IPAG X'TREM: 2022 edition

25 May 2022


The "IPAG X'Trem" sequence has just ended for the 2nd year students of the Grande Ecole Programme. From the Alps, the Jura, the Mercantour or Lozère, they return to the campus with unforgettable memories and much more...

"Students on a mountain"

One objective : to develop soft skills

For several years now, IPAG has been offering its students so-called “X'Trem” courses, which allow them to take part in week-long group experiences. Out of their usual comfort zone, they acquire and develop behavioural skills that are increasingly valued by recruiters : autonomy, open-mindedness, surpassing oneself, adaptability and a sense of teamwork... In short, these are all soft skills that a manager cannot do without today.

"Students in a forrest"

Disconnecting and going beyond

For a 20 year old student, being separated from his phone for a few days is already an ordeal in itself. But it was cut off from the world, far from everything, but closer to nature and more united than ever, that the participants were able to learn the main techniques of survival in the extreme cold, to descend a river in a kayak, to make a fire by themselves, to set up a bivouac under the stars, to climb a mountain, to live independently on a farm or in the middle of the forest. In total, a dozen “wilderness” routes were proposed for this 2022 edition of the X'Trem.

"Students rock climbing in nature"

Meditation and introspection

Those who enjoy personal development through reflection and introspection took part in a week of activities with transformation coaches. “Green” disconnection, group workshops, hikes and mediation in all its forms were aimed at helping participants to lay the foundations of their desires for the future and to refine their project in a serene manner.

IPAG is proud of its students who pushed their limits and returned to school with confidence and new skills that will serve them throughout their lives. See you next year for more adventures!