IPAG participated in the SophI.A Artificial Intelligence Symposium

07 Jan 2020


At the end of November, IPAG participated in the "SophI.A" workshop organised in the heart of the first European technopole on the occasion of the Great Week of Artificial Intelligence.

These three days of international conferences allowed more than 50 European and Canadian researchers and entrepreneurs to exchange around the week's theme during dedicated round tables. This was an opportunity for the general public to understand the impact of artificial intelligence on health, the life of local authorities, new forms of mobility, the functioning of companies and to recall the essential role of ethics in this field.

Faranak Farzaneh, professor-researcher in human resources at IPAG Nice, represented the school by participating in the round table on the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of employment, alongside the directors of Amadeus, Accenture, HP and a professor from the Skema business school. Several issues were recalled: what is the impact of AI on employment? On skills? How to approach the transition to the robotised world? How can human resources prepare for this transition?

A rich week under the sign of innovation during which IPAG and its researchers were brilliantly represented.