French Students' Network for Sustainable Development (REFEDD) and the Fair(e) un monde équitable association, followed by the organisation of a workshop on the production of natural cosmetics led by Ana-Maria Vazlima, a 4th year student.

A big thank you to the student association "Journée Environnement" and its representatives Kapilan Gnanasegaram, Ana-maria Vazlima and Matthieu Courbot, for the organisation of this beautiful event. See you next year for the second edition!